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I'm trying to 'pay it forward,' and help out the daughter of an online friend who has been a tremendous help to me, guiding me in the TR care of my diabetic kitty.

Nikki's daughter is a new 5the grade teacher in upstate NY, and in DIRE need of books! Once given her room, she found she has nothing. Well, virtually nothing: 4 books each for math, science, and social studies. I'm searching thrifts here for appropriate books in good shape to send, and am asking for any bookcrossers who can, to help out. If you have any books, please pm and I'll send you the address. Thanks!

The following are from letters from the mother of the new teacher:

Looks like she's starting from scratch since they moved the 5th room to an old part of the building that once was an art room years ago and she has next to nothing to work with... 4 books each for science, math, and social studies. More than shocking. Her budget is $200 so we shall see.


Still, no maps, no carts to hold/hang charts from, only two small dry erase boards, and only 2 rolls of tape have been in her box so far. :o She does have a smart board, desk top (no lap tops since teachers were destroying them), and a printer/scanner thank goodness.

She'll have materials following the new Common Core Standards we think but nothing she's seen. Other rooms have all sorts of books. She replaced a teacher that retired and a 4th teacher moved up to 5th since fewer 4th grade rooms were needed and that teacher took all the materials from the teacher that retired from 5th. They moved the classroom and the other woman emptied out the old before Vanessa was given the position.

Most recent:

No Maire, she hasn't given me one [ list of books from the school] and I know would be grateful for any that are on any 5th grade reading list for her class library since she has nothing. The teacher who retired said there were enough books for 3 classes in her room but others clearly emptied it all out before Vanessa was given access. Principal ordered her some Common Core materials this past week but who knows if any of it will be in for the start of school. Shocking really. Custodians are looking for some shelving and maps for her and hopefully she'll at least have some equipment to set up this week. I don't think anyone realizes that teachers pay so much out of pocket to set up a room and they can only claim 250 on taxes.

Here are some 5th grade book lists I found onine:


I have several books to send the 5th grade teacher for her class. I need to know where to mail them and the name they should be directed to.



I have LOADS of appropriate books that we are about to throw away. Send me an address and I will send her a big box.


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