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Alright, alright! Geez! Enough already! ;) I'm interested. LOL! I'm still gonna send you "Oranges" though! :)


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I know there have been a couple of threads about these types of books in Book Talk over time. I just picked up a copy of Word Freak (about competitive Scrabble tournaments), and also have a copy of Krakatoa (Simon Winchester) and The Pencil (Henry Petroski) that I'll be including, but I have to read those 2 first. I also need to find several more books to include/read. So, I'm thinking I won't send this out till fall (probably September). This will give everyone else time to gather books and read them.

If you're wondering what types of books might be included, check out this thread - http://bookcrossing.com/---/3281408

I'll take the first 10 people to reply here, but only good bookcrossers need apply (good means you honor your commitments as fully as possible). I will ask that you try to send the box on within 2 weeks. The box will include 10-12 books, and I'll update here later when I find other books to include.

Anyone interested?



is a non-fiction reader and has lots of books about 'things.' He's Pixelmutt here on BookCrossing. I'd like to join.


Word Freak -

Parasite Rex -

The Evolution of Useful Things -

The Pencil -

Krakatoa -


Update to this box - I've just registered some more that will be going into this one.

Candyfreak -

The Tulip -

Mauve -

The Meaning of Everything -

Isaac's Storm -

Still hoping to read some more of these before sending the box out.


Adding one more -


I live in Baker City, Oregon. Thanks!


I'm more of a fiction reader, but just in a quick glance at my current TBR shelf, I see I've got nonfiction books on swordfish boats, polar exploration, sailing and numerous animal books. Your initial list of books sounds fascinating (and Krakatoa is on my wishlist).


I'm in Cincinnati and love books like these. I'm a good Bookcrosser. I swear! :)


It will be my first foray into bookboxes (rings or rays, for that matter) but I promise to be good. ;)


I have these members on the list -

List is full now.

(I won't be sending this out till September, so you have time to get books ready.)


4 more spots


Alright, alright! Geez! Enough already! ;) I'm interested. LOL! I'm still gonna send you "Oranges" though! :)


Adding you to the list.



2 slots left. Anyone else interested?



I'd like to get on the list for the book box "about things". I am in the same town as gomboggit (on the list) if that is helpful. I've never participated in one before...what else do I need to do?


Gather together whatever books in this category that you'd like to trade into the box. I'll organize the list in order and pm everyone individually nearer to the end of the summer. (I'll update the book list - to show what will be included when I send the box out - a bit later when I actually get the books in hand. There are at least 6 more good books to come, and I'm half finished reading The Evolution of Useful Things.)

There's a link to this thread at the top of my profile. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to pm me. Each person that receives the box will be pm'ing the next person for their address, rather than sending them all to me up front.


Just FYI on the box. It currently contains 1 hb and 10 trade pb's. The cost to mail the box media mail (with delivery confirmation) was $5.75.


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