**Anybody received any books yet!!!!!** 2nd INTL Chick Lit/Romance Novel First Sentences Virtual BB

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As this worked so well the last time I am away to start another round.

Some of you out there did express interest but I've gone and lost my list so if you are still please PM me (Post here as well please) and also let me know if you have any books from the last round that you would like to keep in.

So here goes:-

Inspired by dutch-books Mystery/Thriller VBB I thought I would start this one.

Here are the rules: (Shamelessly copied from dutch-book)

- When you receive the list, please PM me within a week which sentences you want to pick and which you'd like to add. (Please add 2 new sentences, if you pick 2 sentences. You can add more if you like but not less. More is good, less not so.)

- Then I'll send you a PM with who owns the sentences you picked. You can then go PM that person your address for those sentences.

- Meanwhile I'll PM the next participant the new sentences.

- Please don't add sentences that are already in the list.

- And when your sentences get picked and you receive a PM with address, please send the books belonging to those sentences within three weeks of receiving that PM.

- And when you receive the books, please let us all know what books you received and what you think of it (did you expect this?)

- Last but not least: you don't have to add on the thread which sentences you pick and which you'll include, If you want to, you can however, I don't mind

- I’ll start the VBB with at least 8 books.

Please Post here if you are interested in taking part.













I would like to join again as i got some great books in the last round.

pm'ing you now


Anybody else?


I got some good ones from this last time. Thanks!


Fab added you anybody else??






Super added you :o)


Thank you :)


You certainly may if you have any books still available PM me the first sentences and I will add them to my list :o)


List of participants on first post :o)


I'd love to join - just been reading through the forum topics for just this! Am I too late?


Tsjara 7 yrs ago
Sounds fun
Can I join too (if it's not too late)?


I'll add you both to the end of the list :o)


Thanks! I'm excited to be a part of this!


So many fun choices! I sent you a message Smurphie with my choices and replacements. Thanks for hosting this!


any books yet!! :o)


pmed you my choices! :-)


Will get back to you shortly with my choices and additions.


fab :o)



They are :
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/10360549/ I think Ill enjoy this one,

http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8465381/ Not to sure about this one as I dont really like sagas, but ill give it ago - I may be pleasently surprised ;0)


http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8465357/ I have never read anything by Danielle Steele before so Im looking forward to this one ;0)

Thankyou so much Smurphie for sending them and also for the teabags, postcard and sweets (which me and my little girl have already eaten). ;0)

ETA: if anyone would like to read these after ive read them, just send me a pm and ill pass them on.


Hello 3vie,

If you are willing to send over the ocean, I would be interested in the Penelope Lively book once you are finished reading it. It looks very interesting and is close to what I like to read. I can send you postage or another book or two if you are interested in exchange.



to 3vie. Enjoy!!


I got a message from Smurphie that one of my books was picked. Sending it to Annimanni in a couple of days.


Thankyou to Bloedengel for Nadia Knows Best Jill Mansell and the lovely gift for my little girl
And thankyou to lovesOU for The Spellmans Strike Again - Lisa Lutz and Love and Meatballs - Susan Volland and also some yummy chocolate.


Thanks kalise for Simply Sinful by Carly Phillips

and thanks 3vie for Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson


high tea by Sandra Harper



Who's up for another one?


This is fun! I have only had one book requested this round. I mailed it to Annimanni. If the other books aren't chosen I will take them out at the end of this round. Thanks for hosting this!


In a plastic baggie courtesy of the United States Postal Service.
Reckless by Amanda Quick
The Widow Ginger

Thanks smurphie


The sentence I picked:

"If you are white, are a girl or boy between the ages of nine and twelve, and, according to a certain committee of mothers, are good enough to associate with
Charleston's other good girls and boys, then Wednesday night is a busy night for you."

The book:


Thank you!


"Crash!" - turned out to be The Price of Freedom by Mary Jane Staples, and

"If there was anything I knew for certain, it was that Pride and Prejudice was a very stupid book and that Jane Austen was a very stupid writer ..." turned out to be, very surprisingly, The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay & Diaries by Emma Thompson! Very cool!

Thank you so much, Smurphie, also for the lovely Heather tea and the candies ;-)


bloedengel 7 yrs ago
but I have all the time of the world.


I haven't gotten any of the books either, but I agree with Bloedengel, I have lots of time.


3vie 7 yrs ago
RE: Not yet...
I sent mine about 3 weeks ago, but unfortunately had to send surface mail as it was quite expensive for airmail (3 books). hopefully they will arrive soon ;0)


A book will be in the mail on Monday...how exciting!

And yes, if there's another round I'd be happy to be a part of it. Thanks again for organizing!


First pick: "The stallion plunged over the crest of the hill, digging hard into the earth and kicking up smoke."


Second: "The man behind the cluttered desk looked like the devil, and Nell Dysart figured that was par for her course since she'd been going to hell for a year and a half anyway."


Thank you for the books and the tea (and for organizing the whole thing in the first place!)


I got three books from 3vie today! Thanks so much for sending them, 3vie!

(#1) "A group of tourists had stopped to gawp at Milly as she stood in her wedding dress on the registry office steps." -- > The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickham - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/10434114
(#2) "The most magical thing happened on the morning of my grandmother’s
wedding in Tuscany." -- > Encore Valentine by Adriana Triginani - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/10434053
(#3) "There is a very small envelope of seducation time available between the stages
‘just pissed enough’ and ‘disastrously over-pissed’, and suddenly Katie wasn’t sure
she was going to make it." -- > Where Have All the Boys Gone? By Jenny Colgan - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7624017

There is only one of my choices that hasn't arrived yet: "D’ya have ta die here before ya get any attention? As Maggie prepared to ring down to the mortuary."


- Caroline Trent hadn’t meant to shoot Percival Prewitt, but she had, and now he was dead.
Turned out to be: To Catch an Heiress by Julia Quinn (arrived today). Thank you very much KatePortland! Sounds like a fun read.

- Mae Mobley was born in a early Sunday morning in August, 1960.
The book is: The Help by Kathryn Stockett. (I've been wanting to read this one :))
- French soil once more, so long denied him.
The book is: A Reckless Beauty by Kasey Michaels (sounds fun).
Thanks a lot Smurphie for the books and organizing the VBB! :)


I got a book from Dei, but the first sentence is different than the one I picked. Sending Smurphie a PM to see what she wants me to do... ;-)


Looking into it for you JennyC1230

Will let you know when I hear anything :o)

In the meantime enjoy the book!!!!!


I won't run out of anything to read for many years. ;-) I sent you a PM with more info about the book I received and the first line of the book that I requested. Thanks for hosting this VBB! If you do it again, I'd like to join.


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