[Int'l bookring] Seamen's Wives

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Hi BCer,

yesterday this book knocked at my door and after reading about 3 portraits in it and skipped thru the many pictures inside, I decided, that this must become my first international bookring!

Here you find the Journal:
Where you can find more infos.

bye and Merry Christmas


I'd be interested in this book if it comes to the USA later on. It sounds unique, and it's not for sale here.

Merry Christmas to you, too!


wingkatopuawing 10 yrs ago
anybody else?
anybody else interested?

I've read it in meantime.

It didn't take much time to do so. Less than a evening to finish it. It was very interesting and will help me to understand my Filipino collegues better in future, even when I work myself on board of containerships of a Germany company and not of a Swedish one like the seamen covered in this book.


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