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Since my Bookish bookbox went MIA earlier this year, I've decided to start a new one. For anyone who's unfamiliar with this one, all books are about reading, writing, libraries, bookclubs, the love of books, etc. They can be fiction or non-fiction.

I have some books set aside for this and am working on some more. Some of the books to be included are:
Books: A Memoir by Larry McMurtry
Miss Zukas and the Stroke of Death by Jo Dereske
The Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby
Bookman's Wake by John Dunning
So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson
Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke
For the Love of Books: 115 Celebrated Writers on the Books They Love Most

I already have a few people on this list, ones who unfortunately didn't receive the last box before it went astray.

I'm looking for 4-6 more trustworthy BCers who are interested in receiving this box. If I don't "know" you, I'll be checking out your history. (I've gotten burned on a couple of boxes, and really hate when this happens.)

Normal bookbox rules apply; 2 week turnaround is requested. Who's interested in playing?


I will start reading any books I have that cover this topic and should have a few by october :-)


wingNancyNovawing 9 yrs ago
I'll join
I have at least one that fits the theme. More if I get them read :-)



and looking to see how many more I need to read. This bookbox will definitely be going out in October.

So far on the list, I have (not in order yet) -

Anyone else interested?


to join please :)




wingmaryzeewing 9 yrs ago
Anyone else?
I'm busily reading books for this box, and expect it to start by the end of October.


Count me in, Mary. I have a couple that would work that I've been meaning to wild release at the Library of Congress, but I never get there. Book boxes are easier, because they come to you, you don't have to go to them. :)


Will get my books ready :)


I've been saving some books for this box. I'd love to join this one again!


So far I have (not in order yet) -

I have 3 books to read for the box yet, and this will be going out in a few weeks. Anyone else interested?


Booklady331 - FL
Heartthumper - KS
Affinity4books - TX
Debnance - TX
Innae - CO
Copchic905 - MO
K00kaburra - CA
GoryDetails - NH
Eponine38 - MA
NancyNova - PA
6of8 - MD

Let me know if there are any problems here. Booklady331, I see your addy is on Is that the correct addy? I have a book and a half to read yet, and will send this out by the end of the month (if not before).

Rather than include a BCID on the box, I'm going to include a small notebook for the name of the box (and owner). We can list our books there, and I'll list a link in my profile to this thread, if everyone could please update the thread when they receive and ship the box.


it'll be ready to travel. I'll make another update here after I've shipped the box, to let you know the approx. weight/cost.

Anyone else want to join at the last minute? 2 slots open, but I won't add anyone else after I ship the box (should be going out in the next few days).

ETA - The box contains 21 books, so there's a nice assortment to choose from.


it sounds like a fun bookbox :)


I mailed this heavy box today, Tuesday October 25th. 21 books, nearly 20 pounds, just under $10 (not incl. the d/c I added). This should go down in weight some since there are several hardbacks/heavy books in there now.

Booklady, I'll pm you the dc #.

Enjoy everyone. There are some really good books in there.


I see more books that I want then I have to put in. I just told my hubby that I need to go hunt my release challenge boxes to see if I have another one or two. LOL Anyway I am having fun. there is a nice selection of books. I have heartthumper's address so I can mail the box next week. Hope this box makes it all the way home.



Delivery Confirmation # 0311 1660 0000 6970 0985


I'll make my choices and send it on. Thanks!


Safely in Texas. Can't wait to go through it- this is one of my all-time favorite themes!


Happily, this box arrived on my porch this morning! Since I was on the list for this box (which mysteriously disappeared) long ago, I have accumulated an enormous stack of books for this box. Good news for those next on the list!


YAY!! and what a collection...I will be choosing and sorting, and PMing for an address and get this box headed out again soon!!


I shall choose refill & ship out this weekend :)


copchic905 9 yrs ago


I look forward to going through and seeing what-all is in here :)


Bookbox has been mailed; here's the tracking #:


The box arrived safely today; many thanks! Will make my selections and get it moving again soon.


I handed the box to eponine38 today; many thanks! [I listed my choices in the notebook that's in the box; if anyone's dying to know what books I put in, I can post them here too. [Some of them turned out to be titles that had been in the box earlier and selected by someone else, so I just hope the box doesn't get home with all the same titles it started out with!]


I'll make my selections and get it moving in a few days.


Mailed to NancyNova today.
DC# 03111660000055673170
Took out:
The Novel by Michener
They Died in Vain
I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia
Tolstoy and the Purple Chair
Shelf LIfe

Homicide in Hardcover
Who the Hell is Pansy O'Hara?
The Most Wonderful Books
The Algonquin Literary Quiz Book
Remarkable Reads
The Heroine's Bookshelf


Now the hard part - what to choose? It arrived just when I'm under the gun to get a grad school paper done, so I will PM the next in line for her addy, but it may be a few days until I get the box on it's way again.


so it may be a few days til you hear back from her.


Ireland, so I took my time perusing the box - and reading a book to put in it!


I took out:
The Heroine's Bookshelf
Who the Hell is Pansy O'Hara?
Ruined by Reading
The Man who Made Lists

I put in:
The Thirteenth Scroll
His Daddy's Eyes (where the protagonist is a bookstore owner - you'd never know it from the title)
The Secret of Lost Things
And the classic library setting book: Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat who Touched the World.

From the notebook, this looks like the second Dewey book to get carried along in the bookish box.


and so looking forward to seeing what's in it :))


This bookbox was waiting for me when I got home after a rotten day at work yesterday. I had fun looking at all the titles and kitty had fun exploring the empty box. Now I just have to decide what goes back in the box and what doesn't.

Luckily, MaryZee says I can just pass it along to her at the Gaithersbrug Book Festival on 5/19, so that will give me some time. In fact, I may even have time to read a couple and put them back in the box, so I have more to choose from -- which will be good because there is a great selection in there.


In preparation for the Gaithersburg Book Festival next weekend, the BCinDC crew made a run to The Book Thing of Baltimore today to stock up. I took advantage of that opportunity to hand the box straight back to MaryZee -- keeps it from getting too mixed up with all the Gaithersburg books.


I've enjoyed looking thru the notebook that traveled along with the books, and have enjoyed looking to see what's in the box. There are no books leftover that came back to me (although there's another copy of a book which started in the box). There are only 4 books in there that I've read; now to decide how much I want to read the many other books (Mt. TBR threatens an avalanche).

I have about 6 new books for the box at this point (still unread, unfortunately). I'm hoping to be ready to send the box around again late summer or early fall, so stay tuned. I'm very happy this was a successful journey, after losing a box last year.

ETA - And I did discover 1 wishlist book in there. I'll work on getting all of these journalled tonight and tomorrow.


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