Founders visiting Venice in June :-)

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Hello, Hello, Hello Italian BookCrossers! So great to pop on here--it's as welcoming and familiar as home! We sincerely appreciate your love and passion for BookCrossing and especially your undying support for the site! THANK YOU~

Bruce and I are headed your way by a generous gift from my father as a "last wish": To share in a cruise with his daughters, their spouse and kids (who are all in their late teens). We are so grateful to my parents and are hoping for some much needed family time together and R/R; we have been hit hard by the U.S. recession over the last 4 years that has Bruce and I living and working 16 hours apart in other non-related BC jobs for almost a year now to keep afloat. How exciting for our family to come to Italy!

I am posting here thinking that we'd love to keep the 3 nights lodging dollars out of the hotels and "into the BC Italy family". There will be a total of 11 of us traveling (NOT posh--used to youth hostels and orphanage floors) SO, I'm wondering if any of you might have a modest place to share with us (as we do have a modest budget for you). We need to stay in Venice as we leave from the Port in Marco Polo. We don't all need beds of course--just a safe place to crash (2 or 3 BR would be great but floors and couches are terrific too!). And we'd surely also welcome a house swap in the States!

I'd rather be in a win-win situation with a fellow BookCrosser rather than the boring conventional fallback way of a non-swanky hotel (which I can Google unless anyone has any recommendations) but I am just trying to be creative. If you prefer to not post on this thread, you can email PM me (in English ideally) if you have any suggestions or ideas! So excited to visit your beautiful country!
Also, is anything BC related happening on June 13/14th or the 26th (the 3 nights of lodging needed) in or around the Venice BC World over there? We'd love to drop in for a hug and hello!

Please feel free to repost this in the other Italian forum. Thank you!


It's impossible for us to be in Venice in those days, what a pity :(
Have a nice journey and really enjoy one of the most beautiful towns in the world :)


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