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I’m presently reading a number of books about slavery, slave trade and human trafficking. From the past to the present days. I really would like to make a small book spiral (the “BM8 Slavery book spiral”) with those books. I’ve got the following books, but a few more might be added (edit December 7, 2009: I've got several more books - some are small/light, others are hardcover; some are about historical facts others are about present-day slavery):

Interested? Want tto read along? Just tell me where you are and what your mailing preferences are. Thanks!

This is the link to the spiral:


I'd be very interested in this, but I know it's not the sort of thing I want to read quickly or one right after the other. I would like to ship within Europe, but if possible, I'd need a couple of months between each book. So maybe if I were towards the end that would happen automatically?? Anyway, I think it's a great idea for a spiral. Two more suggestions - (both of which I've read and/or own and would not need to receive in a spiral - Incidents in the life of a Slave by Harriet Jacobs, and fiction but nonetheless very interesting: Kindred, by Octavia Butler.


but i would like to know the weight of the books, are they paperback ect,
dont mean to be fussy its just the postage costs.


book-man-8 10 yrs ago
Until now there is only one hardcover, weighing just under 600 grams. The others are under 500 gramms; two of those books have lots of illustrations and not too much text, are therefore easily and quickly read.


i live in liverpool- a city which had a lot to do with the slave trade and i have a strong professional background in the maritime history of the city here. I've never been involved in a spiral before so am not exactly sure what the rules are. is it just a ring with more than one book being in circulation at once? I am uk based at the moment but can post international if required. Thanks


book-man-8 10 yrs ago
Who else?


I'd love to join if possible! I live in South Africa and I can ship internationally (if the books are heavy it would have to be surface mail, but otherwise airmail should be okay).


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