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Sorry for not replying sooner, haven't been on the site for a few days. I'm still interested :)


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Following ealasaidmae's suggestion, and the subsequent consensus that it's a bit of a faff to start posting boxes around the world, I am pleased to announce the <strike>UK</strike> EU edition of the tentative LGBTQ bookbox.

To contain:

- books, non-fiction or fiction, and of any genre, by LGBTQ authors, illustrators or editors. For example, Sarah Waters' 'Tipping the Velvet' would definitely count, but so would her most recent novel, 'The Little Stranger', even though the latter only features straight characters.
- books by straight authors/illustrators/editors featuring sensitive portrayals of LGBTQ people or characters. Obviously these would primarily be fiction, but e.g. a biography of Benjamin Britten would also count.

I'm just gauging interest at the moment - do comment below or PM me if you'd like to join in.


trying to figure out what I have on my shelf to put in... I've read almost all of Waters' novels so far (except for the latest) and I have Affinity somewhere on a ray (although I'm not sure of its status)... so maybe a virtual box would make sense to avoid receiving a bunch of books I've already read? Under a kilo would suit me best as long as we're voicing druthers...
I've appreciated boxes which didn't require too quick a turnaround time - as offhand I haven't too many I could add here, it would be nice to be able to read and put back in the box before sending on. I've been in both kinds of boxes (send out as quickly as possible and also those where it's ok to keep and read some first).


I think it's going to depend on the level of interest, and where participants are based. I was originally thinking UK only, but am quite happy to extend it to the EU so long as I can get shipping preferences sorted out to everyone's liking.


and good luck! :)


Thank you!


Sorry for not replying sooner, haven't been on the site for a few days. I'm still interested :)


Good stuff - I've got you down for it :-)


okyrhoe 9 yrs ago
I'm in Greece and can post the box within the EU.


elstaplador 9 yrs ago
Any more for any more?


elstaplador 9 yrs ago
I'm looking to send this box out around mid August. (Life is happening before then, alas!) I envision that it will be a fairly leisurely affair, stopping as long as a month or six weeks if desired. Reading the books you don't take out is fine, but do keep the rest of us updated in this thread!

Would anyone else like to join in? If so, PM me or reply below, letting me know where you are and how far you're happy to post the box. Existing participants, I will contact you via PM to confirm mail preferences.


bumpy bump


I'm sure I can join. I've got a couple of books. :-)


Great stuff! Where are you based and where are you willing to send?


blueblack 9 yrs ago
Gives me time to try and hoard up some books for this :)

*goes out to buy another copy of Tipping the Velvet*


elstaplador 9 yrs ago
Any more takers?


Away for a couple of weeks but would like to join the book will be a virtual bookbox right?

I'm in UK and will send anywhere in EU.


elstaplador 9 yrs ago
Update 2
It wasn't going to be a virtual bookbox, but that was back when it was UK only. Thinking about it, I think posting heavy boxes indiscrimately around Europe is not going to make for fun and laughter, so I shall amend the top post to reflect this.

If anyone who signed up for this expecting a real bookbox isn't happy, please let me know, and I'll, um, think of something ;-)

PMing all interested parties now.


There's still time for others to join! PM me or reply here if you're interested. As a reminder, this is a virtual bookbox open to all in the EU. It will 'contain' works by LGBTQ authors and works dealing with LGBTQ themes in a sensitive manner.

I'll be sending reminder PMs to those who haven't yet replied to my first one.


I apologise for having disappeared off the face of the earth - I was a little tied up with applying for a job I really wanted (and got! hurrah!)

So let's recap: I sent the email to the first participant, but had no response, so will resend. (I've found a few more books to add to the list, in any case.) I haven't PM'd other participants, but will be doing so today.

And if anyone else wants to join in, PM me, or post here.


PM'd you.
Well done on the new job!


Thanks! The list is going round by email at the moment - I'll let you know when it's your turn to pick :-)


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