[CLOSED] A Celtic / Irish tradition - Samhain (8th Intl Medieval Exchange)

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I volunteered to take over this exchange from Simson-Shilitoe when he took a break from Bookcrossing. This is different to kiwiinengland’s Halloween Exchange.

we are still in the hot summer-time but autumn and the dark season are coming soon ....

"Samhain" is a Gaelic festival held on October 31–November 1 in medieval Ireland, Scotland ("Samhainn") and Wales ("Nos Galan Gaeaf and Calan Gaeaf"). It was linked to festivals held around the same time in other Celtic cultures, and was popularised as the "Celtic New Year" from the late 19th century. It is seen as a festival of darkness, which is balanced at the opposite point of the wheel by the spring festival of "Beltane", celebrated as a festival of light and fertility. The medieval Celtic festival of "Samhain" marked the end of the harvest, the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half". Bonfires played a large part in the festivities. The festival was also an ideal date for tribal assemblies, where the local kings gathered their people. These gatherings in turn are a popular setting for early Irish tales.

"Samhain" is also celebrated as a religious festival by some people (evening before All Saints Day) in these regions.

Over time, the night of 31 October came to be called “All Hallows' Eve”. So Samhain is the historical origin of "Halloween".

If you are interested in an exchange which has to do with that sort of medieval halloween festival feel free to take part in it.

And here we go again:

I will draw names and you will send your secret person a "Samhain parcel". Include a book (of course) of your choice and some TREAT, anything, seasonal, or related to autumn or that festival, traditions, regions or themes (Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales or other regions where similar festivals are held, the Celtic culture, fairies and tales, calendar, harvest, dark & light, celtic or irish music ….). You can also include ideas which have to do with "Saints" or “autumn” for that season. It doesn't have to be anything big ... sweets, cards, decorations, calendars, self-made cd`s, hand-made stuff/things, whatever ... use your imagination, be creative!

(1) Post here by October 2nd if interested.

(2) PM your address and shipping preference to me. This is international, but I understand needing to mail cheaply. If you need to stay with a certain country or whatever, just let me know. Also, send me your MAILING ADDRESS, even if you have sent it to me for other exchanges ....


(4) I will draw soon after October 3rd. The person who has your name will most likely be different from the person who you have.

(5) Post here when you get your parcel and let us know what you have received, post here even if you don't plan to open it right away. That way your partner knows their parcel arrived safe and sound.

(6) ALL serious bookcrossers who plan to keep their commitments can join. If there's a problem, please feel free to let me know so that I or another participant can help. We'll work something out.

(7) Please mail your parcel by October 15th, ASAP, or sooner if your parcel has a long way to travel. They should arrive by November 1st.

Thanks to all who have made these exchanges so fun!

Okay everyone! Come join the fun!!!

Abi-Gibby (UK) - sent and received
Poodlesister - sent and received
Mankyi (UK/EU) - sent and received
Bookworm-lady (intl) - sent and received
Dolph1n (UK) - sent and received
Palwasha (intl) - sent and received
Yogiberri (UK) - sent and received
Claudia_amorim (Europe) - received
Arvores (Europe) - sent and received
Poppywalker (Intl) - sent and received
redfox5 (UK) - sent and received
MiuM (Europe) - sent and received
herchelle - sent and received


I'll join



Any postal preference Mankyi?

Great to have you and Abi-Gibby on board so quickly.


Thanks! UK and EU, please!


PMing you now, I can post INTL.


dolph1n 7 mos ago
Me please
Uk only posting please


pm is on it´s way...



But Ireland still isn’t posting everywhere so I can only post to Europe!

Thanks for hosting this :)


I may be in mainland by the time we celebrate Samhain (depending on covid-19 travel restrictions and so on). But at least I'll send my parcel before that.
Europe only please, as I have a hardback ready to be sent ;-)
PM on the way.
Thank you!


Me please happy to post abroad




I would prefer UK shipping, can do intl if needed but anything intl would be going the slower route.


I would like to join, Europe only. :)


Welcome back


Thank you! <3 I have been busy lately due to a baby (now a toddler) and now the covid restrictions have taken their toll too


Thank you! <3 I have been busy lately due to a baby (now a toddler) and now the covid restrictions have taken their toll too

Welcome back! :)


This will close on October 2nd


This will close on October 2nd

I think I have missed this ;-(
Hope to get another chance next year :-)


This will close on October 2nd

I think I have missed this ;-(
Hope to get another chance next year :-)

Sorry chawoso, I had some time today so decided to go ahead and sort it all out.


Please include me in this exchange and thank you so much for hosting this wonderful exchange. Blessings Be!


I've closed this a day early. I will be sending out PMs later today.


Please let me know if there are any problems



I’ll gather everything needed and send it off 😊


MiuM 6 mos ago
PM Received
And actually posted already, since no idea how long second class foreign postal service takes these days.


Just putting together the last pieces, the parcel will be ready in a few days.


Have a few little bits I need to get tomorrow


I still need to get something else I want for my parcel, but I won't take long... :)



German Post is actually shipping by sea, only. So this may need a little longer.


Hopefully will be getting to the recipient at some point next week


But was having problems getting on the website to say so.


Sending my parcel tomorrow


I really hope the recipient will enjoy my (scarce) choices.


I've just recieved the last gift to go in my parcel so I will be posting monday


claudia_amorim 6 mos ago
Hi! I was waiting on the book I wanted to send to be given back to me from a friend. She's a county over and we are once again not allowed to travel outside our little county. Sooo, I've just purchased the book via BWB and will get the rest of the package in the post next week. Sorry for the delay!




My 5yo was half way through trying to open the box so we’ve opened and what a treat!!
It’s a beautiful packaged box with orange tissue paper and insider were lots of treats! Hot chocolate sachets some super exciting biscuits/ l it take cakes that will most definitely be dipped in coffee, a softcover notebook (oh I do love a good bit of stationary) a little pad with ideas for self care and to track your priorities, appointments and gratitude. I’ve actually had a really rough week and this is great! I was also totally spoiled with 3 books!!
1.The legends of King Arthur and his knights by Sir James Knowles. - I want to do lots about King Arthur as part of home school so this is perfect!
2. Picture the dead by Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown - seems like a spooky one 😁
3. Little women by Louisa May Alcott which is a wishlist book!

There’s also lots of little orange leafs peppered through out the box!

I am a tua so overwhelmed with gratitude for this right now. I’ve been a little absent on here because I’ve started a children’s clothing business and have been very busy. Last week was a disaster with delays in fabric and a machine break so I was feeling pretty down.

Thank you so so much!


I'm so glad you liked everything! Congrats on opening a new business! It takes a lot of courage and strength to keep going as a small business owner these days... I hope your new shop is a success!


Thank you! In retrospect it is a bit of a weird time to start isn’t it’


Well, people shop online a lot these days!


I just found the card! Thank you :)


And the rest is being posted tomorrow:)


And I'm feeling so happy and spoiled!! Wow, what a generous parcel! I love absolutely everything!!
I got:
3! books - Happiness for Humans by P.Z. Reizin and Daughter of Empire by Pamela Hicks were on my wishlist, and A Book of Faries by Katharine Briggs sounds like just a perfect little book for this time of the year!
Teapigs Earl Grey tea
BC bookplates
beautiful postcards
Lavender and Geranium shower gel and handmade soap which both smell absolutely divine, and who told you this is my favorite scent combination??!:)))
Dark chocolate with raspberries
Beautiful natural linen towel
Earrings!!! with green gemstone - do you know what stone it is? looks like green tourmaline to me
and a beautiful cloth face mask with halloween'y print - so cute!

Thank you so much for putting this parcel together for me, I can definitely tell you took care to put together things I will love! I am just speechless and absolutely over the moon!!!


I’ve had two books arrive direct from online sellers which could be from a birthday group member, or from an exchange partner. The New Covent Garden Soup for all Seasons (a wishlist book) could it be for this exchange ? Also Fire Girl Forest Boy which could be a themed Guy Fawkes exchange book.

ETA I know who sent the soup book - it’s a birthday present


It wasn't marked as Samhain so I opened it thinking it was a late birthday present. I have closed the box and put it away until the correct day,



Let’s see if it really be there in two weeks like they told me. That would be awesome!


Thank you so much for your Treasure Box filled with the most amazing things, and everything was beautifully packed!!
Where to start...
What a cool box That is a real keeper, a wishlist book “The Book of Lost Things” by John Connolly, Hobbits cookies, Stollen with Marzipan (yumm!), sugared pumpkin scented tea light candles, a butterfly bookmark, Bookcrossing labels, a Bookcrossing pen!!, a squirrel ornament, a ghost candy dish, paper Halloween streamers, and some fancy “Hello Autumn” napkins.
I had received you package on Friday but I wouldn’t let myself open it until I had sent my Samhain parcel out. This was so much fun! Many Blessings to you, Palwasha!


You are very welcome. It was so much fun to pack this for you.
The Box is a regular small- pumpkin- box from our market. I cannot send the little pumpkins but the box was perfect for all this little gifts.

I' m so happy that this package was travelling so fast! Less than two weeks!

Happy Samhain to all of you!


Him Standing by Richard Wagamese. Might be from someone in this group or another exchange


Today I sent my parcel to my partner, and received mine.
Thank you, partner, I am saving it for October, 31st, I am sure that I will need cheering up!
And I am confident that mine will arrive with plenty of time for the celebration! :)


I received your lovely parcel!
There were several surprises: Chocolate, a skull necklace, knitted hand warmers (that heat up!), A cat magnet, selfmade owl, cute cat amigurumi, a Fairy Land jigsaw puzzle for my kid (thank you so much!) and a book Tidelands by Philippa Gregory! This is too much! :)


I wonder where it is wandering.


It has arrived yesterday :-) Perfect timing, as I travelled to mainland today.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for the book "Skellig", by David Almond, totally new to me (https://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/14052441), the chocolate (my favourite Fazer, with liquorice), the cards and the small treasures. I brought everything with me to mainland, to celebrate, read and indulge myself with it. And I'll keep the small treasures (which I won't reveal), for good luck (everything coming from kaunis Suomi brings me good luck) ;-)


I am do glad that you received the parcel in time and that you liked it. :)


I am do glad that you received the parcel in time and that you liked it. :)


Thank you mystery sender, I will open on the 31st.

Should be sending mine out today :)



I believe it's from this exchange as have already received something from Kiwiinenglands Halloween exchange. I will be opening it on Halloween day


On my birthday! I love the green leaf decorated packaging. I will save it for the 31st October or the 1st November.


It looks like everyone has got their parcel, only i haven't got anything yet.


It looks like everyone has got their parcel, only i haven't got anything yet.

It has been sent so fingers crossed it will get to you by the 31st!


Your package was in the Mail today. :)


Your package was in the Mail today. :)

Brilliant! I was starting to feel concerned that you would feel left out...
Now it's time to enjoy!! :)


I hope you don't mind me opening it early but I was feeling really down today and in need of cheering up. Inside my parcel are two books, Falling Leaves and a James Patterson bookshot, 11 3 minutes. Also a jar of homemade marmalade, linen tablecloth, craft iems, BC labels, release bags and Bookmarks, and two handmade hearts 💕. Thank you I am cheered up.


Glad you opened your parcel early Daugh1n and that it cheered up your day :-D


Opened mine last night well early this morning really, after a long crap shift. Thank you abby-gibby
Two books that look really good 'Celtic myths and legends' and 'Celtic tales'
Hot chocolate sachets, tea, bookcrossing stickers, sweets, chocolate and chocolate treat size bag
I'd sit down and start reading if I didnt have so much crochet to get done xx


I hope you enjoy the books


We really enjoy all the Halloween Stuff ( Halloween straws, garland, 2 books "Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends" and "Let's decorate Halloween Stickers" and a pack of Halloween Mentos.) Thank you!


We really enjoy all the Halloween Stuff ( Halloween straws, garland, 2 books "Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends" and "Let's decorate Halloween Stickers" and a pack of Halloween Mentos.) Thank you!

Brilliant! Happy Halloween! :)


For the package that contained
Bringing up the bodies by Hilary Mantel
Galaxy hot chocolate powder
Lots of Halloween themed chocolate
Trick or treat bag
Halloween style cracker (Halloween version of the Christmas ones)


I have to confess that I opened my package on Poodlesister's birthday -in celebration. Well, that and I could hear there were seeds inside and I just couldn't contain my curiousity any longer. Wow - some butternut squash which grow fabulously on my allotment, basil which will be great for my balcony, aubergines which are a first for me and some great ornamental gourdy type things which will be the envy of my fellow allotment holders. A great selection of bookmarks which are already scattered around my collection of "on the go" books, some lovely mandalas for me to colour in, a really interesting book on the celts with some more beautiful celtic patterns in, a truly lovely missive to keep me centred, an envelope made out of a page from a magazine - now that's something I'm going to try and emulate and last, but by no means, a postcard from the island; rather sunnier than the one I used to live on in Scotland! Thank you again for all the thought you put into your package, so much appreciated :-D xx


I'm really glad that you enjoyed it.
Happy Samhain! 😊


Thanks for not one but two parcels... the BWB mystery is now solved, as I picked everything from the post office on the same day.
Thanks for a great Don't Bug Me notebook, which will come very handy, three Dairy Milk bars, two scary chocolates (all sweets will also come handy later today, as a tasty snack!), and some BC labels. Thanks for your card too!
There is a little red bag with what appear as shaped soaps? Please let me know if I am wrong, they look cute and glittery!
I will register the books and post again!
Thanks, you have been brilliant! :)

Edited to ask: Do you have BCIDs for the books, or shall I register them in your name?


Oh! I forgot the add the label :D they are “holiday” scented wax melts! I’m pretty sure I read somewhere you like scented candles? Hopefully you’ve a wax melter for them. It’s soya wax and essential oils and a bit of glitter for fun :D


Oh! I forgot the add the label :D they are “holiday” scented wax melts! I’m pretty sure I read somewhere you like scented candles? Hopefully you’ve a wax melter for them. It’s soya wax and essential oils and a bit of glitter for fun :D

Thanks! Yes, I love scented candles, in fact the whole parcel smelt nicely. And yes, I have a wax melter, I will use them to relax on these stressful evenings...


dolph1n 5 mos ago
I forgot to post that I'd sent my parcel. Two weeks ago.


Great Package!

The Moonlit Door - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15072448
Child Of Darkness - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15948252
Fairy Girl: Party at Rainbows End - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7072257
The Months of the Year - https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15164828

Note cards
Fortune telling Card Game

Photo in JEs!


For a book Confessions of a Pagan Nun by Kate Horsley https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/13191450 , a variety of tea bags, three lollipops, some black taffy sweets, a big box of Halloween Jelly Belly beans, two bookmarks including one with a four directions / seasons wheel, two packets of flower seeds, a Butterfly Coin, lots of fruit bars, some BC bookplates in memory of MyssCyn and a lovely card. A great selection. Thanks very much.


I am so glad that it arrived safely. Well It almost arrived on time. 😊


I am so glad that it arrived safely. Well It almost arrived on time. 😊

Did you also make a donation to my virtual tree grove? If so thanks very much, that means a lot to me.


I was slightly late for joining, but two Samhain surprises reached me.
Thanks for thinking of me!


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