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Head's up, nonfiction fans. I'm going to do another nonfiction virtual bookbox, at some point in 2005. Not for a few months, as I need to build some up for myself to put in it. You can post here if you want to, if you have interest, but I'll certainly be posting when I do it, as well. Just letting you know, if you want to save books for it!





...but by "virtual", there's not a real box being mailed around (which makes international easier!!). Everyone provides a list of the books they are offerring up, and then says which books they are interested in, and then I match them up. So you may offer up 3 books, and then you'd ship 3 books, and receive 3 in return.




Again, I'm not sure when this will be; it'll be at least a few months. (That's code for "if the bookrings EVER stop coming and I can read some of my own stuff, then I'll build up enough to do a bookbox".) But this way you can start collecting, too!! :) I look forward to it. (Glad you're back in, kernow8!)




Of course, it's only that, but I'm going to *target* April 1st as a date for me to get organized on this. This gives us time to read and collect books. Thanks for the interest! Nonfic fans, unite!! :) :)




If it's international (I'm in the UK)


DYI-991976 15 yrs ago
:) I'm in the UK and will ship anywhere.





lt me know pm me @ readinme.


Pyan 15 yrs ago
I'd like to join








Especially if you wait until April; then I'll have a few more non-fic gems to give out.


winglelliewing 15 yrs ago
Can I join?
I've never been part of a virtual bookbox before. I'm in UK and will ship anywhere.


PokPok 15 yrs ago
As I said, I'll post details approximately April 1st, but one of the requirements will be, that you ship anywhere. I did one last year, and frankly, it's hard to organize, and I can't also factor in people not being able to ship everywhere. I understand people have financial restrictions, and I accomodate on regular bookrings, but I can't for this. So yep, UK is more than welcome!!



(Like Wedge in Star Wars....we're almost there.....)


Thanks, PokPok!


PokPok 14 yrs ago
And to those of you who've PMed recently, no need to again...I'll be posting a final list and a PM with all the rules and details in it. More to follow soon!





Bumping/ b/c it's the season...


Rico-Verde 14 yrs ago
... is stuff like philosophy, psychology, popular science acceptable? Or do you just want narrative style nonfiction? If no need narrative, sign me up, please.


PokPok 14 yrs ago
Re: question...
Narrative is definitely not needed. I love popular science.



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