Book planted on drunk person

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This would be one of the best journal entries that I have received.


wingBasculawing 9 yrs ago
I love it!
That is definitely an interesting one.




slb453 9 yrs ago
Great journal entry which raises a few questions... ;)


Gosh, I don't think I've seen one like that before - good one!


than some of the pranks pulled on the first one to pass out at the festivities. I may start carrying BC books with me to gatherings to plant on intoxicated friends.


as it looks like that is who released the book at the festival. Not quite the behaviour that I would expect at a festival. Here was I thinking that these festivals were wild drunken orgies.


I left it on a table at the festival. I've no idea how it ended up in someone's pocket? Sorry


wingolagoriewing 9 yrs ago

You made my day!


klaradyn 9 yrs ago
This one made me smile. I'm going to a rock concert on Saturday, I'll look around for a passed-out person and slip a book in their pocket :)


I'll look around for a passed-out person and slip a book in their pocket :)

I'd be afraid of being smacked if they wake up and think I'm taking something OUT of their pocket!


raeliz64 9 yrs ago
I love it!


This one really made me smile!


kobie03 9 yrs ago
Good one.


winggoldenwattlewing 9 yrs ago
but I would only do that with a book I didn't think much of. In that state anything could happen to the book.


thanks for sharing the happiness!


Canadateagirl 9 yrs ago
That is hilarious :)


K8-Kate 9 yrs ago
Too much fun
Sounds like you all are having way more fun over there with your book releases. If I tried that in Northern Vermont the book (and the drunk) wouldn't be found until the spring thaw.


Sheesh, you can't make this stuff up! Beautiful!


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