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I will send out a book that starts with the letter "A". The next person will send out a book that starts with the letter "B" and so on. Want to join and have some fun? When we get to "Z" we can start all over again. Who's up for it?

This is the link:


Megi53-(US only)
LoriPed-(no ship pref given)
waterfalling-(US only)
flossie771-(US only)
HeresDeb-(US only)
Firegirl-(US only)
spoiledrotten-(US only)
bksfamly-(US only)
MBsAngel-(US only)
blackadder75-(US only)
Lobodyke-(US only)
Donduckandy-(US only)
T02S03B11D20-(US only)
DoveiLibri-(US/Can only)
turbostitcher-(US only)
ColoBlu6-(no ship pref given)
daisyflower123-(Germany-ship within Europe)
yorkshire-lass-(ship int)
nattabee-(can ship int)
booklady331-(ship int)
VariC-(Finland-ship anywhere)
Kittyreads-(South Africa-can ship int)
chas04-UK ship UK only)
Pinkagirl-(UK-ship UK)
Plum-crazy-(UK-ship int)
Camethyste-(no ship pref given)
K9stylist-(no ship pref given)
Haugtussa-(ship int)
teuffi-(ship int)
jsmeltser-(Iowa-ship US only)
hobbit-(US only)
mrsjones-(US only)
CanticleLost-(US only)
lynlee4-(US only)
ninkasi-(will ship int)
christina82-(Denmark-ship int)
madmadge-(UK-ship UK/Europe)
katrinat-(ship within Europe-int if needed)
Tubereader-(UK-ship int)
tootshelling-(Germany-ship anywhere)
lellie-(UK-ship anywhere)
cartergirl97-(MI-Ship anywhere)
Cassiopeia22-(Germany-ship anywhere)
Sunshine-irl-(Ireland-Ship international)
KarmelK-(US Only)
Awakeagain-(US Only)
Mikavr-(US Only)

Links to books:


I have to restrict shipping to the US for the next 2 years. Thanks!




You can take that as a YES from me :o)

(in UK, will post internat)




I am happy to ship international.


I prefer to ship within the US. In this instance, however, I can ship to Canada if needed.


(Would prefer to ship within the US, but will ship Int'l if you need me to).


Ok, I have added you all. Still open if anyone else is interested!!



I'm in. **sigh**

I'd prefer US but can ship internationally if need be.

What a great idea, cat02886!



K9stylist 12 yrs ago
Me too!




CanticleLost 12 yrs ago
Oh no!
I'm in so many rays/rings/boxes right now! I want to join this one so badly!.... I'll have to keep thinking about it for at least a day or two more =( It sounds so fun though!


Oh wait... aren't you already doing one of these? Haha I was getting confused.


cat02886 12 yrs ago
Re: Oh no!
I am doing a few of these. Sign up, it will be fun!!


> I am doing a few of these. Sign up, it
> will be fun!!
That's just it, I think I'm in your other one! Haha, I didn't even realize at first... I think the Letter Game one, which is the same thing, right? =) Sorry, I'm brain-dead sometimes.


In Finland, can ship anywhere.


US only please!


I will get the first book out on Monday.


I'm from Germany and I'd prefer to ship within Europe, but I'd ship also internationally if not otherwise possible.



I can ship UK or Europe only.


Mee too if not too late! US only Please


No problem. I added you.


I've just received a book related to this but there is no link to where I would get the next person on the list, or am I last?

Can someone help?

Thank you


spoiledrotten 10 yrs ago
If you go to the first page of this thread you will see who to send to I believe you need to send to Pinkagirl. Happy New Year.


However, I can only ship within the US.


Me too if I'm not too late.
I'm in UK and will mail anywhere.


US shipping only this time, please.


Hopefully, it will be to a country I haven't sent a book before.


Sure, it's still open!! Thanks for joining!


you are so creative...thank you


You are welcome. First book went out today.


I'll send you the link after she gets it since I want it to be a surprise :-)


loriped 12 yrs ago
"B" book here!
I received By the Light of the Moon by Dean Koontz from Megi53 today. Will contact the next in line and get the "C" book in the mail soon.


HunterRyu 12 yrs ago
Join Please
I asked a couple questions before, but now I'd like to make sure that I'm added if I can. I'd like to officially sign up to join, please! I live in the USA, prefer shipping within USA, but will mail anywhere if need be. One book in the post won't cost tooooo much :)


It seems I've been skipped over and ignored from joining? I guess you have plenty of participants so I won't take it personally. Have fun, everyone!


spoiledrotten 12 yrs ago
"H" Sent
Just a note that the lett "H" was sent to bksfamly this morning. Enjoy and thanks for letting me play!


I am so sorry, I didn't see your post about asking to join. I will add you if you still want to join.


Oh, yes, I'd still like to join please. Thank you ^_^ You come up with the most interesting bookray themes!


Ok, i added you. Thanks for joining.


This sound very interesting! Just a quick question, does the word "the" or "a/an" starting a title count as the letter or can it be skipped in favor of the next word?


It can count.


I was actually more wondering if "the/an/a" could be skipped in favor of a more interesting word for the title start...


That is fine!


Is it too late to join, although my shipping preferences would be UK, but Europe if needed.Please let me know? Thanks in advance. x


Sure I will add you!


many people there are in front of us?


See the original post in this thread.


Haven't tried this before, sounds like fun.
(US only please)



Ok added!


I received Case Histories by Kate Atkinson from LoriPed (along with a very pretty bookmark). I have the next person's address and will be taking a book by the Post Office in the morning.


Donduckandy 12 yrs ago
Sign me on


I added you


I'll PM you know to make my interest Plain!


I´m in Germany and I´m gonna ship everywhere


I added you.



Mailed out June 23
DC 0307 1790 0003 3793 5887


I live in Denmark, and will ship internationally but prefer within Europe.


Am in the UK and can ship anywhere.

Thank you!



I received Eleventh Hour by Catherine Coulter. Thanks flossie771!

I mailed an F book out to Firegirl earlier today. What a fun ring this is :-)


Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully Firegirl has received a book?


I hope so. I know from other posts that she had a busy past month. The book was Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris. It was mailed on July 2nd from Illinois. Unfortunately, I don't typically get DC#'s when mailing single books.

I do hope Five Quarters of the Orange isn't lost in the mail! Firegirl, please let me know if you didn't get this book and I'll try to hunt up another F book.


Firegirl 12 yrs ago
It's here!!
No lost in the mail, but lost by my apartment complex leasing office people! It was "discovered" today and is safely in my hands. Will get "G" going soon!


Cool, thanks for letting us know!



Got my "G" book today. Will mail out "H" as soon as I have addy. Thanks for including me. The book I got looks quite interesting!



Got my "G" book today. Will mail out "H" as soon as I have addy. Thanks for including me. The book I got looks quite interesting!


The "F" book I received: _Five Quarters of an Orange_ by Joanne Harris

and the "G" book I sent: _Goat_ by Brad Lang


Must have slipped my mind. Could you add me, please? Looks like I'll have a long time to wait, but patience is a virtue, I have been led to believe ;-)


It is a bit of a wait, but not as long as a normal bookray because this one doesn't involve reading the book first before sending out, it's get a book and send a different one.


this doesn't prove it!). Cat02886 has got several intriguing games running at the moment, and I'd signed up for a different one ;-D Still, I'd like to do this one, too.


I added you.




Are you still adding people?

If you are, I'd like to play...I'm in the US, and would prefer to ship US, but can do international if you need me to.


I will add you



Would you add me please if it's not too late. PMing you



Yes i will add you too.


Mikavr 12 yrs ago
Yay! Thank you!


Ditto :)




No, it hasn't stalled. MBsAngel is sending out a J book.


I will contact the next in line and ship my book out soon.


It really looks like I'm gonna have Z, so I want to plan. ;)



Yes I can.



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