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Check out tradclimber's picture in his profile. Very amusing! Obviously his love of climbing is not limited to mountains!

His personal web site offers some stunning pictures too.


Too funny! His bookshelf is at


Reminds me of my son - not a real rock climber yet, but a clear believer in climbing. Why walk when you can climb! (He also does chin ups on our built-in bookshelves.)

What a fun picture - I like this guy!


Thanks for adding his bookshelf URL, FancyHorse.... :)


You're welcome. Thank YOU for telling us about it. :-)


I actually met this guy at a party a few weeks ago and gave a him a really hard time because he once found a bokcrossing book out at Lake Louise and didn't register it! Everyone at the party (many bookcrossers) gave him a very hard time about this. I'm happy to see he's come to his senses and that it won't happen again. Welcome aboard tradclimber!

ps: I was also pleased to visit his webside and see a link to my brother's climbing school (climbvertigo).


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