Christopher Moore's Coyote Blue - bookray in Europe and looking for more readers

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leeny37 10 yrs ago
Yes, please!
Thanks for the PM, I don't normally visit the forums so I didn't see this thread. Count me in! If possible, I would prefer to post locally, but otherwise, I would be able to mail internationally. Thanks again!


Put me down for this one please. Never heard of the author but I went to his link and it seems the kind of quirky of the wall writing that moves my motor!

I'll ship intl


Still trying to work out the order & logistics...

Book is starting in Hawaii and weights 8.3 oz (online converter says that's 235.3 grams) without packaging.


weebly 10 yrs ago
Yes please....
....but as money is tight is it possible to have Europe only posting?

If this is not possible then please don't include me - as I have 100's of books waiting to be read so I am not desparate for the book!

Thanks for pm'ing me to let me know about the bookray.


JerrilynnL 10 yrs ago
Sign me up!
Thanks for asking. :-) I prefer shipping US only if possible.


Maybe if we get a few more people that would help?


If I have to ship internationally, that won't be a problem! Local shipping was a preference, but only if it was possible. :)


Suggestion for getting more people participating in your bookray:

You may want to post your bookray at The Bookring Directory for as well. It's a neat little site that makes it easy for people to search out the books that interest them. Check it out at:


molekilby 10 yrs ago
PM sent


Current order (still subject to change)

LadyNightNiko - Ohio - prefers US shipping
JerrilynnL - Colorado - prefers US shipping
icekween01 - Missouri - prefers US shipping
leeny37 - prefers Australia shipping
mrbaggins1 - South Africa - will ship international
teachie - prefers UK shipping
weebly - UK - EU shipping only
molekilby - UK - will ship international


Tentative order here:

LadyKnightNiko, please send me your address.


MarcThomas 10 yrs ago
Yes please!
If it's still time to join I'm in France and can ship internationally.



I'd love to join this ring...I'm a Christopher Moore fan. I live in Oregon, can ship internationally. I'll send you a PM too...THANKS!



I'm Hungarian and I prefer shipping within Europe.



Of course I'd like to read it!! I love his work and that's one I haven't gotten my hands on yet! I can only mail US. Thanks!



Please add me if it's not too late. I would prefer US shipping, but Intl. is okay if needed. Thank you! :-)


Anyone feel like joining in?


I'd love to find someone willing to mail internationally. Right now I've got one US only and one who'd prefer to mail within Europe, so I haven't quite figured out how to make it work.


But I'm in Portugal so not realy helping you out! Happy to post international if the book can find it's way to me.


winghyphen8wing 8 yrs ago
Sounds good!
Thanks for being willing to mail internationally.

Tentative order:

MarcThomas (France)
Ossiefry (Portugal)
JennyC1230 (Georgia, US)


winghyphen8wing 8 yrs ago
Anyone else?
Looks like this book may be headed to Europe soon.


Ossiefry 7 yrs ago
This book just arrived in my post-box!


winghyphen8wing 7 yrs ago
RE: Bump!
Thanks for the bump!


This author is new for me but sounds interesting. As is the case for weebly, I'd rather only ship within Europe or else give it a miss. Are you still adding participants? I'm in Switzerland.


winghyphen8wing 7 yrs ago
Right now you're the last one after Ossiefry. :)


Right now you're the last one after Ossiefry. :)

Super, thank you.


penelopewanders would prefer to mail within Europe; I'm not sure about Ossiefry's mailing preferences. If someone outside of Europe signs up I may need to re-shuffle.


biisbsw 7 yrs ago
Too bad
I was thinking that this looks like an interesting book to read...but I'm in the US and would like to ship in the US too. So, it's not looking like it'll work out right now. If more people want to read it and it makes it over here then sign me up, otherwise oh well.


winghyphen8wing 7 yrs ago
RE: Too bad
Sorry but unless someone else signs up I think this book is destined to stay on the other side of the Atlantic for a while..


winghyphen8wing 7 yrs ago
anyone else?


winghyphen8wing 7 yrs ago
Anyone else?
This book is currently in Switzerland waiting to be read, but after that it could use a new destination!


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