I am so excited!!!

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Twelve years and a month after releasing this book at the Dunedin New Zealand convention in February 2006 it has been journaled and gained a new member!


wingPlum-crazywing 8 mos ago
Nice one
Some books do take their time to check in!
Wonder what it's been doing all this time.... :o)


Awesome! While it's frustrating not to know where it's been in between, it's marvelous to see that it's still traveling!


Wow! Fantastic!!


Very well done. I loved Dunedin when I toured the South Island with my husband. My catches have been extremely thin on the ground recently so here’s hoping to hear from a Long released one such as yours.


How incredible to hear from the book after all this time. Congratulations :-)



wingMrsPeelwing 8 mos ago
What a nice surprise !


That's fantastic! Congratulations!


I actually read that book, too, through bookcrossing. Years ago. It was a wonderful book


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