Bookring: Narrow Dog to Carcassonne

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I'm putting out feelers for yet another bookring, "Narrow Dog to Carcassonne."

This book was a lot of fun to read - if anyone's interested, I'll probably get this one going around February or so. This one can go international - if you're interested, send me a PM or write a post here stating where you are and your shipping preferences.


I would love to join. Live in Norway and would prefer shipping within Europe, but can ship international if needed.


I've got your name down - thank you.



I'd like to join, I live in Finland, would also prefer Europe, But can ship internationally too, of course.


That does sound charming - I'd be up for it. Can mail internationally if necessary.


4thEstate 7 yrs ago
Time to bump the thread up - who else is interested?


Can only post in the UK though


This took my attention since Carcassonne happens to be among my favorite board games. Though I bet it's related to the French settlement and not the game :) I'm from Romania and will post where needed. Thanks for hosting this!


I've had this book recommended and would love to read it.
The other folks' comments on posting internationally "if necessary" amuse me mightily. For us in New Zealand there is no option about being necessary. almost everything has necessarily to be international if we are to take part in living in the world.
All that means I will post international.


I'm in France and can mail anywhere.


Australia, post anywhere!


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