stealing time

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stinalyn 16 yrs ago
stealing time
What an interesting way of stating one's age...we have another philosopher in our midst!


The philosopher is apparently releasing computer games. Opinions, anyone??


Well, they certainly aren't books!


PC games are definitely a no-no, if you ask me. But he does have some good books registered, too!


As an avid gamer, I think that some games are fine to release because they tend to be much like novels themselves. Many have long narratives that must be read and processed in order to play the game. It is interesting to see that he has just released the very game that I reinstalled and began to play last night (after finishing it about 4 years ago)


Well, there's a category for PC Games, so someone involved in the development of Book Crossing must have thought it was okay, right?


I'm pretty sure the categories came from, as well as the ISBN look-up feature.


Does that mean the game had an ISBN? Hmm...Just checked a CD-ROM game sitting here, and no ISBN on it that I could find.


No. Just books have ISBNs. Since Amazon sells games I think that is why the category is here. I doubt it was a creation or even desire of Bookcrossing to have it. Anyone know what ISBN stands for?


International ? Book Number??? My guess.


I think this is International Standard Book Number.


annulla 16 yrs ago
The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique machine-readable identification number which marks any book unmistakably. The number system has been in use now for over 30 years and has revolutionised the international book-trade. 159 countries and territories are officially ISBN members. The ISBN accompanies a publication from its production onwards.


I've read through the category list on the registration page several times to make sure I'm not missing it, and I don't see a PC Games category listed there. Which leaves me wondering how Ron and others involved in development do feel about it.


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