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Third and last round has started!

First round is here:

This is a book box that deals with interculturalism. It’s all about books that are about contacts between different cultures, about culture conflict, cross-culture experiences, migration, inter-cultural communication – we concentrate on fiction, but there might also be a travelogue account or semi- or autobiographical novels.

There are 12 books in the virtual book box. No titles or authors are given, but the countries that the book deals with and the first and the last letter of the book's title (only the main title, in case there is a subtitle).

Here is an example of what the bookbox looked like during the first round:
UK & Ukraine: "T...s" (contraforsa)
Ethiopia & Poland: "T...r" (contraforsa)
India & UK & Germany: "T...s" (ApoloniaX)
Morocco & UK: "H…y" (ApoloniaX)
Hong Kong & China; "T...n" (chucklesthescot)
UK & India: "M...s" (katrinat)
USA & China: "T...e"(loveamystery)

This is how it works:
- The list will be PMed to the first person. (No authors or titles given)
- S/he chooses 1 to 4 books and PMs the owner(s) with his/her address.
- S/he then replaces the chosen books with her/his own – naming the countries, title's first & last letter, and adding his/her screen name, and
- PMs the updated list to the next person, and
- posts here which “country-combination” s/he has chosen.
- The owner(s) of the chosen books send them off to the first person.
- When a book arrives please update here – we’d all like to hear about this, of course – tell us what books you got! And don’t forget to journal them.
Please be quick to make your choices, replace the books and PM the list to the next person – a week or two maximum.
There should always be 12 books listed.
When somebody asks you for a book that you have put on the list, please send it off ASAP, this might be international (but sending it by surface mail is perfectly alright).
After PMing the updated list, please DO NOT DELETE it in case the next participant doesn’t receive it and you have to send it again (confirming would be a good idea).
At the end the remaining 12 books will go to contraforsa and ApoloniaX, as we had started the VBB by “donating” six books each. (There might be another VBB soon, probably about Contemporary Asian Literature, PM ApoloniaX if you're interested.)

Participants round 2: ApoloniaX, contraforsa, Annimanni, soffitta1, chucklesthescot, Shroffland, jumpingin, katrinat, okyrhoe, jnpert

Participants round 3 (CLOSED):
1. ApoloniaX
2. contraforsa
3. Shroffland
4. okyrhoe
5. jumpingin
6. jnpert
7. chucklesthescot
8. Annimanni
9. KiwiinEngland ..... <<- List is here
10. soffitta1
11. ApoloniaX/contraforsa




Now that I've found a suitable book :-))




I'll pass this time - Mt Tbr is taken over my home. I still got a book in the VBB, please let it remain on the list.


If so, I would love to join. This one looks fun!


added you! it might be your turn very soon - this box might move fast (it did so during the last round)


I chose two books, both by ApoloniaX:
Jamaica & UK: "S...d"
Cambodia & France: "T...g"

Can't wait to see what they turn out to be! Thanks very much for including me :)


The updated list is now with soffitta1.



I have selected:
UK, Canada, Kenya & Guyana: "T...y" loveamystery
Ethiopia & USA: "C...n" Annimanni
UK & Crete: "H...s" chucklesthescot

Look forward to seeing the books!
Passed the list on to Chucklesthescot.


soffitta1, have you not received my book yet? I know chucklesthescot has received hers and I sent yours on the same day. I'm getting a bit worried...


wingsoffitta1wing 10 yrs ago
I was on holiday, the books were waiting for me on my return.
Hungry Ghosts (UK & Crete)
Children of the Revolution (US and Ethiopia)


soffitta1-Russia and Uzbekistan T....m
Annimanni-Pakistan and UK L...i
ApoloniaX-Japan and UK S...r
DitteL-USA and Kenya D...e

Will be going to pick the books I'm putting in and will mail the list on later tonight or first thing tomorrow. Thank you!


DitteL- USA and Kenya D...e

I'll post the book to you tomorrow or wednesday.


I am choosing:
UK and Nigeria T...d soffitta1
Italy and India T...e soffitta1

It was a tough decision!
ETA: just PMed jumpingin with the updated list


wingjumpinginwing 10 yrs ago
My choices
It's always so hard to choose!

Here's my choice:
UK and Ukraine T...s contraforsa

I've sent the updated list to katrinat.


USA and Ukraine A...n loveamystery
Uk and Romania T...o chucklesthescot

This hs moved along very fast, I need to get some reading done pronto!


I got the PM this evening.

I've selected:
UK/India- A...a
US/Hong Kong/Thailand- T...r
Both from chucklesthescot

I will forward the list to ApoloniaX in a few. Thank you very much for this fun VBB!


UK and Ukraine - The Witches of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. I love Coelho, although I know many people don't, and have been looking to bookmooch this book for ages. Thanks a lot


I made my selections and added my replacements.

Thanks *ApoloniaX* & *contraforsa* for setting up the VBB, as well as all of you who've added books to the list :-))

I'm so curious to find out what the books I've selected will be!


Round 2 - "USA, Korea, Iran: D...a" = Anne Tyler's Digging to America

Round 2 - "USA: Mainstream, Native America R---s" = Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues

Round 3 - "UK and Israel and Palestine: W...e" = Marina Lewycka's We Are All Made of Glue

Round 3 - "India and UK: A...d" = William Sutcliffe's Are You Experienced?

Round 3 - "USA and India: T...e" = Amitav Ghosh's The Hungry Tide


Your selection, USA Mainstream, Native America, in in the mail to you! I'm hoping it will reach you within a week to ten days.


... I'm spoilt for choice.... I'll spend Sunday pondering....


I have chosen jnpert's US/Greece/Turkey, okyrhoe's Greece/India and USA/China and katrinat's USA and China.
Will put four others on the list, probably something about Malaysia, India, China etc.....
The list will move to contraforsa soon and we will start another round in a few weeks. So please hold on to your books which are still on the list. We have PMed participants of round 1 and 2 to ask who would like to join again for round 3. After round 3 we'll probably request six books each of us (as we had started this by setting up the list with our 12 books).

Thanks a lot everybody for participating!!! I had (and still have) a lot of fun doing this and hope you do/did likewise! Happy reading when your books arrive! I'm really curious what you'll all get...


Sorry for the delay everyone! Your books are packaged and ready to go.

Happy to join in for another round if you do one.


jnpert sent me Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides :-) Thank you!!!
perfect! I recently read The Virgin Suicides....


okyrhoe's Greece/India and USA/China arrived today.
I'm perfectly happy, just what I like to read!
Saturday's Child by Daphne Economou
and The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston
Thank you, okyrhoe!



... In the meantime I made sure that everybody looks nice and wingy and now it's an illustrious colourful gathering, hehe :-).
We better wait for another week or so before we start, so you can all get some more reading done and maybe have another book to add ready.





evablue 10 yrs ago
Re: round 3
sorry ApolonniaX, I must have missed your message.
Thanks for the offer but I'll be on vacation for a few days and on top of that I'm rather overwhelmed by my TBR list. I enjoyed very much round 1 though, I've almost finished my book and plan to re-read parts of it. It's great for understanding African history, politics, social and economical conditions et.c.
Thanks very much for including me


jnpert 10 yrs ago
Books Arrived
My selections arrived in the mail today.

A Passage to India by EM Forster
The Third Brother by Nick McDonell


actually some time now, but I was not here to register it. It is "The General of the dead army" (Albania and Italy) from Ismail Kadare from ApoloniaX, which I am really looking forward to read, thank you once more soooo much ApoloniaX. The choice of jumpingin will also be travelling asap (sorry once more for the delay). Cool that the third round is about to start... Can't wait to see which books get to travel this time.


I have picked up China, India, USA, Australia: F...e from ApoloniaX and have sent the updated list to Shroffland. Have fun everyone!


I am choosing:
India/Nepal/US: T...s jnpert
USA/India/South Africa: T...n chucklesthescot
Malaysia/Indonesia/Canada/Japan: C...y ApoloniaX

Will send the list ion to okyrhoe and PM the contributors of my choices.

I am loving this VBB, and sharing wonderful books with you lovely people!


My choice for this round is Trinidad/England: T...l Shroffland

I am adding England/USA: G...h jumpingin

I've sent the updated list to jnpert.


jnpert 10 yrs ago
List is moving
I made my selection:
USA and Italy- P...a from jumpingin

I PMed chucklesthescot the list today.


I'm picking...

USA and Afghanistan C...s
USa and Iran S...n
USA and Mexico T...z
USA and Chi T...b

Will PM owners later and pass updated list on later today. Thank you for letting me join in again!



I've chosen three books:

Turkey and Czech T...s chucklesthescot
Europe and Africa T...e katrinat
Global A...r Shroffland

And here are my additions:

Nigeria and UK B...l Annimanni
Colombia and US P...l Annimanni
Iran and US T...t Annimanni

I have just PM'd the updated list to the next participant, KiwiInEngland. Thanks for including me!


India/Nepal/US - The Inheritance of Loss, by Kiran Desai. A complete and pleasant surprise!

Thanks, jnpert!!

[BTW - I'm still awaiting my selections from Round 2 from soffitta1]


Just started reading the second book, then they will be winging their way to you.


> Just started reading the second book, then
> they will be winging their way to you.

No problem!! Just c hecking in. I hope you had z nicce holiday, soffitta1.


sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


> sorry for the delay, hope you enjoy them
> as much as I did.
Hi, soffita1! The two books you sent arrived today...

India and Italy: The Enchantress of Florence
UK and Nigeria: The Other Hand

They arrived all the way from Portugal in just under a week!




Malaysia/Indonesia/Canada - Certainty by Madeleine Thien

and the bonus is Saving Fish from Drowning, by Amy Tan.

An embarrassment of reading riches! Thank you, so much!


and am pondering my selections, and also what books to put in to replace them.

The selection looks great, this is a really good bookbox.


This Body was sent over from Canada, thanks Lovesamystery! UK and Guyana.


My selections were

India and the UK : T.....e from okyrhoe
India and the UK : E.....n from Jnpert
USA and China: T....e from loveamystery


It took just three days to travel from the USA to Ireland!!

I received East of the Sun by Julia Gregson fron jnpert. Thank you so much, it looks a great book and I'm really looking forward to reading about India in the late 1920's.


The Righteous Men, by Sam Bourne, a thriller that takes place in New York, India, and Cape Town. This is a new author for me, and as my husband and I enjoy the adventure novels of Dan Brown and James Rollins, this looks like one wed'll both enjpoy!


Good, I'm glad it has arrived safe! Hope you both enjoy it!


My selections are:
Belgium and Rwanda A...n KiwiInEngland
Colombia and US P...l Annimanni


Wow, one of my books was in the virtual box for a total of 15 minutes!! That was fast work soffitta1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


There are 13 books!!!! How come?????
Did anybody forget to delete a book that was requested?
Did anybody donate a book?
What a mystery....

contraforsa and I already started negotiations about who will get which book.... probably a few will be passed between us as we might both want to read them.

And because this was such fun we decided to run round 4 in a few months! With a new list. So what's on the list now will be requested soon. But some books might show up on round 4 again.
First we have to get some reading done (I suppose you too).


I forgot to delete:
Colombia and US P...l Annimanni

Sorry! And thanks again for organising.


Its rare to find people who enjoy reading about other cultures and sharing this experience of becoming a global village. I treasure the opportunity that ApoloniaX and contraforsa created so we could all meet, share books, and read together.

I definitely will b e back for Round 4! (As I told ApoloniaX, if you offered a lifetime membership, I'd take one!)



wingjumpinginwing 10 yrs ago
I agree!
Thanks so much for organizing this box. I'll be back for round 4.


wingAnnimanniwing 10 yrs ago
I'd love to join the next round as well even though I haven't had a chance to read my books from the previous round yet - my tbr pile is waaaay too high...


Thank you very much for The China/USA choice which was Amy Tan-The Joy Luck Club. I haven't read this one yet so I was delighted to get this one! Maybe I'm the last person on the planet to read it!!!


I chose UK and Ukraine T...s contraforsa

This turned out to be A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian. Hooray!


wingApoloniaXwing 10 yrs ago
we decided!
Those books will receive a nice welcome from contraforsa:
USA and India E...n okyrhoe
India and UK T...t ApoloniaX
USA and Afghanistan T...l KiwiInEngland
England and USA G...h jumpingin
UK and Canada M...s chucklesthescot
(.... that's only five books, but I will send along another one, Daniel Kehlmann's Die Vermessung der Welt or so, to contraforsa)

There is one book we both know already, at least we suppose that "India and Canada L...i KiwiInEngland" is Life of Pi. If we are correct, please keep the book, Kiwi, no need to spend postage... or maybe you would just RABCK it to somebody... :-) (And in case we are wrong this one goes to contraforsa.)

And I'd be glad to receive:
China and US C...n soffitta1
France and UK R...e soffitta1
UK and Bangladesh B...e chucklesthescot
Burma and Indo-China T...e chucklesthescot
Nigeria and UK B...l Annimanni
Iran and US T...t Annimanni (this one will travel on to contraforsa then, maybe some others, too)

We'll PM everybody with our address.
Thanks in advance for sending them!!!!


> There is one book we both know already, at
> least we suppose that "India and Canada
> L...i KiwiInEngland" is Life of Pi. If we
> are correct, please keep the book, Kiwi,
> no need to spend postage... or maybe you
> would just RABCK it to somebody... :-)

You're correct - it was Life of Pi. Hmm, I'll find another plan for it - never fear.


It's a great book! And it's the book that made contraforsa and me meet! I had a copy I wanted to RABCK and checked wishlists and there she was! So actually this book was the first step that lead to this VBB ;-)


> USA and India E...n okyrhoe

Are you sure about this?

The first & last letters don't ring a bell, and I just checked the PM I had sent to jumpinin (next on the list after me), and these are the 3 books of my own that I added to the list
USA and India: D...s
USA and Mexico: T...z (taken)
India and UK: T...e (taken)

So this is the only book I have that is not taken yet - "USA and India: D...s". Maybe "E...n" is someone else's book?


well, E...n is what's called on the list.... but as you put three books on the list and only two have been claimed I suppose this must be the one....
Or has anybody an unclaimed book that was donated to the VBB????


> well, E...n is what's called on the
> list....

That is what was on the list when I sent it on. I don't have a copy of the list sent to me by Annimanni anymore. Maybe it got mistyped somewhere along the way...


Hmm- I don't know if there was a typo along the way, but I did put East of the Sun in the VBB. That one was UK and England and was selected by KiwiinEngland.

Could it have been a cut and paste mistake?


aaaaahhhh, looks as if this is where the mix-up came from :-)
But it's no problem at all!


USA and India: D...s okyrhoe

This was on the list sent to me by okyrhoe, and on the list I sent on to jnpert. There was no E...n for any country on the list when I got it or sent it on.

How confusing! :)


okyrhoe 10 yrs ago


I just checked and this is the list I got from chucklesthescot:

Hello Annimanni,
Here is the list for the virtual bookbox...
USA and China T...e love a mystery
UK and India E...n jnpert
Turkey and Czech T...s chucklesthescot
USA and India E...n okyrhoe
Europe and Africa T...e katrinat
UK and Bangladesh B...e chucklesthescot
India and UK T...t ApoloniaX
India and UK T...e okyrhoe
Burma and Indo-China T...e chucklesthescot
Global A...r Shroffland
England and USA G...h jumpingin
UK and Canada M...s chucklesthescot


Thanks KiwiinEngland, I got An Ordinary Man (Rwanda) today. Excellent, will be great for the Olympic Challenge.


I received The Seahorse by Tanya Unsworth as my pick for a book about the UK and India. Thank you very much for posting it on, and the postcard from Greece!


I got "China Men" by Maxine Hong Kingston (China & USA) and "Remember Me..." by Melvyn Bragg (France & UK) from soffitta1. Thank you! Looking forward to read them!


Paradise Travel (Colombia, USA), thanks Annimanni!


Turkey and Czech T...s turned out to be The Istanbul Variations by Olen Steinhauer:

Thank you chuckles!


I got The Last Sunrise by Robert Ryan
and Brick Lane by Monica Ali
Looking forward to read them. Thank you, chuckles!!!


Trinidad/England: T...l

This is The Enigma of Arrival by V.S. Naipaul. Thanks, Shroffland!


I am trying to finish reading them, but work and home life have really cut into my reading time this month. I regret the delay, and want to make sure you know that I will send your books! I'll PM when I put them in the mail.

Hope that's OK...



No problem at all, I have plenty to read ;)


I received The Rug Merchant by Meg Mullins
and Becoming Abigail by Chris Abani
(along with some lovely Holiday Gift goodies!)
Thank you so much, Annimanni!!!


USA and Mexico T...z The Short sweet dream of Eduardo Jimmy Breslin. Will update when book 3 and 4 arrive.


I understand that life can get busy. Just send the two books when you get the chance. Cheers! (USA and Afghanistan C...s and USA/Iran S...n)


I am waiting for a book - USA and China: T....e from loveamystery

and am waiting to hear that a book I sent to contraforsa has been received.


but haven't heard from her about her address.


I haven't heard from contraforsa since September 16 and it seems she hasn't logged in here since. I don't know what's wrong - this is SO not like her, I know her as a very reliable person. I sent a postcard to her new address asking what's going on in both English and German - no answer yet.


I received my book from loveamystery this morning. It is The Oppostie of Fate by Amy Tan.

Thanks so much for posting it on, it looks an interesting read. I've read Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club so it will be interesting to find out about her life.


It arrived today and it was my USA/Afghanistan choice. It is 'Caravans' by James A Michener. Thank you!


turned out to be Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour. Thank you!


I have picked one book by ApoloniaX (Albania & Italy) and one of loveamystery (Jamaica, USA, Germany & England) and I have sent the list to Annimani. Have fun everyone, enjoy your books and thanx a lot for participating. A special thanx to ApoloniaX: although it is a common project, she is the one doing all the heavy work so far!


very welcome! it's fun!

... the idea that the multicultural thing we were thinking about would best be a VIRTUAL BOOK BOX is contraforsa's!


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