[CLOSED] 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 ❗️ 2020 EUROPE & UK Secret Santa

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Hosting in memory of MyssCyn …….copied and pasted from 2017 thread

📝Post here then send me a PM titled "EU & UK Secret Santa 2020"
I use the individual PM's to make copy & paste, so I need one per entry in EACH SS you join.

📬Please list 1,2,3. EXACTLY!
3❗️ADDRESS 〰EXACTLY as it should appear on a package

🔻Include a wishlist or post one on your profile please.
🗓Names will be assigned on or about Nov. 19th.
You probably won't receive from the person you send to.
⏲Please mail by Dec. 1st. Or by a way for it to arrive by the 25th
💎Send what you'd like🎁. Books 📕, of course, are always appreciated.

🎄🎄Participants 🎄🎄
schwester (Austria)
Poodlesister (UK)
bookfrogster (UK)
Bookworm-lady (Spain)
russbaum (UK)
MiuM (Finland)
Livrespublic (Spain)
Waldkus (Germany)
yorkshire-lass (UK)
Palwasha (Germany)
AnnaJ18 (Slovakia)
Arvores (Portugal)
Meg72 (Portugal)
chawoso (Germany)
Mankyi (Switzerland)
sedna5213 (Germany)
Poppywalker (UK)
MLA (Norway)
Nakipa (Portugal)


instead of a wishlist (updated as something comes to my mind)
I don't eat meat
I try to reduce my use of (especially single-use) plastic to as little as possible
I like to swim, hike and kayak
I bike almost all my daily ways
I have a small garden in the middle of Vienna with challenging conditions for most plants - so ideas/seeds very welcome: not very sunny, but dry with an underground car park beneath, the only things really happy there at the moment are: two fig trees, a peach tree, lavender, some rambler roses


PM sent. Thanks j4shaw


bookfrogster 6 mos ago
I'm in!
PM sent.


PMing you now. :)


wingrussbaumwing 6 mos ago
I'm in
PM sent


PMing now


PM is coming


Pm will send. Thanks for organisation!


Will PM you now :-)


AnnaJ18 6 mos ago
I would love to join.


PM on the way.
Thank you!


Meg72 5 mos ago
Me, please!
PM is on its way :-)


PM will follow. Thanks for organizing :-)


PM following, my wishlist is on my profile


wingsedna5213wing 5 mos ago
I'm in
Thanks a lot for organizing!


Pm on way, wishlist is on profile.


wingNakipawing 5 mos ago
I'm in
I'll set up a wishlist on my profile!


Meg72 5 mos ago
I really enjoy Secret Santa :-))))


MiuM 5 mos ago


Last chance to enter.....will be drawing the pairings today


PMs have been sent today to all participants for the 2020 EUROPE & UK Secret Santa


we are again locked down with shops closed, but I'll see what I can do...


wingNakipawing 4 mos ago
Got the PM
and my package is going out today. We have two holidays coming up in the beginning of the month so might as well send out right away.





An additional book will arrive from the USA, via Bookmooch. I included the bookplate for it in the parcel.



Hope my secret santa partner likes the treats :-)


I think it was me you sent to, sorry for the belated thank you. Lovely parcel x


Merry Christmas to all. :)



Posted and recieved



Happy holiday season! 🎅🎄🎁


..hope it arrives in time! (I just had a parcel take 5 months to get to Austria!)


yeah, but I live in a remote part of Austria, called Vienna!


A package arrived yesterday from Spain with European Secret Santa writtn on it, I will open it on the Big day and say a propper thank you then :-)

My package will be in the post on Monday morning!


Thank you MiuM, the package arrived while I was away this weekend for a course. My neighbour kept it safe for me.


Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!


wingWaldkuswing 4 mos ago
A parcel
from UK arrived today. Thanks a lot!


MiuM 4 mos ago
Thank you!
Thank you for the package Palwasha!
I did not open the package yet, just peeked in to find the card on the top of it.
Now the parcel is stored away for Christmas. :)


And a book was ordered via musicMagpie/amazon. The book should arrive between the 14th and the 16th.
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to you... all 😊


Arvores 4 mos ago
I'm in mainland for the rest of the month. My secret Santa must have sent the present to my address on the island (Porto Santo). In case it gets there until the 17th, my wife will bring it to me. Otherwise, I will only be able to come here and thank properly to Santa after the Holidays. Please don't worry about it my dear Santa.
Thank you.




Thank you chawoso! Will open it on christmas and post a proper "thank you" then. Merry christmas!


wingsheepettewing 4 mos ago
Thank you
parcel just arrived and is now under tree.


And is under the tree waiting for Christmas morning, Thank you!



I will be good and keep it until Xmas day... Thank you so much, I really need some cheering up this year!


You're welcome! A book is coming separately for you, from the US ;)


You're welcome! A book is coming separately for you, from the US ;)

The parcel I received is the book from U.S.A. Please send me its BCID number... :)


Ok, that means that the parcel I've sent you is still on the way. The bookplate with the BCID number is in that parcel.


It's safe at home and it'll be opened soon.


For the great package containing a bar of chocolate (spiced?), sesame seed bars, three bookmarks, some stamps, a cute kitten and book card, cat writing paper and two books A Florentine Death by Michele Guittari https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/11950470/ and a Graphic history of Tampere by Pauli Kallio and Tiitu Takalo https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15920058


Thanks so much for the lovely box of goodies you sent me, here is alist of what I received,
The Cat Who Came for Christmas by Cleveland Amory,
A lovely cotton bag for carrying my books,
Cadiz 1544 chocolate,
note book,
Bookcrossing supplies,
Paper soap,
Christmas pegs,
Christmas napkins,
Christmas stickers,
A Christmas card.

I love it all thank you so much and hope you are having a good Christmas :-)


Thank you so much for the book; A Classic Christmas Crime, and
Christmas stickers
Christmas ornaments, and

Didn't want to open it before Christmas Eve, and was visiting family for a week.

Hope the gift I sent to my receiver has arrived.


Thank you so much for the book; A Classic Christmas Crime, and
Christmas stickers
Christmas ornaments, and

Didn't want to open it before Christmas Eve, and was visiting family for a week.

Brilliant, I was getting a bit concerned that it might be lost on its way to you.
Enjoy, and Happy New Year!! :)


The book is "Survivors - true stories of children in the Holocaust".
I suppose it comes from Santa. Is it?
Please let me know, dear Santa. And send me a BCID, will you?
Thank you so much 😊


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