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The bookray is closed for now, this is the final list of participants in the geographical order of the book's journey:

vesna, Torino, Italy
solimano, Firenze, Italy
giocina, Brescia, Italy
frank-63, Stuttgart, Germany
nikel27, Ginsheim, Germany
wakira, Sevilla, Spain
BlossomU, Lisbon, Portugal
mady, Lisbon, Portugal
fflloorr, Lisbon, Portugal
leitora, Porto, Portugal
nastenka-d, Porto, Portugal
12, Porto, Portugal

If you are still interested, you are very welcome to join, but you will be put in the end of the list, regardless of your geographical position.

I will mail the book tomorrow or on Monday, as soon as the post offices open after the 1st May holidays. :)


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