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"A brilliantly moving and darkly comic novel, which charts the attempts of dying heroine Delia -- a modern day Mrs Beeton -- to prepare her family for the future and lay to rest a ghost from her past. Inspired by her heroine, Isabella Beeton, Delia has made a living writing a series of hugely successful modern household guides, as well as an acerbic domestic advice column. As the book opens, she is not yet forty, but has only a short time to live. She is preoccupied with how to prepare herself and her family for death, from writing exhaustive lists to teaching her young daughters how to make a perfect cup of tea. What she needs, more than anything, is a manual -- exactly the kind she is the expert at writing. Realising this could be her greatest achievement (for who could be better equipped to write The Household Guide to Dying?) she sets to work. But, in the writing, Delia is forced to confront the ghosts of her past, and the events of fourteen years previously. There is a journey she needs to make, back to the landscape of her past, and one last vital thing she needs to do.Hugely original, life affirming and humorous, The Household Guide to Dying illuminates love, loss, family and the place we call home."

A good book to count for Australia for the 666 challenge!

List of Bookring Participants
1) J4shaw Australia
2) Jennie (none BCer) Somerset, UK
3) Babydoll London, UK
4) Jane (none BCer) Mold, Wales
5) 24-7-365Reader Worcestershire, UK
6) Kryssa Weston-super-Mare, UK
7) JudeK Scarborough,UK <-----stalled for a total of 28 months
8) Laui Utrecht, Netherlands, Europe
9) Icila France
10) Debnance Texas, USA
11) Llednyl Ohio USA
12) 2of3Rs Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
13) Lauraloo29 Alberta, Canada
14) Tinina67 France
15) Beitaljawzaa Switzerland
16) Edwardstreet NZ
17) Wombles Queensland, Australia
18) Mozette Queensland, Australia
19) BookseekerAT Sydney, Australia
20) Arrietty Adelaide, South Australia
21) Blundery Baldivis, WA, Australia
22) Makita21 Victoria, Australia
23) Meganh Victoria, Australia
24) Livrecache Victoria, Australia
25) Briz-cowgirl WA, Australia
26) Fracula Alberta, Canada
27) JudySlump612, Minnesota, USA <------- BOOK IS HERE
28) Jotka, Germany


Sound like a good read, please can you had me to the list, I would prefer only posting to Europe but I can do international at a push, thanks for sharing :)


Can I join, please? I live in Norway and would prefer shipping within Europe.


sign me up please! I'm in UK and would prefer shipping in EUR. Thanks for passing it on.


Kryssa 10 yrs ago
small world...
just noticed from the journal entry that your sis's MIL lives ~20 miles down the road from me, your book has come a long way already!



Hi I'd like to join. I am in Adelaide Australia. I've sent you a PM :)


Thanks for the PM J4shaw, I would love the join the ring for this book.


I would like to join too, please.


blue1236 10 yrs ago
Me too please
Like I need more books to read! =) Please add me too. =)



Any novel in which the protaganist's surname is Bennet and she names her 5 hens after the 5 Bennett daughters in 'P&P' according to their personalities is a winner for me! I can't believe how many negative or disinterested reviews there have been for this wonderful brave book. I had to read the last few chapters in short bursts because it was so affecting. As a mother of a little boy myself I could totally empathise with the mad things she came up with to try to protect her children even in death - hers or their's. When I read in the author notes that Debra Adelaide's son had contracted and fought successfully leukemia whilst she was writing this book I thought it was even braver a subject for her to take on. And how sexy is Archie?! Loved it.


I'm in Sydney Australia


FreePages 10 yrs ago
Yes please
I'm in Canberra. I'll send you a PM.


I would love to join! But unfortunately, I can only afford to send within North America right now. So just keep me in mind if any others join from the U.S. or Canada.





I'm in Australia (Brisbane, QLD) and will ship anywhere in the world.


..sorry bit of a family drama going on at the moment.
Its almost due to be back on its way, so any more people to join please add your name and postal pref below


I live in Netherlands!


Please can you add me to the list happy to post anywhere.




I know I'm a bit late in the game, but do you still have room? I can ship anywhere. THANKS!


and prefer shipping only in CAnada -- if that is not possible then I will ship to the US. Thanks!!


I''m in the US, can ship anywhere...would love to join this ring...if it works out for everyone! Thanks so much!


I have been trying to get hold of JudeK for over 6 months now, but with no joy
Sorry folks, I'm really sad about this as I was hoping to get it back one day :(


There is a thread for this on this forum: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/391884
Maybe someone can start this bookring up for you again sis x


Oh the joy!!
I received a Daily Book Summery this morning advising me that the book - Household Guide to Dying by Debra Adelaide - has been journaled in the last 24 hours.
I could hardly contain my excitment!! This book has been with JudeK in the UK since Sunday, Thursday, September 17, 2009 and it has FINALLY been received by the next participant on the list of 30 ring participants. I was devastated at the lack of communication and constant fobbing off I'd received from JudeK, that I had begun to finally admit defeat and price up the cost of a replacement book. For it now to be in the Netherlands and on participant #8 of 30 is wonderful!

Link to book - http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6874919

Not too late to sign up for this book if you're interested in reading it


But worrying about all the people waiting for it as I'm in France. If it's OK I can mail anywhere.


Sounds interesting.

Many thanks for your consideration

Thanks Edwardstreet




Is it too late for Switzerland? Can ship Intl. :D


Love to read will post anywhere


wingJ4shawwing 6 yrs ago
anymore takers while this is doing the final round in Europe before going to NZ and home to Australia.


wombles 5 yrs ago
RE: bump...
Hi, I finished re-reading this today and will post off to Mozette this week.


5 years and still going strong...
Any more interest for this book from anywhere in the world?


I've been off the radar with Bookcrossing for a long while, but I am going to make an effort to get back in the swing!
Can I put my hand up to get on this bookring!


livrecache 4 yrs ago
Next up?
I currently have the book. I have contacted the next two people on the list, both of whom have declined.

I'll PM briz-cowgirl now.



I currently have the book. I have contacted the next two people on the list, both of whom have declined.

I'll PM briz-cowgirl now.



wingJ4shawwing 4 yrs ago
Anyone else?


Wodfest has already read this book, so has declined it.
Awaiting next person/return to owner!


wingfraculawing 4 yrs ago
Count me in!
I'd love to participate. My shipping preference is anywhere in North America.

Best regards!


while this is in Canada..again!


Since fracula has generously indicated a willingness to ship to the USA. It looks as if I return it to J4shaw after I'm finished, right?


Thanks for joining JudySlump612. Hopefully there will be more USA sign ups so you can send it on locally..


Not to late? I'm in Germany and can ship anywhere.


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