Got my first catch!

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It was this book:

And I'm really happy about it, all the more since it's one of the first books I released when I joined this website last weekend, and I had no idea whether my books would travel fast, or just end up abandoned for months, or thrown away.


Congratulations! A catch is always welcome, but a quick one - with a thoughtful comment on the book - is a lovely bonus!


Indeed! Also, it seems other books I left in the same place are gone, too, even if no one reported them. This LFL is a good one. ^^


Congratulations! Your first catch is something special.


Haha, yes it is!


That's a great first catch. Hope you have many more! :-)


I hope too ^^


wingPoodlesisterwing 10 mos ago
And it’s unusual to get a catch at a LFL.


Apparently the books I left there are all gone, or almost. So at least I know someone's interested, even if they don't journal it here. :)


Wonderful! Congratulations on a lovely first catch.

I particularly also like your phrase in your release note: "deliberately sent on a journey to the unknown." Such a good and succinct explanation of what we do!

Wishing you many more catches.


I probably got that idea from another release note, to be honest. Or not. I can't remember?


I hope you get many more. You have made me want to visit that Little Free Library too.


Feel free to. :D


How exciting for you, you will definitely be addicted to this site now! I liked your release note too.


Haha yeah it's addictive, for sure!


It’s always exciting to get a catch. Here’s to many more.


I'm keeping tabs on my profile to see if the counter increments now. ^^


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