Two nice wild catches and a new BCer

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Always happy to see this:

This is why I love BookCrossing!


Fabulous, bookcrossing is making rebels!


chamonix44 7 yrs ago


Nice to see the JEs.


winggoldenwattlewing 7 yrs ago
And bushwoman98 is already active.


Great to know that not everyone obeys the rules to the detriment of our lovely travelling books. So glad they were saved to live another day.


Why destroy any of the "lost and found" items left within the Nat'l Park system? They could hold a "friends of the Nat'l Parks" sale annually and use the proceeds for the parks. There must be plenty of good stuff left behind by travellers. I don't get it. At any rate, yes, bushwoman98 is active and excited about the whole BCing concept and I'm happy about that.


and I agree with wondering why they destroy the 'found' items. At the least they should denote it to a charity shop.


After I saw this exchange, I thought maybe someone should suggest that the National Park sell the lost property like the airlines do unclaimed luggage. I sent them an e-mail about it. They sent a response stating that the policy is that unclaimed property is maintained/held for 3 years, then submitted to GSA (General Services Administration) which sells the items and puts the proceeds in a special NPS fund. Either the policy is not being followed at that park, or it is not being communicated correctly to front-line folks like bushwoman98 (she may have been told that the items were collected and destroyed, but they were just being collected for a central location). Makes me feel a little better about books I wild-release in National Parks.


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