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What a grand idea bookcrossing is I hope my first changeling will find a new owner.


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You are absolutely right and if you can find the name of that particular author, please pass it on, maybe if we all refrain from buying her books it will be a wake-up call. The purpose of this site is encourage people to read.


Or, buy a bunch of her books, put on the 1st journal note that you were made aware of her writings from if she sees 50 people who dont read her type of mystery or have never read one of her books actually buying one copy she might change her mind.
Or, we hope she was quoted out of context.


have read before. I often will go out and buy more books by that author & in some instances I'll purchase new gift copies to give to friends & for my personal collection.

My feeling is that I'm far from alone in doing this, and it just leads to *more* revenue for authors not *less*!


> have read before. I often will go out and
> buy more books by that author & in
> some instances I'll purchase new gift
> copies to give to friends & for my
> personal collection.

> My feeling is that I'm far from alone in
> doing this...


Michael Connelly, Stephen Leather, Kirsten Eckman... The list goes on, and I've spent a ton of money that I wouldn't have.

But hey, it's broadened my horizons, I've read books I wouldn't have considered, I've met lots of wonderful people, I've done things I wouldn't have dreamt of...

And I see no sign of it letting up.

Pete, broadened


Vargas 16 yrs ago
same here!


I often buy books new - sometimes two copies! - when I know there is someone on the site who requested it. I'll buy two copies if it's something I want to read & keep and then one copy to release. I figure it's no more expensive than other hobbies I could have. If anything Bookcrossing has made me more of a reader and more of a book buyer. Authors, book venders and publishers should be pleased!


I almost never buy a book unless it is a reference type that I will use often. For non-fiction, I have always depended on the library. My reason? Since I read so fast, I always thought that I would spend $5 or $6, read for 2 or 3 hours, and then be done. It seemed like such a waste, since most books don't make me want to read them again.
Since BC, my list of books to read has grown, but the waiting list at the library is ridiculously long. I was griping, and my husband told me to go buy the book if I wanted it. I went into my regular little excuse, and he stopped me. "You go to the movies, pay more than that, sit there for 2 hours and you are left with nothing but popcorn breath."
It was like a lightbulb exploded in my feeble old brain---so now, I'm buying books, and I can't believe I was so dense! So attention authors----BookCrossing=More Sales!


Before joining BookCrossing I had NEVER bought a fiction book for myself. Same reason as TexasWren, two hours of reading for $18 never seemed like a good deal, especially when I could wait a month or two and get it free from the library.
Since BC, I've purchased 14 books specifically for release, so that is 14 authors that have got a few more cents in royalties.


nelka35 17 yrs ago


Some authors "get" the concept of bookcrossing, some don't. Read the first journal entry:


No I feel the same way as you, that is ridiculous, it is not hurting her in the least in fact if someone who is lucky enough to pick up a free book of an author they would not of read otherwise, then if they like them then they are more likely to go out when said author gets a new book out, it is a great way of getting their name out there that might not otherwise get out there. I buy many books from the used book store but if I fall in love with a writter then I cannot wait for the book to come out at a used store and tend to buy new. that whole thing is silly


Simply because I am addicted to the "random acts" of leaving books in the wild.

I buy books I am not even interested in, and don't even care for myself, but, knowing they are currently popular, I know they'll likely be picked up and hopefully journalled. How weird is that? Without bookcrossing, I'd never give my money to authors I don't care about, except as a gift for people I know who like the author.

Authors take note, some people are addicted to giving :)


Friends and fellow book lovers Please feel free to purchase and circulate my books. I celebrate a site like Book Crossing. It promotes many great ideals like friendship, love of literatue and caring about our fellow book enthusiast.

I am a freelance author from Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas. I am attempting to publicise my unique quality books written in order to reflect the loving culture and personal nature of the people of our lovely tropical island. I am looking for ideas on how I might be able to use bookcrossing to promote and publicise my books. I will be releasing/giving marked books to around fifty visitors who visit our island this winter. They will release them around the world. Any book that makes its way back to Eleuthera, for release on Eleuthera will be elegible for a special prize, a weeks vacation or something of that nature. We own a number of rental cottages and rental cars. I love the process and will look forward to searching for books in the Bahamas and in Eleuthera my native island. I look forward to your suggestions. Email me with your suggestions. Thank you kindly, Bahamian Novelist- George Major Author of "Romance, Kalik and Conch Salad," "Blood on the Empire," "Turtle Soup theory."


I went hunting to find the released book and it was already captured by someone else. Darnit, I really wanted that book, so I went and bought one!!!!!! :)


You are absolutely right. Who writes books just to get rich? either you have a story to tell ot you dont. if you wanna get rich, i would suggest becoming an author. she should be thrilled more people are experiencing her books. Does she lend a blouse to her girlfriend? Does she feel she's depriving ralph lauren of his income?


There are certain authors I refuse to buy new. Top of the list is Tom Clancy, I'm hooked on the military thriller genre but the politics of most of the authors is quite objectionable. One day I'm going to take all the stuff from their novels and turn it on its head in my own story, in the meantime I won't put money in their pockets.


A big reason why I enjoy bookcrossing so much is lack of room on my shelves. Once I get rid of more of my books, my plan is to buy more new ones.

I could not afford to buy all the books I read. I read many library books. Where does the library get their books? They buy them. When an author becomes popular the library purchases more copies of that author's books. I know my library has purchased several books because I requested or recommended them.

Susan Wittig Albert is a B level mystery author whose books I have read and enjoyed. I have borrowed some from the library and I believe I own a few. I will probably release the ones I own. Since she is a "series" mystery writer, perhaps the person who finds the books of hers I release will be inspired to buy others in the series. I can't imagine how that hurts her.

I have a couple bookshelves on here I follow, Harriet for one, and I make wishlists based on the books reviewed there. I know there are people reading my shelf too because they email me. I imagine some of them are getting books from their libraries or bookstores based on my review.

How does this hurt an author?



I have just released my first book a couple of days ago, and then I decided that I also really wanted to read it again some time, so I bought TWO extra copies because I want to use one as a present for someone else!

It's a shame that some people miss the point entirely...


Freeloaders! You people make me sick. Why don't you go mug an old lady for chicken soup. Some poor slob spends years writing a book, making no money from all the excrutiating effort, working lousy jobs for the priviledge of living in some dump all in an effort to bleed out some testiment to the life of our times and our existence, and you all conspire to rob the miserable author of a meager living. You, ingrates, who have contrived the means own computers and have the luxury of indulging yourselves in self gratifying forums like this. You ought to be ashamed!


..and a big hearty bookcrossing welcome to you ;)

Why so bitter? Weren't you read to as a child?


I've seen the error of my ways. Since joining Bookcrossing I've been buying books instead of borrowing them from the library, but now that I've seen that Bookcrossing is the Ultimate Evil, I'll stop immediately.



You're not even a *good* troll.


Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.


"You're not even a *good* troll."





But the *giggle* was really the icing on that cake, wasn't it?


I'm sorry this post made me laugh so hard - sadly, I don't suppose it was meant to be a joke though, was it?

Listen up bardmike - I've spent *SO* much money on books since joining bookcrossing and I know tons of other book crossers who do the same. Heck - I'm so addicted to releasing that I'll go buy books just to give away.



Weren't bards singers of lore who performed for pittances and shared stories? Just wondering.

Just for the record, the most recent information showed that 96% of we bookcrossers bought the same amount, or more, since joining the site. I'm firmly in the 'more' camp, and spend something close to $200 or $300 a month on books, at least. However, if I'm able to determine ye a writer, and/or a published editor, I assure you, you'll get the full amount of said $200 or $300 that you deserve.

And hey, welcome to BookCrossing! It's a wonderful site where people share their love of books with complete strangers, and often recomend books with such skill that there are lemming-like charges to local bookstores, and creditors rub their hands with glee. It might not be your thing, though - we build bridges here, we don't rent out the space under 'em.



Absolutely not. I think this is a great way to reach those that can't afford to buy copies. While authors may not receive royalties on a released book, it's a great way to reach people, and with word of mouth, it's the best publicity ever. If you have a book with a message, then it needs to be heard, regardless of borders, or incomes. People may even purchase the book as a gift after reading about it here. The best gifts are free, and you can't put a price tag on a smile, or inspiration. Just my 2 cents :)


Hmmm...I work in a large university library...perhaps I should advise purchasing to stop buying books...after all if you read them in the library, you won't go buy them, hurting sales figures. And perhaps there should be a time limit at Barnes & Noble et. al on how long you can peruse a book without taking it to the check-out counter. I will, however, advise all venues to keep buying my books as I want people to read them-however they may come across them. And how many times have dedicated readers, like myself, read one book by an author and so enjoyed their writing that they then purchased other titles they have published. Writing is a source of income yes, but it is also a labor of love. And reading is a passion-there can be no dollar value attached.


I don't know if this thread is still alive or not, but I did want to weigh in on the idea of giving books away. As an author, I LOVE to be able to give books away. I can't always do it as often as I like but I keep a big stack of my books in the backseat of my car and often will give them away strictly on impulse. At my dayjob we have a recirculating library where we can bring in and leave whatever we want and take whatever we want.

It's just so important that people READ! I believe that the book buyers will still buy books. Others will pick them up at used bookstores or this old-fangled idea of a library. :-)

Read, people, that is the question and the answer, all rolled into one.

Susan Taylor Brown
(survey on reading)


>I don't know if this thread is still alive or not

LOL! I think this thread is immortal! Every time it dies out, like the phoenix, it is born again.


Greetings all. I found my way here on the recommendation of An Author Himself - Neil Gaiman plugs this site in his blog, most recently to reiterate the silliness of publishers and authors who are afraid of losing sales to used books. The entire debate reminds me of the controversy surrounding Napster and other P2P file sharing systems - record companies hate being cut out of the process; undermarketed indy musicians love getting the exposure. As a writer myself, I'm excited about the idea, and when I finally start getting books out there I'll be eager to release a few myself! Nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion, right? Good to "meet" you all -- Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little (Niki)


Welcome, Niki! We're glad to have you. There's much debate on this topic, and you'll find it's pretty lively. As a matter of fact, most everything involving bookcrossers is pretty lively! I think you'll enjoy it.



just wandered in. entered as book as asked, descibed it, etc. assumed i would be sitting it on a parkbench tra la.

but the choices included "available." I have looked around and cannot find any explaination of what that means/involves. does it mean i'll send it to whoever wants it?

i'm here for now mostly to unload books - i love the random-encounter-with -a-book idea, and i get the "share about a book you love" idea, but then it gets foggy.



just wandered in. entered a book as asked, descibed it, etc. assumed i would be sitting it on a parkbench tra la.

but the choices included "available." I have looked around and cannot find any explaination of what that means/involves. does it mean i'll send it to whoever wants it?

i'm here for now mostly to unload books - i love the random-encounter-with -a-book idea, and i get the "share about a book you love" idea, but then it gets foggy.



that it is not on your "to be read" pile or promised to anyone. How you release it is up to you, you are under no obligation to send it to anyone, but you could receive requests. TexasWren has a lot of helpful information in her profile, and directions to helpful information. You could do a member search for her.


I just ordered three books on because of having some really good memories triggered when I saw the title of a book here on! The three books are all new. Authors, printers, publishers - they all just made some money. The idea of is in no way comparable to downloaded music or stolen images on the Internet. The more stimulated, interested readers there are around the place, the more books will be bought!


I'm curious - do you think downloaded music does not similarly stimulate/interest listeners into buying music? My dad's a textbook example of the case where it does - he went on a DVD-buying spree based on the artists he had discovered by searcing and downloading MP3s on LimeWire.

Of course, it has since been pointed out to me that Bookcrossing doesn't actually COPY books as file-sharing does, so the controversies are different (revenueless reuse versus copyright abuse).


I think sharing of electronic media and sharing of physical books are too dissimilar to make any useful comparison. But I do feel that there is a great deal of copyright abuse as a result of file sharing sites. I certainly don't have the resources with which to attempt measuring it, but my gut tells me the abuse probably outweighs the additional exposure *for established artists.* As a musician (albeit one who does not aspire to a performing career), I feel that the status quo is generally damaging to the industry, but that the corporate bigwigs' reaction is all wrong and will just cause more trouble. They are working *against* the technology when they need to be learning from it and adapting to the future.


>corporate bigwigs' reaction is all wrong and will just cause more trouble. They are working *against* the technology when they need to be learning from it and adapting to the future.

That's exactly what Moby said in a recent interview. I *knew* I liked that guy. It is getting to be time to go to his restaurant and release a few more books.


And here's someone else who made a purchase:


trekwoman 16 yrs ago
She should remember if she comes out in public, saying something negative, that can actually hurt sales, too.



I am motivated to go out and buys books from new authors through Bookcrossing. I really do not believe that authors need not be threatened by this site.

If the opposite were the case then libraries would have ran them all out of business a long time ago...


dead right. people may never read books and then find a book left in this way, this may the encourage them to read more books so rather than 'greedy authors' loosing money, it may well sell more of their books.
i have just joined so have never found nor left a book but i intend to start when i have finnished the on i am reading.
dont stop something that can improve literacy!


I wish you could remember who she was too. Only so you could educate her how bookcrossing works. I don't know about other bookcrossers but I have bought more books since joining bookcrossers than I did in the past. I read other peoples reviews and it makes me want to read it. I also caught a release and I'm reading it right now and it's not a book I would have normally picked up on my own. I really like this book and now I will look for more books by this author whenever I go to the book store. :)


Of course I think authors will earn a little bit less (a very little less), but they should also think that we are promoting reading. There are many people who don´t read at all. I like to think that the book I´m giving away will encourage somebody to read. This make me happy and completely satisfied.


As a relatively new author, I was very happy to see that someone had started a bookring for my first novel BLACK MOON (and can only hope that the same will be done for my second novel when it's released). The most important thing for any new writer is to gather a wider readership and the word of mouth and trading or releasing of books is a great way to accomplish this. I, of course, hope people will go out and buy my novels but first you've got to catch their interest!



absolutely not! this site is a wonderful way to encourage people to read. Literature is a wonderful thing and shouldn't be ruined by greed. Everything seems to be ruined because people are afraid of loosing money. I thought books were a way to get away from reality for one magnificent moment once in awhile, but after reading this discussion, i am outraged that books are being over comed by greed


Since becoming a bookcrossing member I've bought at least five books that I've read in the past, just to give away. I've also bought second copies of books that I want to keep, also to give away. This means that in the last week or so I've actually purchased eight books that I wouldn't normally have even thought about buying.


I lived in Mississauga Ontario some years ago and read a series of books about that area by the lake....Lakeshore Dr White Oaks etc. Does anyone know the series and the author. Thanks for your help. Bonnie


I think we'd need more information than what you've supplied here, if you want to track the series down. Can you give us an idea what genre it was, what it was about (other than the setting, I mean)? Was the series in current release when you read it, or an older series? If you can answer these questions about the series, you might be able to enlist the help of your local librarian. Also, if you read these books in Mississauga when you lived there, you might want get in e-mail contact with their public library and elist their librarian's help.


Book sales and the endless pursuit of *PROFIT* aside, new books are often made from trees. even new books made from recycled paper affect the environment detrimentally (chemical processing and all that)
... surely, if a movement like Bookcrossings encourages people to share (rather their own copy of a book), this is good for the planet in the long run? And authors and publishers should deal with it?
does ANYONE out there agree with me? or am i about to make myself unpopular?


as an avid reader and aspiring artist-writer, I agree with your point about the environmental impact of traditional book production, which is why I am thrilled with the advancing technology of e-zines, print on demand and e-books.

I do also understand the concerns other disgruntled writers have with regard to compensation for their work. As some of the others have pointed out, many spend years working on their novels, poetry/short story collections, non-fiction and plays. This includes often 60+ work-hours logged on top of traditional jobs including painstaking and exhaustive research, writing, workshopping and editing draft after draft. Some BC'ers may mistakenly assume that most writers are extremely well compensated for their efforts, but most aren't. The average payment from most literary journals for a 500-1500 word story amounts to about $25. Here in Canada, even the most well-known authors generally are paid $25,000 or less for a full-length MS, which is why even big names like Margaret Atwood, Jack Hodgins and the late Mordecai Richler do stints in the Universities as professors. Those of us who are less well-known and have less seniority usually work around words, in libraries and bookstores.

This post is not meant to flame or condemn Bookcrossing or Bookcrossers in anyway. I, too, am a member, and probably for many of the same reasons as most (love to read, love to share the joy of reading w/ others, and the environmental issues the above poster mentioned are also close to my heart). The reason I'm posting this is to try to educate and inform those of you who scoff about authors or artists such as those in the movie/recording industry, as being greedy. It's not a question of greed , it's a question of that new buzzword "intellectual property". With all this new technology, piracy has come to the writing field too, and it's not just the big names that get ripped off, it's the little guys, too. In my writers' group, nearly every member has at least one horror story of not being paid for their work by unscrupulous editors, having their internet e-books/poems copied without permission, etc. Yes, sites like Bookcrossing do promote literacy and that's all to the good, but the dark side of these issues should be acknowledged, too, and the fact is, while some may benefit, others stand to lose.

Nothing is black and white, except the print on the page.

Peace out. people and read on!


Im not an author, but an avid book reader ~~ up to 15 books a month at times.

Authors are in the same boat as any craftsman. Once the original purchase has been made, the craftsperson gets what they negoitated for.

My husband is a carpenter, who makes cabinets and fine furniture. He's been reading this thread over my shoulder...and his opinion is "Once I sell the craft that I have poured all my talent, time, and belongs to that person. If they decide to sell it or give it away later, it would be great to get paid a 2nd time, but then, did the person ever own it? Or was it a short term lease, and they should bring it back to me when they are done with it?"

btw....he's also an avid reader, and looking at 4 rooms full of books, mostly paperbacks....he & I both think BC is great...share the wealth, opportunity..and if your with a loved any books released by us would be


most carpenters, electricians and other skilled craftspeople get compensated quite well for the work they produce, and there is an industry standard hourly fee set and guilds or unions that control the rates by which they are paid. It's easy to be generous about your work when you're well compensated for it. Most writers are rarely compensated as handsomely for their "craft" as are skilled labourers like your DH. This is the reason different things like reprint, royalty, language and electronic rights sprung up in the first place: the industry standard for compensation is set so low , we *aren't* paid commensurate to our craft's worth perforce. We were obliged to create other means by which to generate more income for ourselves. From the sheer numbers who must hold down other jobs, it's pretty obvious, at least to me, that the current system is exploiting us.

Ask your DH how he'd feel if he'd created a sturdy, beautifully crafted, legal bookcase, had his clients lavish him with praise for it, take it and then refuse to pay him for the work. Either that, or throw him a few pennies and tell him to get the %$# off their property. Or another scenario: that a client demands money from him up front for the chance to compete against other craftspeople for the mere *opportunity* to have his work commissioned. This would probably be an accurate metaphor for most of the common working conditions within the arts community. This is due to the fact that even with advocacy in place, we still have an uphill battle to convince people our skills are worth paying for, and handsomely, too.

I'm sorry if I seem prickly and defensive, but your husband's analogy doesn't wash with me, because the general public can see the value and use in most concrete crafts such as those at which he excels, and so rewards him commensurate to what he produces. It's getting them to honour this with the non-concrete crafts, such as the fine and performing arts at which people like myself excel, that needs to be addressed.


Within my friendship group there is an idea that books are a good carbon-sink, in that the majority of books will remain as books for a long time, hence locking carbon up more effectively than "seeding the oceans with iron" or any other crazy ideas. Remember, the idea is to have as many trees growing as possible too - managed forest counts!


...but I just want to say that I have bought books that I never would have heard of had it not been for BookCrossing. I also intend to buy second copies of my favourite PC books to send out on book rays.

On top of this, there are books I have received for free that I intend to purchase extra copies of for releasing. An example - I received a copy of Dan Maloney's "Sunrise on Kusatsu Harbor" for free from another bookcrosser. I liked this book so much that I intend to purchase SEVERAL copies to release for a challenge at the end of the year.

Finally, the books I receive from BookCrossing (from rings, rays, rabcks or OzVBB) is read and every book I read gets reviewed on my blog. Now, I don't know how many people read my blog, but I know at least some people do because I've gotten emails from people who intend to purchase the book after seeing it in my blog.

How can any of this be BAD for authors? Surely it is more money in their pockets?


I've just registered in bookcrossing - nice idea :)
There are some diferences between used books and used cars... Sure there are 30 years old cars which are still running, but a car rarely can change more than 3-4 owners... In the other hand a book can be read by hudreds and this will really affect the author benefits. But I do not see any reason readers to care about this... Don't want Your books to be read - do not sell them... You could rent them or invent some other schema... Traditional publishing dies anyway... e-books are replacing the paper more and more and selling physical books will decrease drastically... Software publishers are facing this problem from decades - borrow some experience from them instead of complaining. Readers are respecting the rules! If You don't like Your own rules anymore - change them.
In my opinion books and e-books must be totally free for readers. Authors and publishers must be sponsored by the government, even if this will lead to increased taxes. And must be sponsored based on the number of books READ, not SOLD.

And slightly off topic - a publishing company maintaining a free e-library
Reasons why they are doing this are intersting...


As a published author, the promotional potential of BookCrossing is the reason I joined a year ago! The (USD)$25 or so that I won't see for a couple dozen ARCs of my books is nothing compared to the exposure world-wide I will get from people actually reading them.

As I live in a tourist trap, several of the titles I've released (of other author's works) have ended up in the UK, Australia and the Ukraine. You can't buy publicity like that. Add to that the fact that good comments can always be pulled for the back cover before the official release date.

I have two novels coming out in a couple of months and I've already ordered a dozen advance reading copies from my publisher that I can "forget" in high-traffic areas of the city that I know the tourists frequent. I'm anxious to see where they end up.

I've also forwarded the latest newsletter here (with links) to several author's publicity and promotional newsgroups I belong to (several thousand members globally consisting of authors and publishers) so they can also see the great and inexpensive PR aspect of BookCrossing.Com

Any author that complains of "lost royalties" doesn't understand promotion or finances (typical royalties from a $5 book is less than fifty cents).


well said, also as bookcrossing says "Good Karma",,


I'll be looking out in bookshops for your books!


LonelyGuy add my name to scrabble. thanks. eskielover told me about you.


I agree that since joining bookcrossing I have bought *more* books! Not only that, if I've found an author whom I like, say through a bookring or ray, I'm more likely to go and buy another book by the same person, if I hadn't been a member of this site, then I would not have even bothered to move outside my comfort zone 'favorite' authors, my reading has been enriched and renewed since joining :-))


bookcrossing. My wish list and monthly budget for books is out of this world now. And personally if I get a book through a ring/ray or whatever, if I liked it enough I go buy a copy for my personal shelf. Talk about a great vehicle for word of mouth.


Arvinma BCD
Not every author writes novels, many write non-fiction books, others write text books. There is not a university across Canada that does not have a book store where both new and used books are sold.
What about garage sales where books are practically given away? I don't think any author feels sad about having sold a book thinking that he/she may lose future royalties when the owner gives the book away!


elhamisabel 17 yrs ago


Unbelievable!! Reading is for those who yearn for knowledge!Or just want to be some where else!For all of us who truely enjoy the art of the written word...I applaud..but alas it is not for everyone.. I think this site is a blessing for anyone who wants what this great big world has to give ( and for us to take what is appicabable to our own lives )..and if we can give to someone else..ohh............... how much our lives will be enriched,I am so greatful that I have found a way to discuss this fascinating world we live in.Wishing you all .Happy Reading~!


I don't think so. Should libraries be banned because they are depriving authors of income by allowing citizens to borrow and read books instead of having to buy each one?


Hello, i am a new author and i think this is great, everyone should read, Authors actually get paid when the book is printed as far as i know, so by the time it gets passed around we have already been paid. Any other authors let me know how you feel or what you think..


I am a published author. Yes it's true that you do get paid an advance upon publication of a book, but the more books that get sold the more money you make. Not to say that I don't love Bookcrossing because I do. It's a great way to get people reading, and buying more books. Which is good for everyone!


Like many of the people here, I have bought more books in my duration here than I normally would have. Infact, I just bought 3 books today and two the day before! It's addicting :cP Who ever that author is probably mad about her slumping sales and wishes to blame it on something other than her writing. Really now... this place does nothing but promote authors! It free advertisement.


I think it is just that alot of the people that normally purchase books have been laid off, received pay cuts or are saving money incase they are laid off. The economy is down (cliche I know) in the U.S. and people just aren't buying a whole lot of nonessential items.



If I can find the article which appeared in the local West Australian newspaper within the last few weeks, I`ll either type it out or refer to the date and see if I can get a scanner to copy it later. Was quite interesting about a young lady finding a book and mentioning bookcrossing in the article. Hope I can find it and let you know. Thanks WallyCox65


new to this please someone help me


wingMoemwing 15 yrs ago
Re: new help
> new to this please someone help me

It would be easier to help you if we knew what you are needing help with.


anyone interested in looking at my story I resurfaced it from my pile of writings a couple of days ago I would like to have it published into a book I would need someone who is experienced with crting other people's work if you're interested in looking at it please let me know where I can contact you


Slightly off-topic...

On Sunday Oct. 12 a friend and I went to a movie at Mission Valley mall in San Diego. This was the day after a small Buffy convention here in town. Approaching the doors I saw some paperback books laying on one of the planters, and a young woman standing there looking at them with a quizzical expression. Since I'm always curious about books, my friend and I went closer. The books turned out to be the Buffy/Angel "Unseen" trilogy Nancy Holder and I wrote (I found out later that a user had left them there). The young lady saw us looking and said, "I don't know who these belong to." I said something like, "I don't either, but I wrote them." Her face lit up and she said, "You're Jeff Mariotte? I LOVE your books! I wanted to go to the con yesterday to get some signed but I had to work." I looked inside the books and they were signed by me and Nancy. She took them and left, happy and with $50 in her pocket she wouldn't have had if she'd made the con.

So my experience with is a favorable one (and probably pretty unique). It was definitely a weird coincidence that I was there at that moment.

Jeff Mariotte


stinalyn 17 yrs ago
And welcome to BookCrossing, Jeff! I'm a longtime fan of both Buffy and Angel but have never read any of the books. Now I know what author to start with! :-)


rainbowbabe 17 yrs ago
Re: Wow!
I'm not a fan - which is not to say I am anti-Buffy! I have just never seen the show. However, Jeff's message was such a great story! I wanted to chime in that this is exactly how an author can create goodwill among just the people who matter - readers!
Welcome, and thanks for sharing this wonderful story!!


Great story, Jeff! Tons of Buffy fans exist in this community. I know you just made them very happy (And may have sold some of your books as well.)


I can't remember her name either (obviously she didn't make THAT big of an impact) but I remember looking her up on Amazon to see what she had written. Her books were all about horoscopes and I would never have purchased them anyway. I think we can forget about this whining author.

I often miss catching a book I was interested in and end up buying it or after reading a book I find I buy more books by the same author. Bookcrossing is more about opening the mind and sharing knowledge with others than just getting free stuff.


Her name is (grr...) Jessica Adams. There's plenty of posts about her in the archives.

who is too polite to say what she thinks about...old what's her name... ;-)


WintersQT4ever 15 yrs ago
No, I don't think this is depriving anyone of there royalties, they should just be happy that there book is being read by many. I personally, can say, I would not read as much if it weren't for this site, because I wouldn't have enough money to buy the books new. This site is a great opportunity for reading!


First of all I don't think author's should be writing for the sole purpose of making money. I am an aspiring author as well and I never thought that if I got my book published one day that it would take away from my $$$.

Writing should be about inspiring and making people think.

2nd of all, like others have said it encourages more books to be bought. Because of BC, i've read books by author's i've never read anymore and when I was encourage to find more books by the same author and no one had it...I was willing to go to the book store and buy a copy....

if it weren't for BC i would have never bought the book.


I would think that if someone was given your book on recommendation that they are more likely to read other books by you & therefore start a change of interest in your writing, thus increasing sales since they are not able to recieve every book in the wild by you!


Not sure if this thread is still alive, but I wanted to say that I am a published author, and I don't begrudge anyone who spreads my book far and wide! We don't all feel like Ol' Whatshername. I figure that it's helping someone enjoy the written word, and it's free publicity, honestly ... so it's all good in my opinion!


What book did you write? I couldn't tell from your bookshelf.


I don't believe so. What about libraries? They check out books for free.


BookFrog 17 yrs ago
I used to trade with friends all the time. Pass a book along that I had enjoyed. I used to do all my borrowing from the library, friends or second hand book stores and occasionally go to big sellers.

So BookCrossing is nothing new, lots of people post that they have been bookcrossing for years. I used to go backpacking and buy books and then leave them behind inthe youth hostel (well except for the ones that weighed my pack down but I couldn't let go of).

Now I still trade with friends, go to charity shops and buy huge piles there and support their work and I still go and buy books from the big chains and register and release. I have read more variety and bought more variety perhaps since bookcrossing and I don't think it is going to hurt their sales.

I was back reading and perhaps the authors who get hurt and dropped are ones who weren't very good anyway?


Hiyahs:)) Can't see how sharing can hurt in any way? Why should money always interfere in everything we do, even reading, what we really are at BX is a giant world library, a fun library, fun to hunt for books and good practice in detachment by releasing books...


I'm an author. I'm going to order some copies of my book at my Author's discount and join in this game. Any true writer wants to be read. Being rich is optional.



> Any true writer
> wants to be read. Being rich is optional.



I think the site is helping author's royalties and the publishing industry. I personally buy MORE books because of the site, sometimes two copies of the same title so I can read one and release one right away. I know friends and family memebers who have bought books because of recommendations from this site. Bookcrossing is a friend to authors and publishers!


Her name is Susan Albert; she writes mysteries.



Hello all.

I'm an author, and I'm all for this place! I want readers, so they'll buy the next book. Readers are all important to writers.

I gave a slighgtly damaged copy of my mystery THE TANGLED BOY away with a BookCrossing label in the front and am eagerly looking forward to seeing who reads it next. Not all authours think the same way!

Caro Soles


Well, I recognized your name, & then I Googled you (Hope you don't mind!) & discovered that you are also Kyle Stone! THAT was a surprise! Welcome to Bookcrossing!


no way


IMO it's the nature of a book that it can be read by more than one person. This includes reselling and passing it on for free.
While I can understand that the second hand sale of books might hurt the author - giving them away for free surely won't - it just generates extra attention to the authors work which can result in an increased interest of the work of the book writer - nothing more.

Keep in mind - this is not an ILLEGAL COPY like those mp3 files on the net - Every of those free books has been paid for at some time.

I think that it's vital to get people to read - specially those who can't afford books or don't care enough about them to pay for them in the first place.


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