a catch in Romania travels on to India!

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I want to share this catch of mine with you because it makes me so happy and motivates me to keep wild-releasing: a book caught in Romania, where bc is not exactly widespread and where catches, therefore, are extremely rare, is taken to India and released there. To me, this is perfect bookcrossing!



quietorchid 7 yrs ago
Not only to spread the word in Romania, but then India!


No wonder you are pleased. I hope you hear from it again.


wingMoriquenwing 7 yrs ago
Oh wauw!
That's a nice catch!


ULRK 7 yrs ago
All Romanian bookcrossers are very exited :-D

Congratulations from our Sunday bookcrossing meetup @ green hours, Bucharest.

PS: How is it going in Cluj?


Oedde 7 yrs ago
RE: great
All Romanian bookcrossers are very exited :-D

Yes, I guess that's true :-)
Everything is going well here, bookcrossing and otherwise. It was great to hear about your meetup in Bucharest! I haven't succeeded in doing one here yet...

Thanks for your replies, everybody!


what a well-travelled book! Well done.


wingmeganhwing 7 yrs ago
Well done
It went from one exotic location to another!


I was very excited to see this as well! :))
Nice catch, nice BC story! ;)


LiniP 7 yrs ago
Great story
I hope it will be picked up by somebody who cares about books. Great catch!


Oh! This book just wants to have fun! I hope it continues to travel!


Canadateagirl 7 yrs ago
Nice one! Where too next? North pole for the winter? :P


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