Another bookbox for Kalman, his 17th birthday

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I've decided to release another bookbox in memory of Kalman. This one will go out on May 14, the day he would have been 17. Anyone interested in joining? We would love to have you participate! Please let me know here as well as PMing me if you don't mind.



I've pm'd polliwog with my address, in case s/he is ready to send the box onward while I am far from computers/ electricity/ cell coverage~~ I'm heading down to the Dineh (Navaho) Rez, and will be gone till mid-July. olivia, i shall remember you in the prayer ties, and in the lodge.





Please continue to join my friends, if you are able. Thanks for joining:



I would love to join your bookbox to honor Kalman!


I appreciate that you will take part : )


So far we are:

I'll be mailing the bookbox out on his birthday 5/14.


300dogs 9 yrs ago
me please!



These are the participants so far, anyone else care to join us?



I'm PMing you. Thanks!



mom2jwn 9 yrs ago
May 14th
is my brother's birthday & also was my dad's birthday.


Thanks so much for joining:


I hope that the book box will add a special spirit of love, kindness, mischief and music (Kalman characteristics) to the birthdays of your father and brother mom2jwn, and to all of you who take part.

So our list is now:

Thanks for taking part! Still accepting participants!


What a lovely remembrance.


Love to have anyone else who is interested as well!



Adding Laveggiocoffee and Minerva101.


I am in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Our participants are:

Last call for anyone else who wants to join


but you did add me further down in the thread. Please don't forget about me :)


I'm almost too late.


Minerva101, you are not forgotten! (except on that list, sorry!) You are on my geographical list and are actually slated to be the first to receive the box. Can you PM your address?
Hi Kayjay33, I am so happy you are joining us! Could you send a PM with the information on whether or not you can mail to Wash state? The box is currently supposed to go to Alberta for 2 different bookcrossers, then it could go to you, then down to the states in the west where it will make its way east. Let me know OK?



Hi, I did send a PM but maybe it didn't get to you. I can mail to WA state, but I'm wondering how heavy this box is likely to be. I walk everywhere( no car) so would have to carry it 3 or 4 blocks.


OK, getting ready to tape this box up and bring it to the PO.
Here is our mailing order:


I really can't thank you all enough for joining in this bookbox.
BTW, I put a toy in the box that Kalman would really have enjoyed. The first of you with a child or grandchild who is into skateboarding (one of Kalman's hobbies) and miniature skateboards (yes, he really liked those too) is welcome to give this toy to that child. But please include the details in the JE, as I would love to know.
OK now, don't forget to post on this thread when you get the box, JE each individual book you take out and put in, plus PM for the next person's address. Hugs to you all, and thanks again!


Wow -that was fast! I will go through and make my choices and add some books and have it posted off to Rhonder just after the May long weekend.
Thank you, oliviapoolside!


I have had a great time making my choices from this book box and would love to pop it in the mail to send to Rhonder, but I can't make release notes at all!!!! It goes straight to an error screen after I type in the BCID.
Is it OK if I hold on to the box for another couple days or so to see if this mess with the new site can be fixed? I really don't want to send any books away without release notes.
Regardless of what happens with the site I'll send it to Rhonder via Express Post on Monday at the latest and make due with journal entries if that is even possible - so far I am not having much luck with managing my shelf at all :(
Thank you everybody!


So I have made controlled release notes for all the books I am adding to the box! I chose 3 books that look quite interesting and have actually added 9 books into the box - though 2 are specifically for Rhonder when she gets the box (she'll know which 2 are for her ).
Also, my son asked for the little skateboard in the box and replaced it with one of his own bookcrossing books. He is Leviathan101 and has just started his shelf recently. Here is the link to the book he added:

Thank you soooooo much for shipping to Canada, oliviapoolside! This has been great fun and I hope you end up with some wonderful new reads when the box gets back to you! I will ship this off to Rhonder tomorrow with a tracking number :)


by Canada Post. Sent expresspost tracking # 0056 4800 0065 8309


I'm so glad that your son liked the skateboard Minerva101, that really made me feel happy! I sent him a PM about it and thanked him for putting in a great sounding book that I'm sure Kalman would have loved. Thanks everyone for joining in on this box and taking care of it. Looking forward to seeing more news about it.


My son thought the PM was great! This experience has really helped my son to enjoy bookcrossing a lot and he asked me if we can do another bookbox someday :)
P.S I started reading Vanishing Acts and am quite enjoying it! Thanks for the nice selections in the box!


Thanks for the quick shipping! Can't wait to check it out!


requesting your mailing address so I hope it went through!


I got it twice. Have sent you my information.


And I got your pm! Thanks!


today! Thank you, oliviapoolside, for the opportunity to participate! May the box continue its safe journey with Kalman watching over it :-)


today! Thank you, oliviapoolside, for the opportunity to participate! May the box continue its safe journey with Kalman watching over it :-)

The box arrived. Looks to be some interesting books. I will need to seek out some good ones to replace with.
I will ask for address for next in line before I lose the thread again.


Posting here to make sure you got the PM. :-)


Thanks Poliwog. i got your PM. It will be a few days before I mail the box off to you. I have to wait for a sunny day to walk to PO. Also need to find a few good books to put into the box.


I chose three books, and chose three to put into the box. But they don't fit. I will try repacking differently but may have to look for smaller books. I'll try not to hold things up for too long.


The box is on it's way to the next reader. I ended up taking four books and found that I now had room for five replacements. Very heavy to carry it the three blocks and a bit down to Post Office. But good exercise.
Thanks Oliviapoolside.


I sent it off on June 19th. It really shouldn't take that long to go from British Columbia to Washington State. I'm getting worried that it has gone astray.


I got the box a few days ago, but was unable to get over here to post. My sincere apologies for any concern caused!

I've already gotten info from Erishkigal, and she let me know she is away on vacation until the middle of July, so I will mail the box to her around the end of next week (July 8th) so it arrives to her about July 15th. I'll post here again with the delivery confirmation # on mailing day.

Looks like a fun box!


for taking such good care of Kalman's 17th birthday bookbox. Rhonder, I liked what you said about him watching over it. Yes, I do believe he is! Thanks everyone for your nice posts and for making me smile!


Hi all. Sincere apologies for the slight delay in sending this on. My laptop died and I have been unable to access email or bookcrossing. I am just today able to get email and retrieve the address for Erishkigal. She should be home from vacation about right now, and I will be mailing the box very soon. I feel Kalman's spirit with the box, and was moved to tears the day it arrived.


for those very kind words. I hope all is well now with your computer and you are back on line. Were you able to get Erishkigal's address? Do you know where the box is now? Thanks again for participating : )


Thanks for your patience everyone. The passing of my friend took more out of me than I thought and I haven't been doing much of anything. The box is prepared and WILL be taken to the post office on Wednesday, August 11. I will post delivery confirmation here on that day. I am estimating that erishkigal will receive it between 8/18 and 8/23.


I am so sorry about the passing of your friend.


I am so sorry about the passing of your friend. I know how your emotionals are just depleted and you can't understand how life can go on for those around you who don't feel your pain. It will get better but you have good memories to revisit time and time again.


Your kindness and understanding is so, so comforting. Mary's funeral will be on Monday the 16th. I DID get Kalman's box out yesterday (8/11) as promised, but I completely forgot to get delivery confirmation so I have no # to post. I had gotten a brand new box, and it was super taped up, so it should get there fine. We should hear that erishkigal got it around 8/18 or so. I really loved this box, and all my kids donated a book for it too. Oh, there were a couple books with no BCID in them, but I didn't take them out.


that was fast! and despite being new, the box was ripped down one end~~PO must have treated it really rough~~ now, to start on decisions.....

polliwog, I'm sorry to read about your friend (((((((polli)))))) hugs to you~


Look forward to join your bookbox again. I think it is so very special that you do this for him. I think you should go ahead and have an annual Kalman Bookbox, myself:)


I have to take a look at where to add you. I will get back to you on that shortly.


OK, if it is OK with everyone we will add easterngirl71 between bkind2books and mrsjones.




When you get the box, bkind2books, please send it to easterngirl 71. And, easterngril71, please send the box to Mrs. Jones.


I got the box yesterday and have picked out a few books - will add some and hope to get off to easterngirl this weekend. I already have her address.

Thanks for including me, oliviapoolside!


I actually look forward to getting this bookbox:) I think your son would be smiling and thinking to himself thats my mom:) I think of you often and keep you in my prayers:) Thanks S


Is this the thread you are looking for? Looks like BKind2books has the box right now


wingBooksandMusicwing 8 yrs ago
Thank you, I just couldn't find it for some reason. You are a doll for bumping it for me. : )


I had it ready last week - took it to the PO and they wouldn't mail it because it was a liquor box. Even though it was mailed to me in the same condition that I took it to the PO.

So I marked out the brandy and liquor and proof and when I got it there today, they said it wasn't good enough. So luckily some one else had a marker that I could use and I marked out the rest of the box. What a hassle! And they wonder why the po is having financial trouble.

So delivery confirmation # is 0310 2640 0001 6395 3052


Too bad about the trouble mailing the box, who'd a thunk? Kalman's 6th death anniversary (doesn't that sound strange and terribly sad!!) is Nov. 30. Thank you all for honoring the memory of my son.


I will remember him with a special prayer on that day.


The box looks like it was delivered a day or two ago, so I guess it got there in decent shape.

I will keep you and Kalman in my prayers, too.

I know what you mean about the death anniversary. Catie's is December 16th. It makes it hard to get in the holiday mood.


Hugs to you (((((((((((Bkind2books)))))))))))))). I'll be thinking about you and Catie on Dec. 16th. The TCF worldwide candlelighting is at 7 PM on Dec 12th. Do you take part? I hope to be able to.


The closest TCF is a 50 minute drive (in Nashville) & so I get their newsletter but don't get to the meetings. But I do try to do it at home on that evening.


but are you still taking participants? I would love to join.

PS My highschool does Candle Lighting every year. I spoke at it my senior year.


I'll probably wait until after Christmas to make my picks and mail it on. But i'll get it out as soon as I can. Thanks.


Just wanted to let you know that 300dogs will not be able to participate. Please skip her. Thanks everyone and hoping you have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. Hugs to you all and thanks again for participating.


Between working two jobs, our daughter who turns one on December 28th, baby #2 due in July and all the usual "stuff", getting to the post office just seems like an impossibility these days. Happy Holidays everyone and all the best in 2011 from 300dogs


mom2jwn 8 yrs ago
Ok, I received this box today, and it is very, very beat up. One whole side was almost torn off & the postal service had it in a plastic bag when they delivered it to me, I have no idea what kind of gorilla's they had shipping this box. So I have no idea if all the books can be accounted for or not, my mail lady said she wasn't sure if it had all it's contents. I will list all books that were in the box when I received it.
1. A River Runs Through it : Norman Maclean (taking out)
2. The Book Of It : George Groddeck (taking out)
3. Cat: B. Kiliban (taking out)
4. In Cold Blood: Truman Capote (taking out)
5. Wicked: Gregory Maguire (taking out)
6. The Pigman: Paul Zindel
7. Naked Ape: D. Morris
8. The Trumpet Swan: E.B. White
9. Camber of Culdi: K. Kurtz
10. Longarm: Tabor Evans
11. For Love of Mother-Not: Alen Foster
12. Katie Mulholland: C. Cookson
13. Band of Broithers: E. Gann
14. A Patchwork Planet: Anne Tyler
15. A Stained White Radiance: J. Burke
16. The Tale of Despereaux: K. DiCamillo
17. The Kite Runner: K. Hosseini
18. Snow Falling on Cedars: D. Guterson
19. High STakes: Dick Francis
20. Ill WInd: Nevada Barr
21. The Key to Midnight: D. Koontz
22. Dances with Wolves: M. Blake
23.You Belongto Me: J. Lindsey
24.Heather: Cordia Byers
25. To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee
26. Bonesetter's Daughter: Amy Tan
27. The Spiderwick Chronicles 1,3,4,& 5: T. DiTerlizzi
28. Angela's Ashes: F. McCourt
29. The Deep End of the Ocean: J. Mitchard
30. Healing is a choice: S. Arterburn
31. Healing is a Choice Workbook
32. He Taught Love E.G. White

Also 3 Little Black Book on sex & dating (no BCID's in these)
and that is everything I received.
Will be adding:
1. Under & Alone: William Queen
2. The In Crowd: Nicholas Pine
3. Spring Break: Nicholas Pine
4. The Twelve: Howard Kaminsky
5. False Pretenses: Catherine Coulter

Thank you so much for including me!!

PM'ing Bookaholic58 for address & will ship out whenI can find a nice sturdy new box.


I think that at least a few of the books went missing. I put in five , three of them were chosen and journaled. But the other two are missing from the list. They were ...
This Charming Man and Further Tales of The City.
I wonder how many others didn't get to where they were supposed to go.


There are still a few books I put in as well as my son that haven`t been journalled and aren`t on the list.


Sorry to anyone who is missing books, it didn't seem like many could have been missing, the box was pretty full, so hopefully only a couple were lost in shipment & not alot of them.

Have this box all packed & ready to go out to BOOKAHOLIC58 first thing in the morning.

Thanks again for including me!!


an Anonymous Finder on one of the books I included in the bookbox. I wonder who took it out and when and how it made it's way into the hands of a college student in Michigan ..... weird....

14 January, 2011
i just got this book to read for a college course. I hope its good lol
By AnonymousFinder from Sanford, Michigan USA
Book Rating: Not Rated.


Sorry but the time just got away from me. I have the box. Again, the side is ripped but thanks to Christmas shopping on the net I have plenty of boxes so I can replace it with no problem. Do you think that the PO does this on purpose hoping to discourage us? I will give it to Laveggio Coffee tomorrow night as I will be seeing her then.

I took out:
High Stakes by Dick Francis
False Pretenses by Catherine Coulter

and will put in:
Chopping Spree by Diane Mott Davidson
When Darkness Falls by James Grippando

Sorry about the delay. thank you for sharing this bookbox. So many of us now know Kalman and think of him. thank you Oliviapoolside.


Received the box from Bookaholic58. Will make my selections and send back. What a nice way to remember and honor your son.


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