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I liked it very much last year to get Christmas cards from other countries. Brookler has no time this year so will I organize that:
If you would like to send and receive some Christmas Cards from other countries, post here and PM me your real name and mailing address. Last day to join is Nov. 15.


"J'ai beaucoup apprécié, l'an dernier, de recevoir des cartes de Noël provenant d'autres pays. Brookler n'a pas le temps, cette année, d'organiser l'échange aussi je (havelblume) m'en charge.
Si vous voulez envoyer et recevoir des cartes de Noël, mettez un message ici et envoyez-moi votre vrai nom et votre adresse postale.
Date limite d'inscription : 15 novembre"


Yes, I will take part in this, as I have other year. I will send 2 or 3 cards.
I see you have posted on all the forums except maybe the obvious one, the RABCK one, maybe you should add a thread there as well?


I'm in! I just sent my address.


Thanks for translation into french! And yes I posted it now in the RABCK forum.


wingC-Maupinwing 1 yr ago
En-haut !


I am interested and I send you my name and adres.


baboul333 1 yr ago
I'm too^^


My cards are in the mail!!!


Diorissimo 11 mos ago
First !
I received today my first postcard from Germany and the wishes of Andrea-Berlin. A book was also in the enveloppe : Paul et Virginie de Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Tank you Andrea-Berlin !

I still have to send my own cards to... three foreign readers !


wingBlue_Fairywing 11 mos ago
Got one!
I got one card from England. Thank you Poodlesister.


Merci milles fois pour la carte de Noël et le calendrier. Je les aime beaucoup.


Merci milles fois pour la carte de Noel :-)
I'm very happy!


baboul333 11 mos ago
recu d'Allemagne, du canada 4 ou 5 cartes merciiii


Merci à plusieurs personnes d'un peu partout. J'espère que mes cartes se sont bien rendues. ;-)


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