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Now I have OK from ApoloniaX and I would revive the play with pleasure, indeed, in a simplistic form, because I am not so fit in the PC.

play expiry

At the beginning all teams stand on LOS. 83dea throws dice every Tuesday, then the teams have one-week time to release a suitable book. Per team a person releases a book. ( so please together arrange ).83dea announces every Tuesday where which team is. It is played so long, until a team has really processed all fields. If a team on a field lands on which it was already, it is thrown over again.
If it does not create a team in one week a suitable book freely admit, it stops so long on the field, until the team has created it.


1. You can play alone or as Team ( 3 persons pro Team )
2. Only wild release
3. themes release required
4. photos required
5.All release books can combined wiht other challenges
6. This books can released world wide
7. foreign-language books count also
8. start sommer/ autumn 2015


1. Pro released book - 1 point
2. Pro catch - 1 point
3. The team which has a colour as the first completely receives 2 special points


Communal field - 1 book release at an meetup.

Should there be in the week no meeting nearby, another Bookcrosser may be asked whether he / she releases a book at the meeting. The same one is also valid if one does not create it personally to the meeting.

Event field - Themenrelease ,for example in a party, festival, market, concert. . .

income tax/Surtax - release at Tax office/ bank/ savings bank...

waterworks- all about water

power station - everything all around stream


If Pasch is thrown, the respective team has to go, special duties make, these are fulfilled, there is for it a special point.

1er Pasch -If somebody sends, that in this action takes part a desirable book.
2er Pasch - All members from the team must release at the same time a book.
3er Pasch - Exchange with somebody from the opposing team a book.
4er Pasch - Hunt a book (books from the bookcase or an OBCZ also count)
5er Pasch - start a Ring/ Ray
6er Pasch - Freestyle (particularly more mad, more funnily, more dangerously. . . Release, surprises me)

It join in:

bibo - Team partners are still searched
Thaliomee - Team partners are still searched
83dea + hippolein - one Team partner is still searched


Here these are first my thoughts to which can be still changed with pleasure.
Because I am not so fit in the PC, I will take a photo of the programme and update here pure places, these then weekly. Indeed, I must make this still on the week-end, but the scaffolding in addition stands already.

light blue - animals
animals centre

Orange - education
training workshop

yellow - sport
sports hall
sports place
sports shop

pink - health
health center

red - love
register office
relationship counseling :-)

green - nature
botanic garden

dark blue - water
sea/ozean, river...
swimming pool

book coase


83dea 3 yrs ago
So, primarily, it is for me with whole about fun and creativity whether it at the end something to win gives, I do not know yet.I would also not like to have to play something so like a referee, I think sometimes to her since everybody largely and if you release a book, you have thought to yourselves in addition also :-)
Moreover, I would find it exciting if teams formed that they would be multicultural, here are a pair of people from Austria and Switzerland on the way. . . , however, like said, it is nobody has to go, only degree whirrs to me in the head:-)

So it was this first from me, now I am curious what you say in addition :-)


Now I have created the translation, but please forgives me for my mistakes, mine is not so good in English.

Who would like to take part contacts please here:


Has someone lust on a second round?


The new period would be from 1 May 2017 to 31 August 2017


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