anyone interested in a children's literature bookbox? (US only)

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this would be for children's books that might be assigned for school reading (e.g. newbery and newbery honor books), and also chapter books that aren't part of long-running series. so harry potter books would be okay, but not books like the babysitter's club. also, no picture books.

please send the box with delivery confirmation and post updates to this thread and PM me when you receive/send. thanks.

here's the order (PM me to join):
1 spacedog (MA) --> sent 10/17/11
2 woodlandscribe (NY) --> sent 11/19/11
3 Earth-VS-Soup (AK) --> received 12/8/11
4 annascat (location = ?)
5 hyphen8 (HI) --> received 8/2/12
6 k00kaburra (CA) --> received 9/5/12
7 news-hound/OphEliaGirl (AZ)
8 Skylerdragon (MO)


If this is a fairly small box I might be interested. Sounds like maybe you're looking for more YA / tween / teen books rather than books for young children - is that right?


yup. it's going to be pretty low key. we'll see how it goes.


I am in Canada so I could not participate. However, I would love to borrow your idea for a Canada/US VBB.


Sounds cool I'd like to :)


I'd be interested - although I'd have to be near the end, as I probably need to read a few more kids' books one more time before letting them go :-p


I would like to join this one, if I can be towards the end and the box is not huge-esque :). Also, I am doing a similar one myself, though more for teens/young adults, so if you would like to join mine, let me know.


I'd be happy to join. I'm in NY. Sending my info your way.


thanks for the responses. i'll be getting this organized and kicking it off in the next couple of weeks.


I'd like to join.


order posted. will be sending off this week just as soon as i finish my current book.


Hooray! :)


Didn't expect it to arrive so soon. Will PM next on the list for address and try to ship it out by Monday.


May I still enroll in this one?


yup. will PM you now.


Any update on when it might begin moving? I want to make sure I have a few books read before it comes my way, even though I am towards the end.


did you change your username from news-hound? in any case, looks like the box is moving, albeit slowly.


Yes, I did, sorry! I posted abou it but I keep forgetting to remind people when I post on threads =D.
I better get crakca-lacking on reading some more stuff to have ready when it comes. I got sidetracked from my bookcrossing books by the 39 clues series!


woodlandscribe 8 yrs ago
I totally forgot to post when I sent this box out. I journaled for each of the books, but forgot the forum post. I'm so sorry.

I took:
Swallows and Amazons
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

I added:
Iron Thunder
The Dark is Rising
A Ring of Endless Light

I sent the box out to Earth-VS-Soup on Nov. 19. According to the USPS tracking info, the box arrived on Dec. 8. Perhaps Earth-VS-Soup forgot to post, just as I did.

Thanks for allowing me to join this bookbox. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, complete with lots & lots of great books to read!


spacedog 8 yrs ago
RE: Oops!
thanks for the update!


Hello all. I'm sorry it took me so ludicrously long to move this box along. For a full explanation, please see these threads. To sum up, my Great Aunt was put into hospice care in late December and died shortly thereafter. This sent me into a depression I'm only just now really starting to recover from, and bookcrossing was something that fell by the wayside during this time.

Arrived in the box (15):
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
A Gathering of Days
Iron Thunder
The Gammage Cup
Charlotte's Web
Dear Mr. Henshaw
The White Stag
Tales from Silver Lands
The Dark is Rising
Prince Caspian
Old Yeller
A Ring of Endless Light
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Abridged)

Taken out (4):
Old Yeller
The Dark is Rising
Tales of Silver Lands

Added (5):
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Twits
The Vicar of Nibbleswicke

I have no way of contacting annascat because her messages are not enabled, and her only forum activity was in September of last year. I think it's safe to say she's MIA, but if you are still out there please enable your messages and contact me!
I contacted hyphen8 this morning about moving the box along. I'll post as soon as I hear from one or the other! If I don't hear from them within a week or two, I'll contact the next person on the list, and so on. I may add a few more books to the box before sending it out, too, it depends on how quickly I hear from folks. I'll keep you posted.


Looks like the box just got a big Roald Dahl injection.. :D

Sent my address to Earth-VS-Soup today.

Now I'd better get my act together and find some books for the box!


I'll be sending the box out to you today. I would say that I hope you get it quickly, but since you've said that you'd rather it take the full media mail time to get to you so you can read a bit, I hope it reaches you in early August. :P

The delivery confirmation number will be:
0305 2710 0003 1666 6293

I'm going to mail it today as soon as I finish packing for work. It should show up as trackable online by this afternoon.


I checked and I have a decent number of books that could go into the box. :)


Looks like there are some goodies in there!

I'll check with k00kaburra to make sure the address I have is still current, then try to get the box moving again fairly quickly.


DC 0309 3220 0000 2623 1649

It's a biggish shoebox, so I sent it to the non-PO box address.


Bookbox is here!
I look forward to exploring its contents :D


Going to go through it, though at fist glance it doesn't look like I'll be taking much of anything. Will contact Skylerdragon.


I am taking :
The Journal of Milo Thatch
George's Secret Key to the Universe
Shades of Gray

I am adding:
Shen of the Sea
Because of Wynn Dixie
Mister God, This is Anna
The Trumpet of the Swan
Homesick my Own Story


Due to massive family problems I am no longer active on B.C. Before all the bad things happened I contacted Skylerdragon and never heard back. I can't remember if I heard from spacedog as to whether I should return the box or release the books so can someone please tell me? I know it's been FOREVER but I am trying to make good on what I owe as I am no longer going to be participating in BC. Thanks!


Wow, sorry to hear that you've been having such a rough time. I hope 2013 will be a better year for you. Good luck...

My guess is that spacedog would want the box back if you're able to send it out..but if for some reason you can't reach him you could send it to me and I could send it to him.


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