The Orchid Thief BookRing (Mailing Tomorrow)

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This was a cross post as the forum appeared overnight and I wasn't paying attention!!
WOOHOO!!! This looks like one popular Bookring! If anyone else is dying to get on the list, please let me know. I will be shipping to beachglass this weekend!
Here's the list as it stands:
beachglass - Fresno, CA
AmberLee17 - Sunnyvale, CA
moogytee - Sacramento, CA
sgscarcliff - San Francisco, CA
Geologygirl - Cary, NC
nina-ivanovna - Ithaca, NY
Cray17 - Hillsborough - NJ
Mom-of-one - Butler, PA
Seferim - Columbia, MD
roadrunner - Spring, TX
lightwavz - Detroit, MI
I tried to arrange geographically so that all the CA readers get it taken care of first (by sheer volume!). Just the basic stuff... email the next person on the list for the address and I would like the book back at the end.
Thanks, everyone for jumping on board and Happy Reading!


Yea, okay... sign me up! :o)


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