Closed/Travelling--I Hate Science Fiction/Fantasy(you don't have to!) Bookbox (US only)

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This bookbox will start out with all Science Fiction/Fantasy books which I do not like to read and you would replace any you remove from the box with the same number in any other category but please no harlequin type romances or children books. I hope to get back all new books that might be more to my reading preferences :)

You can remove any type of book from the box when it arrives to you not just SF/Fantasy but please do not add any more of that type of book to the box

Starting out with approx 30 books(all paperbacks)

Post here if you are interested in playing and if you like/love sci-fi request to be near the beginning of the list.

Open to the US at this time.

This is the shipping order:

biisbsw-NY (likes SF)
TaleofGenji-NJ (likes SF)
inawinn2-WI (likes SF)
JudySlump612-MN (likes SF)
Hyphen8-HI (likes SF)
Tribefan-OH (likes SF)
affinity4books-TX (no Pref)
copchic905-MO (no SF)
love2cook-TX (no SF)
bookstogive-TN (no SF)

This is the journal link for the box:


I'd like to give this one a try. I love sci-fi but don't have many right now so this sounds like a great fit for me. Please, near the beginning if possible.


Sounds fun. Thanks for hosting!


imawinn2 9 yrs ago
I'll join!
I like Sci-fi and fantasy so you can put me up near the beginning. I have plenty of other genres to make some trades. Great Idea, btw.


. . . I LOVE the concept. Maybe someone will throw in one of the worst sf/f books ever:


I'll be glad to help relieve you of some of that unwanted sf. :-) My only question is, I enjoy lots of other types of books too, so is it OK if I take some non-sf out of the box, as long as (1) I don't replace it with sf; and (2) I'm also taking my fair share of the sf? Imawinn2 is right, great idea. Thanks!


Yes you can take any book(s) out of the box and replace them with anything but SF/Fantasy, I am just hoping that NO SF returns to me.


I am interested and am in CT. Big SciFi/Fantasy lovers in this house.


LMAO I also hate sci-fi...... please sign me up but towards the end please :)


winghyphen8wing 9 yrs ago
I seem to have lots of non-Harlequin romance and "romantic suspense" type books (that I won't read) at the moment, for example:

Sharon Sala
Catherine Coulter
Danielle Steel
Carla Neggers
Christy Reece

Would those work for you? I also have other non-SF books that I could put in...but it is one of my favorite genres, so I'd be happy to take some SF out of your box. :)


Those sound fine to me-I am not a Danielle Steel fan but like the others. I have added you to the list


Sounds like fun!


love2cook 8 yrs ago
add me too
I don't care for sci-fi so please put me towards the end. Thanks.


I'd love to join in the middle or wherever needed- I like SF.fantasy and other genres


This is the shipping order:

biisbsw-NY (likes SF)
TaleofGenji-NJ (likes SF)
inawinn2-WI (likes SF)
JudySlump612-MN (likes SF)
Hyphen8-HI (likes SF)
Tribefan-OH (likes SF)
affinity4books-TX (no Pref)
copchic905-MO (no SF)
love2cook-TX (no SF)
bookstogive-TN (no SF)

I will pm for the first address and get it into the mail.

Please keep the box no longer than 2 weeks
Please replace the box if damaged
Please no Harlequins or children books
There will be a journal book with BCID included in the box
To be fair please share the SF :) until it gets to affinity4books
Have Fun !


right before the no sf people! I'll make sure there are no more sf books before passing on!! :smile:


biisbsw 8 yrs ago
Just arrived
Just arrived today after I got home from a h**l of a week at work for a long weekend. What could be better?! But just want to check and make sure I'm doing things right for this since this is my first bookbox. I've looked through it already and think I have a good idea of what books I want to pick and I found the journal. So... I write a JE on the little journal book. What about the books I was going to pick? I do a journal entry for those too right? And how do I release books into the box? Just don't want to mess this all up. If I get all of this figured out and get the address for the next in line I will hope to get this out on Saturday.


Sympathies on your week..mine's been crazy too but no holiday for me tomorrow. :(

Sounds like you've got it figured out: here's a sample from another box in case you'd like to take a look -

* Be sure read the rules set by the organizer: different people run their boxes differently - some want only the *exact* number of books exchanged while some are more flexible; some require delivery confirmation, etc.

* Make a JE for the box or journal book (in this case, Robert Frost); some people like to add a list of what's leaving the box and what's going in, which makes it more interesting.

* Make individual journal entries for the books you're keeping.

* I generally do a controlled release for books going into a box since I don't know exactly who will end up with them, but they're not where anyone can "go hunting" for them either..


to TaleofGenji. Mailed out earlier today. I think I figured it all out and did it right. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with advice.


On its way to imawinn2. Thanks for including us!


Status update- just pm'd love2cook for her address since I did not hear back from copchic905 after 2 pms. Don't worry there is no sf left! :)


Great, glad they all found new homes!


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