"Donuts with the dead"...

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Interesting tradition! But it is indeed a good history lesson.

I released a total of 5 books in trees yesterday, just after dark, at the same Burying Ground. [A couple people walked by and probably thought I had the wrong date - to be skulking around in a cemetery, that is :-)].


Excellent catch - and I like the finder's idea of combining history lessons with spooky fun in a cemetery!


I'm glad they aren't my parents--I would have had nightmares forever if they made me do that.

But it's a great catch and a great JE.


chamonix44 9 yrs ago
Nice JE


varykino 9 yrs ago
a great catch and a great journal entry!


for your good themed release.


I just love their sense of humour.


Great tradition! HAve to mention it to friends who have kids.


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