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I just got back from visiting Christian and his family in Loomis, California. He said that he had the most postcards of anyone in his class - 30, he said. He was particularly amazed about the card from Hong Kong. He said Thanks to all of you.
Guess what - his brother has now gone into Mrs Krueger's class and he'll be doing a FLAT STANLEY shortly. So anyone who missed out on the fun last time or who wants to do the same for his little brother Ben (and oh boy is he a little cutie in his football outfit) watch this space for further instructions, MissM





Thanks Snowy652, bsliv1219 and Spaceystacey. I'd love you all to do it so would you please PM me with your addresses. Cheers.






Great. Wandering B, Flossie 771, grubsneerg & dabercro you're on the list too. Can dabercro, bsliv1219 and snowy652 PM me with their addresses then away we'll go. Thanks guys. To clarify one of your questions you will be sending a postcard to Christian straight away and then posting Flat Stanley on to another Book Crosser.


BC in DC would be happy to particpate. I could bring the journal to a meeting and get members from 3 areas to sign in and the postcards will be easy to come by as well.


Thanks crrcookie. I'll put you at the bottom of the list which so far has 8 including you and then you can take it from there for me. Can you pm me with your address.Cheers.


I can volunteer for Michigan.

Sending PM.


Thanks Mellion, pleased to have you on board.



sending PM now


count me in!


Thanks time-traveler and JenKazoo, you're both in. Will draw up the final list this aft and send Flat Stan on his way tomorrow. What a great response from fellow book crossers. You're all stars.


Flat Stanley might like to see a bit of Ireland...

Although if he's seeing you in England the project may consider that Europe is completed.


Yes, I think he should definately do Ireland as well.
Here is the list then for Flat Stans tour
1. spaceystacey New Jersey posting tomorrow
2. Wanderingb Hong Kong
3. flossie 771 Georgia
4. grubsneerg Pennsylvania
5. dabercro Utah
6. bksfamly Arizona
7. mellion108 Michigan
8. time-traveler New York
9. JenKazoo Louisiana
10. snowy652 British Colombia
11. bsliv1219 Ohio
12. KiwiinEngland Ireland
13. crrcookie Washington
If you could post on this thread when you send it on we can all follow Stanleys travels.
He'll be better travelled than me, that's for sure. But then I can't fit into an envelope.


round, or a scrapbook? Or is it just a case of sending in a postcard? I'd like to get involved, especially as I also have an 8-year-old, and we're in the Netherlands.


THis is how it works - Christian's class in California read the book Flat Stanley about a boy who is flat and can fold himself up into an envelope and be posted. Every child in the class made a cardboard Flat Stanley which they each folded up and popped into an envelope and sent to a person they know in another country or state of USA. That person is asked to send a postcard to Christian at his school and post Flat Stanley on to someone else who will do the same and so on. As the postcards arrive at Christian's class they are pinned up on a big map of the world. I know they are trying to get a postcard from every state in the USA and from every continent. The project lasts about 6 months. I thought I'd use book crossing folks to acheive this for him. About 10 years ago I had a lovely holiday in California with this family although Christian wasn't born then so I'm pleased to repay a little of their hospitality in this way.
I will try to get you added to the list but I posted it on to New Jersey this morning.
Explain it to your child's teacher. they might like to try it. I work in a school and we're going to try it out. Regards


ring, but the postcards are sent directly to the school in California. Sounds like fun! Great idea to ask on the BookCrossing forum. Oh well, if I missed the boat this time, never mind. And if you do manage to add my address, I'd be happy to send a postcard.


to post to Hong Kong


Thanks spaceystacey. You're a star.(been on hols for a few days or would have responded earlier)



Ooh, Australia would be good. Hope to get you added to bottom of list if time allows. Thanks Lisaqt.


Can send from Tennessee. Did Flat Stanley for my granddaughter a couple of years ago and it was great fun.


Thank you svoight. Will add you to the list along with Lisagt.


Just in time to go a little sight-seeing. I'll let him pick out the postcard and will have him moving along promptly.



Yes, thanks to you Wandering-B. Hope Stan enjoys a guided tour of Hong Kong - lucky fella!


But I'd love to join in if you want more, or are willinmg to double up! And If you want postcards sending to thew class I can do, esp as we have so many museums in londonm I can send them out within themes on other topivs they are studying (I did camp America last year and a few of the kids from that have asked for themed postcards like this, so i thought it maybe helpful)


Thanks, Vekiki. The more the merrier I say, within the time span of course, as this will all finish in March. Will add you to the list.


I posted him Monday morning, so he is winging his way to Georgia, USA. Also posted post card and pictures to the classroom. Bye, little guy!


Thanks, Wandering-B. You're a star.



O.K thanks Jrenekeller. I don't have anyone from your state so I'll pop you on the end of the list. Time permitting of course.Cheers.


in Georgia. Wow, he is so cute. Will get postcards mailed and he will be on the move again soon.


Cool. Thanks flossie771. p.s. my grandma's name was flossie and it's my mum's middle name but to be truthful I'm glad it stopped there! Mine's bad enough anyway....Veronica !! Enjoy Georgia, little Stan.


feedback from Christian.


Sure will.x


Stanley had a short visit in Georgia. He helped my 1st grader with homework and watched a little Monday night football. This morning we shopped for a postcard and he went on to Penn. (I mailed the postcard to Christian and Stanley to the next person on the list.) Thanks so much for including me.


I'd love to take part in this.


Sure lucy-lemon. You're added to the list (time permitting but we have till March and he's travelling fast).


Thanks for your input to this project.x


I'm not far from West Virginia, so he may be taking a road trip with me while he's here and send some postcards from there, as well.


What an adventure the little guy is having. Thanks grubsneerg.


He did dress up in a pirate costume, but preferred to hand out the treats to the trick-or-treaters who came to our door.

Today we went to Coopers Rock State Forest in Morgantown, W.Va., and released the book "Flat Stanley." It has already been caught and journalled!


We also sent a postcard from West Virginia, so you can cross that one of the list. Flat Stanley will be travelling to Utah tomorrow.


What a great idea. And caught by a teacher too. Fabbo. Well done you.


If so, you can add me to the list. :)

I'm not clear on exactly how the details work, though. How are you keeping track of where he's been? How do we know where Stanley should go next?


Hi there. Yes we'll put you on the list. Further up this thread is a list of where he is going but I do need to update this as many more people have volunteered since then. He's currently en route to bksfamly in Arizona. What you do when you get him is look on here to see to whom he is going next and pm them for their address. You post him on and send a postcard to Christian, an 8 year old boy in Califofnia for his class geography project.It's easy to understand when you get the pack. Thanks for your interest.


I just love Flat Stanley. I'm a teacher, too, and have had lots of fun with Stanley and his travels over the years! If he hasn't been to Kansas yet, I'd love to help out. LET ME KNOW!!

Thanks - and I have friends in lots of other states!


No, he hasn't been to Kansas and I really think he should. He'd look good walking down thwe Yellow Brick Road. Will add you to the list. Cheers.


Do you need any other information from me? I'm very new to this!



No not at this stage. What will happen is that the person who has Flat Stan before you will send you a personal message to your e mail asking for your postal address. Then when you get him you will pm the next person to obtain their address. Later today I will put on this thread the next order as I have received many others offers of hosting Stan since I first sent him on his travels about a month ago.



Think I have one person but why not have two. Time permitting of course. Thanks.


Stanley had a short visit in Utah. He was able to see the Great Salt Lake while he was here. He left here yesterday on his way to Arizona. Happy travels!


Wow. Can't believe I'm jealous of Stanley but there you have it. Carry on sightseing you lucky little fella. Thanks dabercro.


Here's where he's been and where's he's going as of 11th Feb
1. Spaceystacey New Jersey done
2. WanderingB Hong Kong done
3. grubsneerg Penn done
4. Flossie771 Georgia done
5. dabercro Utah done
6. bks famly Arizona done
7. mellion108 Michigan done
8. time-traveler New York spent Christmas here
9. Jenkazoo Louisiana withdrawn
10. snowy652 British Colombia finally got to Canada
11. bsliv1219 Ohio done
12. crrcookie Washington
13. KiwiinEngland Ireland done
14. lucy-lemon Wales on way here
15. Vekiki London
16. bookguide Netherlands
17. Lisagt Australia
18. tgd Australia
19. svoight Tennessee
20. Jrenekeller Alabama
21. hyphen8 Hawaii
22. lovebooks4keeps Kansas
23. debnance Texas
24. denny08 New Mexico
25. rebel-padawan Minnesota


> Here's where he's been and where's he's
> going as of 18th November. 1.
> Spaceystacey New Jersey done 2.
> WanderingB Hong Kong done 3. grubsneerg
> Penn done 4. Flossie771 Georgia done 5.
> dabercro Utah done 6. bks famly Arizona
> en route 7. mellion108 Michigan 8. time-
> traveller New York 9. Jenkazoo Louisiana
> 10. snowy652 British Colombia 11.
> bsliv1219 Ohio 12. crrcookie Washington
> 13. KiwiinEngland Ireland 14. lucy-lemon
> Wales 15. Vekiki London 16. bookguide
> Netherlands 17. Lisagt Australia 18. tgd
> Australia 19. svoight Tennessee 20.
> Jrenekeller Alabama 21. hyphen8 Hawaii
> 22. lovebooks4keeps Kansas

I am impressed. He is making the rounds quickly.


Does it take two weeks to get from Utah to Arizona? Maybe it would because they are at different ends of the alphabet.

Hope Stanley's not lost in the post.


Where are you little guy?



Super. Thanks bksfamly. Your input is appreciated.



Speaking of post spacey, look out in your mailbox as you won my RABCK in memory of mum and I posted it on Saturday.


> Speaking of post spacey, look out in your
> mailbox as you won my RABCK in memory of
> mum and I posted it on Saturday.

Thank you! I will be sure to journal it just as soon as it arrives.


I just looked at the tour update and noticed my BC name is spelled incorrectly...I'm worried the person before me will be unsuccessful at reaching me via PM. Thanks! Can't wait for Flat Stanley to visit :)


ATTENTION Mellion 108 I have mis spelt no. 8 This should read time-traveler not time-traveller as I stated. Will pm mellion108 as well ,time-traveler, as I don't want you to miss out. Thanks


edit the post that lists all the names of the participants? You can just go in and fix the spelling then save the message :)


Ah, I didn't know that but have just had a go so that's something new I've learnt. Thanks time-traveler. BTW did you get the Justin Thyme book that I sent?


I sure did receive it! It looks great, thanks again. In case the journal entry never made it to you the first time around, here's the link:

I'm looking forward to reading it!


Great. I had missed that somehow but my pm's don't seem to be working properly.Glad Justin travelled well.


Oops. I haven't checked this thread in forever. I never got the PM about the spelling issue, but I'm not getting any PMs (and mine don't go through).

Anyway, time-traveler's addy was included with Flat Stanley, so I just used that.


If you haven't signed up anyone for Texas, I'd be happy to tote Stanley around here.


Will add you to the list but he's on a bit of a go slow at the moment.



It is any child who has been squashed by a notice board until they are so flat you could use them as a kite or post them in an envelope.

Or at least that is how the book goes. Children read the book and then often make a picture of themselves which travels about in an envelope (a flat them). Where ever "Flat Stanley" turns up a postcard is sent to "Not Flat Stanley" from the recipient. I think it's a geography lesson and a reading lesson for primary school children.

edited for typos


Come out, come out, wherever you are!


Or did he slip into a crack somewhere?


Am trying to locate him but he does seem to have fallen by the wayside. Perhaps a strong gust of wind blew him right out of the postman's hand? Anyone seen him?



I got him last Saturday here in Michigan but have been so nuts with work and holiday preparations that I haven't had a chance to post. I sent out postcards to Christian, and I gave Flat Stanley a (thin) meal and some snow boots and sent him back on the road to New York on Dec. 17.

I'm soon hitting the road myself and will be traveling through Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. Would it be ok to send postcards along my trip, or should I just leave that to the actual participants in those states?


Thanks for the update. :)


He's going from a cold climate to an even colder climate, so the poor guy might be a thin sheet of ice soon. :)



Goodo He's alive and well so to speak. Yes please to sending postcards on your trip mellion108. Good idea. Merry Christmas and thanks for taking part. X


And just in time for a warm cozy night by the fire. Don't worry, we didn't let him get too close!

Flat Stanley wishes to stay for Christmas dinner, so he'll be here for the next couple of days. I'll let you know when he's on his way...I'll mail out Christian's post card the same day. What a handsome little fellow he is!


so I'm worried that maybe PMs aren't getting through. I'll need your address - please let me know here if my PM didn't reach you. Thanks!


Christmas in New York. Wow. Lucky little fella. Happy Christmas to ya Stanley and host family. Don't eat too much Christmas pudding Stan or you won't fit in the envelope!



I'll add you to the list denny08. Thankyou.


My son did the Flat Stanley project also. We mailed 15 Flat Stanley's all over the world, and had the recipients decorate Stanley in the style of their country, and send him back with a note about where Stanley had visited. It was exciting -- my son had so many responses from everywhere!

Well, I'm in California, so don't think I can help much unless you want me to send it to some of my colleagues in Japan or Korea.


Well, if there is any time left at the end we could do that. Depends how much time he spends enjoying the hospitality as he travels. He does like to spend a bit of time with his hosts I've found. He's such a sociable little fella.
And if I was in New York for Christmas I wouldn't be in any hurry to leave either!! Where will he see the New Year in I wonder?


It's taken me quite a few days to find out that the next participant wants to be skipped. When I PMed JennKazoo a second time for her address (I don't think she got the first PM) she replied that she PMed you to say she wanted to be skipped. Maybe you didn't get that PM either - I know there have been SERIOUS glitches with PMs this week, and it's driving me crazy.

Anyway, I PMed you this a.m. to ask you if I can send it to another participant who lives in the US instead of sending it to the next participant who lives in British Columbia. I did not hear back from you so I am assuming you did not receive that PM. I had signed up for US shipping only because my post office is horrendously understaffed and to wait in line to have a customs form attached would be 45 minutes (no exaggeration). I just don't have that kind of free time, unfortunately. If I can send it to someone in the States I can just stick stamps on it and drop it in the mailbox.

I wanted to check with you - I didn't feel comfortable switching the order of participants without your permission.

I just want to vent and say it is so FRUSTRATING when PMs don't work. You don't know that the other person never got the PM and you sit around waiting and wondering. UGH!!!

okay, I feel better now. lol So, how about it if I send it to bsliv1219 in OH next?


I only got one of your PM's time-traveler. The reason I originally sent Miss Markey a PM to be removed from the ray was because I can only ship in the US right now. I guess that one did not go through. I have never before had any trouble receiving or sending PM's.

I have not been on BC for about a week b/c of the holidays and a hospital visit so I am just seeing all this today. Sorry for any trouble.


it's the PM system. Check out this link:
so don't worry a bit about it!


Let's just swop things around a bit eh
If Jenkazoo still wants to take part but only ship to U.S she could go next and then ship to Ohio or you time traveler could ship to Ohio and we'll pop Jenkazoo in later amongst some U.S folks.
Whatever you both want. Post on here what you do and I'll alter main list to reflect this. You can adjust paperwork in envelope timetraveler.
Yes it is a pest when pm's don't work. I need to set up a new account just for bookcrossing with a provider that doesn't think that book crossing is spam. Sigh.


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