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Here’s another Virtual Bookbox (VBB) – novels, short stories, memoirs, set in South-East Asia or dealing with South-East Asian emigrants in other parts of the world. Either written by South-East Asian authors or other writers who share a South-East Asian perspective.
*****Countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam.*****
Geographically Papua New Guinea is considered as part of Oceania, but I won’t mind if books from Papua are added.
Only books in English, please. (Translations from other languages are okay of course.)
Do you have any good book that you’d recommend to others and that you’d like to travel with the VBB? And then send off to some other BookCrosser? In exchange for another South-East Asian book you pick from the list….??? (Please keep in mind that you might have to ship international, cheapest rate is fine though.)

This is how it works:
- I start off with a list of 10 of my own books.
- You will receive the list by PM from me – as PMs sometimes don’t arrive please confirm when you got it.
- Make your selection(s) and request them from the owner(s), include your name & address.
- Replace the chosen books with the same number of your own (they must be registered on your bookshelf).
- PM me the titles and authors of the books you are putting in the box within a week.
- The owner(s) of the chosen books send them off to you.
- Please make your choices within a few days, pick the books you are offering and PM me – I will PM you again if I haven’t heard from you after 2 or 3 days, if there is no response after a week I will PM the list to the next person.
- There should always be 10 books listed.
- When somebody asks you for a book that you have put on the list, please send it off ASAP, this might be international (but sending it by surface mail is perfectly alright). Please make proper release notes.
- Please don’t add another copy of a book that’s already on the list.
- I update the list and PM it to the next person.
- At the end the remaining 10 books will go to me, as I had started the VBB by “donating” 10 books (at least theoretically, but maybe there will be a raffle…).
Adding your TBR books is no problem. When you tell me which books you put on the list please add "TBR" for books that won't be sent off right after they are requested but only after you read them (which shouldn't take more than a few weeks).
Limited number of participants… please post here if you’d like to join.

Participants: Annimanni, sing-on-a-star, mathgirl40, megami-no-ushi, okyrhoe, Dancesports, blueblack


I was quite excited about this bookbox as I remembered reading a book set partially in Laos, but going back through my bookshelf I realise I've already sent it on to ApoloniaX to read. Duh!!

Never mind, I hope lots of other people join.


I'll start a South Asian VBB in a few weeks, if that is any consolation.
Sorry I kept you from joining my own VBB ;-) but the book was very welcome, I found it hard to find enough books for it...
However, there will probably be a raffle at the end.... would love to include you then :-)


I really enjoyed the East Asian VBB last time and would love to join this one. I don't have a lot of books in this category, but I do have a couple I can use (one still TBR). Thanks for starting this, ApoloniaX!


Yes please! I love VBBs :)


I only have one book in this category and it's TBR so I don't actually know if the wetsern writer (its sort of a travelouge dealing with the political sitaution in burma) has a "south east asian perspective" or not. I don't want to waste anyone's time if it turns out to be a bad book....

Thanks for the invite over PM in any case!


OK, please add me and my political travelouge to the list. It was purchased from the teachers' book depository so I can garauntee that it's not a trashy book set there for the exoticism. (I loved the way you clarified the rules, Apoloniax!)

I'm in the same boat as a couple of others in that I have a couple of other ring/VBB books ahead of it, though I might be able to sneak it in between my current read for the Japanese authors VBB and the ring I'm expecting soon.


okyrhoe 9 yrs ago
Of course I am interested!
I have one or two books by Philippino authors selected from a previous VBB that I need to push to the top of Mt. TBR, and get them moving again :-)
But I mustexplain that at this time I cannot be certain whether I can reply promptly when my turn comes. (see http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6991344 ) Will try my best to be prompt, though.


I have a few bookrings and books from other VBBs on my TBR pile (I'm currently reading one very long one that's going to you, ApoloniaX!). I've vowed to get caught up on all of those before joining anything else. I usually break vows to myself moments after making them, but I'm determined to stick with this one. :)

Thanks anyway, ApoloniaX. I hope everyone enjoys this VBB!


I still have a few commitments to complete (one to an asian vbb, one to the global vbb, two or three bookrings and a great big pile of my own books :-) )but my will power is not as strong as jumpingin. I just can't resist as I love reading about all the different and wonderful cultures in the world!




May I join please?




I was only going to pick out one or two books this time, but ended up with four again :D

Elisabeth Sheppard: Remains of a Family (Laos) (TBR, already started)
Tash Aw: Map of the Invisible World (Indonesia, and a bit of Malaysia)
Rani Manicka: Touching Earth (partly set in Indonesia, and in UK, author is from Malaysia)
Amitav Ghosh: The Glass Palace (Burma, and India)

And here are my replacements:

Denise Chong: The Girl in the Picture. The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photograph and the Vietnam War (Vietnam) TBR

Pramoedya Ananta Toer: It's Not an All Night Fair (Indonesia) TBR

Bua Boonmee: Miss Bangkok. Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute (Thailand) TBR

Andrea McNicoll: Moonshine in the Morning (Thailand) TBR


I'm not surprised about you picking four... ;-) Will send them off this week.

And the list travelled to sing-on-a-star.


I have such a long TBR list that I've decided to take one book. It was very difficult! I am going to take out The piano Tuner - Daniel Mason, and replace it with The Quiet American- Graham Greene (Vietnam)) http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8378938/

Thank for including me!


thank you, sing-on-a-star!


Thanks for the list, ApoloniaX! I will try to have my choices made within the next day or two.


Great list! There were a good number that I would have liked, but in the end, I narrowed it down to these two:

Geoff Ryman: The King’s Last Song (Cambodia) ApoloniaX
Pramoedya Ananta Toer: It's Not an All Night Fair (Indonesia) TBR Annimanni

My replacements are:
Bich Minh Nguyen: Stealing Buddha's Dinner (Vietnamese immigrants in US) mathgirl40
Hwee Hwee Tan: Foreign Bodies (Singapore) mathgirl40


Thank you, mathgirl40, I'll send the The King's Last Song off tomorrow, and The Piano Tuner to sing-on-a-star.


did I get skipped or has the order changed? *confused* :)


ooops, so sorry, I seem not to be able to keep names starting with m- apart... list coming, maybe okyrhoe would prefer to have it at a week-end anyway...


I'm taking:
2. Bounyavong Outhine: Mother Beloved (Laos) ApoloniaX http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6681777/

I will be replacing it with:
Rory MacLean - Under the dragon: Travels in a Betrayed Land (Burma) megami-no-ushi http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8291789/


that was fast, megami-no-ushi, thanks for the dragon


I had a vague idea about choosing a Laotian book if one was there, so it was really only a debate between that and one other...


.. another Halloween treat for you... ;-)


tough to choose - I'll have to think on this for a day or two.


I have managed to narrow my choices to just two books. Because one of the books I had ready was already on the list.

Taking out:-
4. Bua Boonmee: Miss Bangkok. Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute (Thailand) TBR annimanni
8. Hwee Hwee Tan: Foreign Bodies (Singapore) mathgirl40 http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8385169
and putting in:
Pramoedya Ananta Toer: This Earth of Mankind (Indonesia) TBR
Amy Tan: Saving Fish from Drowning (Burma)TBR


I sent off Foreign Bodies to Dancesports today. I sent it by surface mail so it may take some time to travel between Canada and Australia, but I hope you won't have to wait too long for it!


The King's Last Song arrived today, along with a few lovely extras. Thanks very much, ApoloniaX!


Thanks for your additions, Dancesports!!!


Judt found the list in my inbox!
I'll read through it and make my selections ASAP - thank you!


Isn't it annoying when the books you want to share are already on the list? XD

So, I have one contribution:
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7452820/ - The Tapestries

and I'm taking
"http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/8374029 - Moonshine in the Morning (have PM'd Annimanni)


Moonshine in the Morning is on its way to you!




Thanks, ApoloniaX, for having organized another terrific and well-run VBB and for generously offering these books in a raffle! I've PM'd you my raffle choices.


wingApoloniaXwing 9 yrs ago
the list
Rattawut Lapcharoensap: Sightseeing (Thailand) ApoloniaX to Dancesports, received
Bua Boonmee: Miss Bangkok. Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute (Thailand) Annimanni to Dancesports, received
Andrea McNicoll: Moonshine in the Morning (Thailand) Annimanni to blueblack, received

Bounyavong Outhine: Mother Beloved (Laos) ApoloniaX to megami-no-ushi, received
Elisabeth Sheppard: Remains of a Family (Laos, and NZ) ApoloniaX to Annimanni, received

Pramoedya Ananta Toer: This Earth of Mankind (Indonesia) Dancesports to ApoloniaX, received
Pramoedya Ananta Toer: It's Not an All Night Fair (Indonesia) Annimanni to mathgirl40, received
Rani Manicka: Touching Earth (partly set in Indonesia, and in UK) ApoloniaX to Annimanni, received
Tash Aw: Map of the Invisible World (Indonesia, and a bit of Malaysia) ApoloniaX to Annimanni, received

Rani Manicka: The Rice Mother (Malaysia) okyrhoe to blueblack, received
Rani Manicka: The Rice Mother (Malaysia) ApoloniaX to Annimanni, received

Amitav Ghosh: The Glass Palace (Burma, and India) okyrhoe to mathgirl40, received
Amitav Ghosh: The Glass Palace (Burma, and India) ApoloniaX to Annimanni, received
Daniel Mason: The Piano Tuner (Burma) ApoloniaX to sing-on-a-star, received
Rory MacLean: Under the Dragon: Travels in a Betrayed Land (Burma) megami-no-ushi to ApoloniaX, received
-Amy Tan: Saving Fish from Drowning (Burma) Dancesports to megami-no-ushi

Geoff Ryman: The King’s Last Song (Cambodia) ApoloniaX to mathgirl40, received

Kien Nguyen: The Tapestries (Vietnam) blueblack to KiwiinEngland, received
Denise Chong: The Girl in the Picture (Vietnam) Annimanni to sing-on-a-star, received
Graham Greene: The Quiet American (Vietnam) sing-on-a-star to Annimanni, received
Bich Minh Nguyen: Stealing Buddha's Dinner (Vietnamese immigrants in US) mathgirl40 to okyrhoe, received

Hwee Hwee Tan: Foreign Bodies (Singapore) mathgirl40 to Dancesports, received


Just want to update that It's Not An All-Night Fair was sent to sing-on-a-star on Thursday and Miss Bangkok will head Dancesport's way tomorrow. Two more to go!


is in the post to ApoloniaX


thanks again ApoloniaX


It wasn't really a raffle... I didn't draw names out of a hat or so, much better: seven entrants for seven books and it all worked out so that each person gets a/the book they wanted :-) I'm glad you didn't all want the same one ;-)
Happy reading!
I PMed everybody, please tell me if you didn't hear from me.


Very excited that I'll be getting The Glass Palace! Thanks again, ApoloniaX!


blueblack 9 yrs ago
Thank you!
Thank you for organising this VBB, ApoloniaX! You've done a great job keeping everything running smoothly and I hope I can take part in another ring or VBB hosted by you soon :)
I'm glad the "raffle" worked out so neatly as well.
"The Tapestries" has been posted out :)


Thank you ApoloniaX


Thank you Annimanni


It's Not an All Night Fair arrived today. Thank you, Annimanni!


The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh arrived today. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Thanks, okyrhoe!


Thank you mathgirl40


Thank you, Dancesports, for the other book and the goodies too!!!


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