Disney release caught by Princesses - on the sidebar right now!

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So excited to see a Disney release of mine caught on the sidebar as I am on the site making release notes for all my Disney books!

Luckily I already made release notes for this one!

I left this Cinderella book at Cinderella's castle, and it sounds like it was found by the cast members who play Princesses at the park! It's kinda cool to have "Cinderella" caught by Cinderella herself. ;)

Release photo included. :)


How many people can claim to have released a book about a fictional character and have the character herself catch the book? Impressive!




wingchamonix44wing 8 yrs ago
Nice one!


How cool is that!


wingeponine38wing 8 yrs ago


Hey, and I want to thank you again for all the books you donated! Hope you get some catches from it! :)


And thank YOU for releasing them at such a fun spot! :-)


Oh, and I should tell you about the "Our Haunted House" book you gave me. I released it while standing in line for The Haunted Mansion. After a minute I heard someone behind me reading out loud the post-it note on the book, "Oh, it says not lost, it's free." And then when I looked behind me I saw a guy holding the book! So I hope he or his family decides to journal it! :)


That would be fantastic!
But even knowing that someone picked it up feels great :-)


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