US only - Need 3 more new members for my "Books about Things" bookbox

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Back in the fall I started a bookbox for books about things. The original post is here, which also includes a list of the original books that went out in this box, and a link to the forum post that discusses these types of books. Books like Krakatoa (volcanoes), The Pencil (obvious), The Meaning of Everything (Oxford English Dictionary), Isaac's Storm (hurricanes), The Tulip (obvious), Cod, Salt, CandyFreak, etc.

This box has been stuck for several months with Tammysavala. I'm going to try to restart it, about the beginning of February, and am starting to accumulate books now. I'm going to keep the mailing order the same, but am looking to add 4 people to the end, bringing the total to 10 people again. Anyone else interested in joining?


And my profile should show that I am rather on time with my rings. I definitely won't be a staller unless I am dead. : )


When it finishes with you are you goona restart it? If so, I can have them read by the time it gets to me again and trade them back in!


Hmmm, I hadn't really thought about that - this is the first bookbox I've put together. I'd never even participated in any bookboxes till last year. I may restart it - I guess I'll try to see what kind of demand there is for that. I haven't heard of any boxes of this type going around, other than general non-fiction boxes.



wingmaryzeewing 13 yrs ago
Added Azuki
Anyone else?



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