How do I register my new born son?

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If this shows up twice, I apologize.

Hi guys,

Forgive me for not looking through all the pages to find out if this has been asked before, or finding something similar via the forum search (I did a couple searches but didn't come up with the information I was looking for).

How do I register my new born son for bookcrossing? I want him to have his own page but would prefer using my own email address, which seems to be a no-no. I assume I have to get him his own email address and then register with that but on the registration page just after the "Date of Birth" field it says:

"... If you are 12 or younger, please ask a parent, teacher or librarian to sponsor you and join on your behalf."

"Sponsor you AND join on your behalf..."? How does one do this? Just create an email for the person and then join like I was going to do with my son? Or is there a different way of doing it?

Many thanks for the help :)

Take care and be well,


tom-m 15 yrs ago
No idea about registering him, but accept my congratulations on the new arrival.

(and when I saw the title, I thought.... "Does he have an ISBN?" *grin*)


You'll have to set up a seperate email address for him and register for that. I haven't tried to register for someone under 12, but can you leave the date of birth off? I think "Sponsor you AND join on your behalf" just means that you have to set up the account and control it for him.


And be sure to disable PM's and say in the profile "I can't read or write yet, so PM my mom if you want to talk to me!"


was "You can't. He's not a book."

BabyCrossing? *grin*


ppagano 15 yrs ago
Cute. :-)


Crankydragon 15 yrs ago
I was wondering if she was so sleep deprived she wanted to wild release him. ;)


mlbish 15 yrs ago
Re: :)
I bet we could come up with a good themed release!


I've got a couple of teens!!! ;)


but you'll just have another teen 13 years from now. You're almost through now!! :)



Is he going to be reading soon? Congrats on the new arrival, btw.


Just wanted to let all of you know that Andrew's an official BCer now: ) His profile can be seen at:

Take care and be well,
Julie (& Andrew)


And I loved that picture


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