Two contrasting catches today

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The first one which came this morning was for a book I'd released yesterday afternoon when I took a walk in a town about 60 miles from home. The finder hasn't joined - because "...I do not join things"!

The other catch is for a book I left in a local woodland on Tuesday. There was a funny story to this release. About 30 mins after leaving the book we met a man walking his dogs and his opening comment (after Hello) was "I saw something today I've never seen before" and he went on to tell us he'd seen a book left propped by a tree which had been left for anyone to take. He told us he thought that is was some sort of club and I innocently said I'd heard about that and it was a website called bookcrossing. He told me that he'd left the book as the title wasn't of interest to him. The book was still where I'd left it when we left the woodland a couple of hours later and I joked with DH that I'd have to return to the wood with a different book! (I didn't!) I am chuffed to get a catch this morning from another dog walker.


and the contrast is striking. But both finders were interested in the idea and were planning to read the books -- that is half the battle!

Maybe if you leave another book for that other dog watcher which is more his style -- say something on walking or dogs -- you'll get another catch.


Both good catches in their own right too.


You have the best release photos! I love the AF's comments; perhaps after nibbling around a bit s/he will decide to join, but in any case it's a very nice JE!

And the doggie-catch JE is charming as well; I loved the comparisons to the message and the balloon, as well as the humor. Would be great to see more entries by that person too!




Look at those release photos! Beautiful!

And, the dog deserves some credit for finding the one in the woods! lol Good puppy!


Great catches (and releases photos as always). I loved the finder's comment -
Not that I want to end up all washed up, deflated...


Brilliant catches and wonderful photos!


Congratulations! :)


How is everyone getting such large release photos, is this something special you are doing or is this some new feature of the updates? I haven't tried any myself recently.


How is everyone getting such large release photos, is this something special you are doing or is this some new feature of the updates? .

I've stopped uploading photos to Bookcrossing and am just inserting the HTML code for each photo from Flickr into the text box. I think this will save on webspace here at BC and takes you directly to the larger version of the photos on Flickr if you click on it. (I usually insert a medium size here).


Thank you swan-scot for that info. Will have to try it, better get the camera out ;-)


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