[CLOSED] Colorful Surprise Sweeps (US Only) - Round 2 (GREEN)

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Copied from Samid's original starting round:

Sharing books and treats is always fun, especially when there is an element of surprise added to it. So for this sweeps, we'll be sending books and other surprise treats (bookmarks, chocolates, teas... whatever the sender would like to gift!). What makes this a sweeps colorful is that each round will have a specific color as a theme for whatever books and surprises we send.

Round 2 Color: GREEN

For example: This round's color is GREEN, so you may choose to send a book with the word "green" in the title (such as "Anne of Green Gables") or a book whose cover is green (such as "The Essex Serpent" by Sarah Perry). You would also send at least one green "surprise" like a notebook, a bookmark, candy/treat in green packaging, etc.

Rules are copied from other tried-and-true sweeps:
1. Post here if you want to enter. If you wish to be "Send Only" please indicate in your post.
2. If you wish to be entered into the sweeps, PM me your name and address. This information will be provided to the others if you are selected as the winner or decoy.
3. One winner and one decoy will be chosen at random on January 8th, 2021. Everyone will get a PM with the name and address of the winner, except the winner who will get a PM with the name and address of the decoy. KEEP THE WINNER SECRET!! :)
4. Send the prize within a few weeks.
5. Keep to each round's chosen color.

Note: Due to the cost of shipping internationally, this sweeps will be U.S. Only.

If you are the winner:
1. You must agree to hold the sweeps again within a few months' time.
2. You will not be eligible to win the sweeps you host (you must be "Send Only").
3. If you are unable to host (life happens), PM Spatial.
3. You get to pick the color theme, but don't pick one that has been used in any of the last 3 rounds. Let's keep this colorful!
4. Please post here the books and treats you receive and who sent them to you. This allows everyone to join in on the fun. :)

Deadline to Enter: January 8th, 2021
Drawing for Winner/Decoy: January 9th, 2021

bamaforever SENT-RECEIVED
ILuvToRead2 {{DECOY}} SENT-

Send Only:
Spatial (host) SENT-RECEIVED
haahaahaa98 SENT-RECEIVED

Any thoughts on the date? Should it be later in January to make sure people are ready after all the holiday craziness?


bamaforever 4 mos ago
I'm in
Thanks for hosting. I have some green goodies put to the side just for this sweeps :-)


wingSpatialwing 4 mos ago
RE: I'm in
Thanks for hosting. I have some green goodies put to the side just for this sweeps :-)

Added! Thanks for joining!


wingSpatialwing 3 mos ago
May have to extend this one.


Sending PM now. Thanks!


Sending PM now. Thanks!

You are added. Thanks for joining!



Added! Thanks for joining!


samid 3 mos ago
Count me in!
Sending a PM your way now.


Sending a PM your way now.

Got it! Thanks for joining!


wingSpatialwing 3 mos ago
Not much time left to join!!


I'm interested in participating, but only as a "Send only."


I'm interested in participating, but only as a "Send only."

Thanks for joining!


samid 3 mos ago
Nearly time...
Bumping! :)



Thanks for joining!


wingSpatialwing 3 mos ago
Last call!
The sweeps will be closing tonight! Still time to join!


...and using a random number generator a winner and decoy have been chosen!

PMs coming soon!

Please remember it's a surprise! So, don't let it slip who won!

EDIT: PMs sent! If you did not receive one, please let me know! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to see what the winner and decoy receive!


I put it in the mailbox, so there's no tracking number...but it's Priority Mail so hopefully it won't take *too* long.


Package sent out today. I'm not providing tracking so as not to give away where the package is going. :)


Congrats to the winner and thank you all for participating!


I received 2 green books and lots of green goodies from samid.

ETA: Thank you samid for the books 3rd Degree and Point Blank. Thanks also for the pretty green towel, cute homemade bookmarks, the green pencil and post-its, the green tea, and the green tea candy in the pretty green envelope. I love it all - thank you for your thoughtfulness!!!


I opened up my mailbox just a bit ago and discovered that I'm apparently the sweeps winner. :) Thank you so much for all the fun items I've already received!

From haahaahaa98 - "A Little Thing Called Life" by Linda Thompson and bookmarks. I've never heard of Linda Thompson, but from reading the inside cover and taking a look at some of the pics I'm already intrigued by the life she's had.

From hyphen 8 - "Wisdom From It's No Easy Being Green and Other Things to Consider" by Jim Henson, "Green Eggs and Ham and Other Servings of Dr Seuss" audiobook, homemade coffee cup sleeve, bookmarks, BC labels, green glittery tape (thanks for the hint about using clear tape over the top), pencils, and a packet of cucumber seeds (very clever!).

From Spatial - "Serafina and the Black Cloak" by Robert Beatty, hot chocolate, a cool set of green sticky notes, bookmarks, BC labels, note card, small notebook, glittery green spider sticker, and a face mask.

Seriously, this was such a wonderful way to wrap up a rough work day. <3


I hope you like it! :-)



I received two more packages this weekend. :)

Bamaforever - Thank you so much for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," the card, bookmark, BC labels, peppermint and green teas, and a green tea face mask!!

Rubyrebel - I received "Planet Dog: a Doglopedia" (HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BOOK!?!), but the BCID wasn't in the book so I'm not able to journal it. I write in the BCID before passing it along (after I've read every page at least 3x!). :)


wingSpatialwing 1 wk ago
Hey everyone! I haven't seen samid around for awhile and tried to contact them via pm and haven't heard back. I've seen also that they haven't been around on some other threads for sweeps or such. Hopefully, everything is ok with them and we'll see them back on BC soon.

In light of this, I'll go ahead and start round 3 soon. So, be on the lookout! The color will be PINK!


Thanks! I will look for some pink books. I hope samid is ok!


wingSpatialwing 4 days ago
New Round!
Round 3 is now open! Come and join us for another round!



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