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Für alle, die in ihrer Nähe ein Meetup organisieren möchten, die Stadt aber nich auftaucht gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten:

1. wie in Köln nun geschehen quasi selbstgemacht und in der deutschen yahoo Gruppe bekannt gegeben (oder hier)

2. Nachdem ich mich bei dem Team von meetup.com erkundigt hatte, bekam ich folgende Mail:


It takes a while if you suggest a venue on the site. Next time send it to
sara@meetup.com , and she can add them for you quickly.
Also I think that's a great suggestion about adding other cities! We had
limited time and resources to add cities at our launch, but we do want to
expand to as many places as possible. We would be more than happy to add
your city to our database, but before opening in any given city, we need
to have some good MEETUP places.

We generally like to have 12-15 venues in a given city before opening it
up. If you could provide us with 12-15 good cafes/restaurants/bars in your
city (i.e. name, address, phone number, & type of venue), we can get it in
there even faster.

Thank you for your suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you again.

Claudia Santiso
User Relations Coordinator

/Zitat Ende/

Wenn es neben Roxelane in Hamburg noch weitere hochmotivierte Organisatoren gibt... Viel Erfolg!!!


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