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I know I've barely been on the fora for months now, but I wanted to let you know that the bookbox has been continuing. We just finished this round, and the second round has already kicked off. After this round is over, then if people want "out" and new folks "in", we'll take care of it.

I hope to be back here a little bit more. Otherwise, I'll see you out there somewhere or other!!



PokPok 10 yrs ago



PokPok 10 yrs ago


if I'm on the list,
how to get on the list if I'm not,
and the progress of the box??


Also, I second Shroffland's observations: I enjoy keeping track of where the status of my joined boxes are at whenever possible, so I can see what's upcoming as a head's up, etc.


Actually, I did a check and it's the third time I'm participating. Thanks again pokpok for the experience!

Maybe we can lighten the organizer's work load by keeping track of the VBB ourselves here. I received the VBB list 6 days ago, and I just PMed pokpok with the list of books I'm adding to it (& chose my selections, of course). I don't know who's next, but they can always post here when they're PMed with the updated list, so the rest of the participants know that the VBB is 'moving' along. Maybe this will help :-)


I can't thank PokPok enough for making all of this possible, and doing her best to keep it all on track.
When I received the VBB list some days ago, I noticed that 3 of the titles I'd submitted in the previous round are still 'available'. I was somewhat dismayed by this - "no one is interested in my books" - but another more troubling thought - "I asked for and received books from the VBB, but I haven't posted any to the other participants".
Fortunately I searched through my PM archives and discovered that this is not so. I had submitted 7 titles, and 4 were chosen, and mailed out.
If I can't keep track of my *own* books added/taken out of the VBB, I can imagine what a task it is for PokPok, as the organizer, to be constantly updating the full list of books in the VBB, checking up on the list of participants, to do all the PMing back and forth, etc, etc. Wow!


..both for your PMs and your kind words. I am very glad you've enjoyed the box so much.

I keep the records as an Excel file. Any time someone wants to PM me with their email address, to see the books they have or status, it's easy to do.

What is not easy for me to do at this time in my life, is update a website, set up a website, always post here, etc. That just will push me over the edge into stopping this box, which has been very successful and ran most of the time between 2006 and today!!! With hundreds of books shared.

What I *can* make an attempt to be better about, is post status here on a more regular basis-- say every couple months. I have myself only read 6 books this year, and only in the past week, tried to come back regularly to the BC site.

AFter that, and forgive the bluntness, I am going to expect the BC participants to take responsibility for active participation. If they want to know where the box is--PM me. I'll tell you within a day or two. Want to know what's in the box of yours--PM me and I'll tell you.

We'll power through the next 8 weeks or so, and then typically I stop it from US THanksgiving time (late November) until January 1st, so people don't have to go to the post office during an already busy time for many of us. I'll update status again at both of those key points.

Based on this rate, we'll probably finish this round approximately March or so.

I hope this works for everyone--if not, drop me a note and we can chat. :)



> We just finished this round, and the
> second round has already kicked off. After
> this round is over, then if people want
> "out" and new folks "in", we'll take care
> of it.

Good to know. Thanks.


& I now have justification to go - thanks, PokPok!


Sorry guys, I rarely come here any more, and was out of town and missed your comments.

Shroffland, you're not currently on the list. After this next round, I'll reopen it up, so if you're interested, watch this space.

taaza, unfortunately at this time, with my time restrictions and resources I have available, it is too difficult for me to keep up a website or running list of where the box is. If there's any more controls I have to put in place, frankly I'll just end up discontinuing it. Sometimes folks ask here and there where the box is with respect to them, and sometimes here and there I post status. TYpically I do that after each round, or if I need to start or restop the box for any reason. For instance, I typically stop it mid-Nov, so people don't have to go to the post office in the holidays, and restart in January. So I'll post here to the forum with each status change.

You are more than welcome to PM me if you're curious where it's at; you won't be the first or last to do so!! :) I'd check right now, but I'm at work and the list is at home. My gut feeling is that it would be another few months-- probably after first of year-- before it got back to you again.



...I definitely know what you mean about time constraints! If I get curious as to where the box is at is down the road, I'll send out a PM. Thanks for continuing this VBB!


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