a nice exchange in the Post Office

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I released this book a couple of weeks back in the big post office in Glasgow City Centre: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/10085894/

No journal entry, but yesterday I was in the same Post Office branch sending two books to Icila in France. The lady on the counter asked who I knew in France and I was explaining about bookcrossing, swapping books with others or leaving them for people find. 'Oh' she said - 'Ive got one of those, a book called Sisters'. She'd found it in her Post Office and is planning to take it to Tenerife in Spain on holiday to release it there - so it goes to show that just because it's not been journalled, doesn't mean the finder didn't understand the idea - and also that staff in places where we release also like to join in!


That's a great story! Perhaps the finder will make release notes when they do move the book along, but in the meantime you could edit your own release note to add the info yourself. (I do that sometimes, just to add some details to the book's history.) In any case, it is a good reminder that people are enjoying BC books even if they haven't journaled them!


I've done that!


That's lovely! Good to know that someone liked the idea enough to take it on Holiday! That's a real testament to the fun of BC!


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