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Hello to everyone!

I am a Swiss girl, and I'm studying Informations Science in Chur (Switzerland).
I am preparing a major research Bachelor and I would be interested in having some of your opinion, and get directions.
I would like to propose a research BookCrossing in correlation to the Sharing Economy.
I have the opportunity to talk about this wonderful world of sharing, and I would be proud to also include your opinions, BookCrossers. I leave you a few questions that will inspire you, But I will kindly accept any of you feedbacks.

How long you are part of this community?
What inspired you to join?
How you live your identity BookCrossers in the life of every day?
Have you ever had problems with other users?
BookCrossing is better than a library? If so, why?

I would also ask, where can I find the statistics of annual user (for example: how many were users one year after the creation of BookCrossing, and how many are today?).

Thank you very much all of you, and thank you for the inspiration that still give to the world.

With Love,

Stefania (


How long you are part of this community?
I have been a member for 13 years now.

What inspired you to join?
I heard about it on National Public Radio while driving home one morning, and went to their website right away and registered.

How you live your identity BookCrossers in the life of every day?
Any time I read a book I have registered with BookCrossing I journal it almost immediately, and when I have a few books I want to release, I either find somewhere to wild release it, or try to contact people who might be interested in the book and arrange to send it to them. I visit the site every day, because there is either a message to answer from somebody, a journal entry to make, or some changes to make to my profile page, or a book to register, though sometimes I'm only on the site for a few minutes - I'm not one of those people who likes to spend a lot of time online just goofing around.

Have you ever had problems with other users?
In general, no - but as with any endeavor, there are people who are less than pleasant to deal with; when I've encountered such people, I try to stay away from them as much as possible, and this is very easily done, due to the safeguards set up in the system.

BookCrossing is better than a library?
In many ways it is, but it serves a different function. I am often exposed to books in a a random way that would not occur as easily in a library.

If so, why?

Because I can keep the books for as long as I need to (that is, until I get them read and can move them on to someone else) - it also gives me access to a network of people all over the world whom I can discuss books with or send books to. I have made a lot of friends through BookCrossing that I would not have met any other way.

Please feel free to contact me via PM if you need further clarification on any comments I've made here.


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