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Does anyone have any specific places which they get picked up more often?


Does anyone have any specific places which they get picked up more often?

Well, there's "picked up" and then there's "got a journal entry" - not, alas, the same thing!

Regarding release spots from which I've received more JEs: it varies, but these have worked pretty well for me:

"statue" releases: books left propped up on or near statues or sculptures - extra points if I can make the book match the theme of the artwork somehow!

Inside ATM booths (a protected spot where people have time to look at the books - may be less active as more people switch to card/phone e-payments over cash, though)


On top of gas pumps or on picnic tables (especially at interstate-highway rest stops)

But I've had catches from the least-promising locations imaginable, and have had other releases in colorful, themed, public spots that I was *sure* would result in JEs but (so far) have not, so you never know.

Do browse this forum for other ideas, and the Site Watch forum for examples of catches - some of those can provide great ideas for your own release spots, and it's fun to see books being caught even if they aren't yours!

Also: while I've had fewer JEs from releases at book-swap shelves, whether OBCZs or Little Free Libraries or other such locations, I still make use of them - they're safe spots to leave books, the books seem to disappear so presumably somebody's enjoying them, and the release notes on the hunting pages may draw people in. And once in a while I get a nice JE from one of those releases too...


I agree with GoryDetails: there's a difference between being picked up and actually journalled.

The place I've had the most success in pick ups is my local fitness center. I can put a book down and in the two minutes it takes me to access to write the release note, the book is gone. It doesn't matter what I put there: obscure poetry, YA, non-fiction, best sellers--they're all gone within a matter of minutes. The people there are definitely big readers (I've had a conversation with a lady who was snooping the book I was reading while on the stationary bike, and she said she loves spying for new titles), so I know the books aren't being trashed. However, I've not gotten a single journal entry out of it.

My one journal entry happened to be at the community college/university in my area; I came to settle a bill and dropped a few books off. I think this was successful because college students are *always* on their phones, so entering the BCID and seeing what happens is an immediate thrill. Maybe try a place with a lot of teenagers?


It's nice that you got a catch from a college, but I've left many well-labeled books at my local college and they have been taken and I've gotten none. I actually don't think there is an ideal place to leave books to get catches. I believe it is just a combination of the right book being in the right place at the right time to intice the right reader. Serendipity.

Of course that doesn't stop me from trying.

I'm meeting a friend to leave books at a restaurant tonight. The books are taken there. In fact the restaurant owner has on more than one occasion told me that people come in just to look through the books and don't always stay to eat. (And she is a big reader and is okay with that.) Many people take books to read and later bring them back, she tells me. But... I get almost no JEs. Even though I know the books are being read and circulated. So for me, that has to be enough. And the rare JE is just icing on the cake.


wingAbi-Gibbywing 2 yrs ago
Pick ups
I once left one of my books on a isolated woodland footpath when me and my sister were dog walking and creating a promo video for her book, it got picked up and journaled within 10 minutes by some dog walkers

I also get a lot of journal entry's when I wild release during the school holidays as where I live is a holiday spot for the city dwellers as its close to the beach. During these times the books I release at the pay meter in the car park and outside the local rowing club get the most JE's


Interesting what has been said about teenagers and colleges. I work at a college and haven't bookcrossed any books there yet!

I have found that books I have left in touristy places have had more journal entries than books left randomly in town centres.


I just heard from a friend that she found one of my books at the pool, read it and put it back. no journal.
She told me that after i posted a Bookcrossing video on Facebook. She had no idea i was a bookcrosser.

I no longer leave books at the Little free library. One of them where I used to leave them is always a terrible mess.


I just heard from a friend that she found one of my books at the pool, read it and put it back. no journal.

Is she still a friend? Joke :)


A co-worker told me once (long ago) that she had found a book at a place where I did releases (before she met me), took it but didn't journal, as she thought "it was some government scheme to find out what we were reading." What??

I asked her if she'd go back and make a JE, but she claimed she didn't have the book any longer and didn't remember its title. So frustrating, isn't it?


I no longer leave books at the Little free library. One of them where I used to leave them is always a terrible mess.

There are a couple of LFLs in my area that I no longer release at, mainly for the same reason - they tend to be cluttered, books jammed in sometimes, and one was definitely not weatherproof. When I noticed my books remaining in the LFLs for more than a year with no comment - and when I noticed dampness inside - I decided to skip those for the time being. But I have had some very nice catches from other LFLs (though the journal-rate is still way lower than for out-in-the-open-air wild releases), and I do like to use them as release spots. I do sometimes notice that my books have disappeared, only to reappear in the same LFL later on; it's a little frustrating that they weren't journaled, but I'm glad to know they're being read! [My own family is among the love-to-read/won't-journal-online group, but at least with them I can hear from them directly as to what they felt about the books. Sometimes I've edited their comments into my own entries - "Mom said she really loved this one", etc.]


"Mom said she really loved this one"

I joined up my mother to BC and although I can't get her to use BC herself (though she does regularly use the net), she will write out a review of any BC books she reads and hands the review and book to me to log. I then log the book under her name and add her review.


I have particularly good luck with books left atop newspaper boxes and free publication racks. Probably because folks going to them are looking for something to reaf anyway


I have had luck with books I leave at busy doctor's offices or urgent cares


JessicaEby 6 mos ago
I, like others, have had some surprises with places that get journals when I don't think they will, as well as the opposite-- places that seem so likely to yield a JE, but don't (or haven't, so far).

Mostly, I've found that I get more JEs in two situations-- when the release is very themed (I'm guessing because people who are in those places are likely to be interested in subject matter relating to them), and when I'm far from home and the book is labelled with something that indicates where it's from. I used to put a little Canadian flag sticker on books I registered and when I travelled in the USA I found that the farther from the border I released them, the more they were getting JEs. Lately (as of 2017) I have been using labels I've made that have a spot to write in where the book is "travelling from" and "since" and/or that have a little line on them saying "This book began its bookcrossing journey in Canada!" My theory is that when people see at a glance that the book has travelled a notable distance, or been travelling a long time, they wonder more about it. Of course, sometimes the books have just been registered and are released fairly close by, so... I'm hoping those finders will be excited to be early links a chain? lol. And/or that as the books continue to travel the date/place will spark interest.


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