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wingwhiskeyjanewing 6 mos ago


Complete Thread
HGG has been EXTENDED!!! Are you sick of hearing "due to Covid-19....?" Well, here's one more for you: "Due to Covid-19, I will be EXTENDING HGG through the end of February. Let's take a little more time this year to spread some happiness and good cheer!

Boy Howdy, if there was ever a year in need of an HGG, this is it!

It's time for our annual Holiday Gift Giving Thread! I've been looking forward to putting this up for awhile and have been holding myself back for weeks for tradition's sake. Ha! What a great opportunity to spread some cheer within our community during a super crazy time!

We are in our 16th year of Holiday Gift Giving through BC! I love being the middle-girl between those who want to surprise another BCer with a gift and the lucky receiver of that gift!

If you have done HGG before, you know the drill. Nothing has changed this year (well, except for everything...) and Southernfryed is still the go-to girl for my address. {Thank you, Sweet Southernfryed Friend!} It WOULD help me tremendously if you guys would alphabetize your address request lists!


If you are a NEW player, please read this post very carefully and if you still have questions then PM me for clarification.

Everyone may post his or her personal wish list, not just books, but anything--- big or small. Others may try to fulfill the wishes as they can. USED items that fulfill a specific wish are just as wonderful as new, and there are NO OBLIGATIONS.

***Please post your country in the subject line to make it easier for the 'givers'.

I WILL NOT BE ASSIGNING YOU A PARTNER as in some of the other giving threads. On this thread, you read through the wishes and find the ones you would like to grant. Then you PM me to get the address for you. You then send the surprises out at any time between now and...whenever!

***Address Info***
Please make sure to PM for updated addresses. If you're keeping a BC address book, take the opportunity this year to update it by checking with me for addresses. I will be collecting addresses again as usual, so please send your address to me and I'll pass it along to whomever asks for it. I will post a list here as I receive addresses so you can check back to make sure your PM was received by seeing if your name is on the list.

Southernfryed has once again graciously offered to give out my address to anyone who asks. Please don't ask her for other addresses.

**Please be aware that courtesy goes a long way so please make sure that you've spelled the member's screen name correctly and that you are not sending me lists of 50 members at a time. ***I have not saved any of the addresses from last year so you will need to send yours again this year. I am very committed to responding to you in a timely manner so if you don't hear back from me or see your name on the address list within a day or two, then please assume I did not receive your note and PM again. I will notify the thread if I am to be away from the computer for more than two days. (I will not be available October 1-11).

****VERY important: I take my responsibility seriously and will not give out addresses for reasons other than HGG giving, nor will I give out addresses after Dec. 31. All addresses are deleted from my computer after the first of the year and I start fresh the following year. DO NOT ask me to send you the entire database of addresses. Also, to clarify, you must send me a list of names...don't ask me hunt down and compile a list of all the members from your country, etc. I really don't have the time to sort through the list for that. Please just list the people you'd like addresses for. Make it easy on me! :) Want to make it easier? You could even list them alphabetically...!

I've had a great time the last few years fulfilling and receiving wishes. If you're interested in participating, all you have to do is post a list of gifts you'd like to receive. You can choose books, or world peace, hand-crafted items or new cars- anything you want or need. YOU MIGHT NOT GET ANYTHING AT ALL, but this is a generous community. Someone might have the very thing. I really would like to stress the importance of saying "thank you". I will start up a "thank you" thread as well and that is a great place to post a note to the sender letting them know that you received and appreciate your gift. A PM to the person would be a second step to take that I'm sure all "gifters" would really appreciate. Please don't feel that it is impolite to ask if someone has received your gift, but keep in mind things that can slow down the mail such as...well anything is possible, it is 2020 after all!

Anyone who wishes to translate this for others, please do. All are welcome to join.

Have fun and Happy (early) Holidays!!!

ADDRESSES RECEIVED: Abi-Gibby, Ametisti, bamaforever, BettyUE, bookfrogster, BookLovinMama, BOOKWORMINUSALL, CathrineB, Chania, Charlieshack, claudia_amorim, clericalkender, Eager_Reader11, elis-fromSweden, elizardbreath, EllieDickens, elstaplador, etherea, Florence71, GraceJane, heartthumper, herchelle, HI77, hobbit, HobbitGlen, Idrooloverbooks, ILuvToRead2, iwillrejoice, JPix, jo_an_a, jumpingin, kirstykat, LadyIndigo, Leah152, LESEHEST, LittleWhiteBird, Mankyi, mcsar, Megi53, millycat, Naamakarhut, Olivia_Lo, oraetlabora, Palwasha, Poodlesister, Queen72, queenfrog, riffraff71, rubyrebel, Safrolistics, sakirmo, samid, Shemchin, Sherah2004, Soozreader, Southernfryed, Spatial, tabby-cat-owner, tigergirlnz, whiskeyjane


Scented candles
BC Supplies (homemade or supply store bought i don't mind)
Halloween/ Christmas decorations
Treats or a toy for my dog (3 year old border collie)
Vegetable seeds



Letter writing paper, postcards and stationery sets (mismatched are ok!)
Daphne's Diary or similar magazines
scrapbooking/junk journal supplies/stickers
Hebrew style tichels, headwraps, scarves, headcoverings
vintage or kitschy Christmas decorations
Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters
used postage stamps
any "old" magazines/newspapers/other paper ephemera
embroidery floss/ribbon/lace/trimmings of any kind
Books/Magazines about Nature, Homemaking, Homesteading
Books about England: history, culture, and other nonfiction
wishlist books
a letter---I'll write you back!
anything from Finland---they have the cutest everything!
Jane Austen £2 coin
Peter Rabbit 50p coins (I have Peter & Benjamin)
any kind of paper/office/writing stuff
wax seals/sealing wax
photos with a Kewpie doll
reusable shopping bags, literature-themed tote bags
Book labels
Where’s George dollars



Any kind of Doctor Who themed anything
candy from other countrys
holiday decorations (Especially Fall)
your favorite recipe
Gift cards


I know it's been a strange year so my wishlist is short. (Please make sure you have my proper address as I keep getting mail at my old address from over 3 years ago)ETA: I am moving in a week so please check with me or the organizer of this thread for alternate address

Christmas card from you
Tree ornament that symbolizes where you live or has place name on it
Small painted rocks
2020 toilet paper ornament


World Peace
BC Supplies (homemade is fine)
wheresgeorge dollar
unused postcards or greeting cards
anything Red Hat Society Related
anything coffee related
books to wild release


Wishlist books
scented candles
beads for jewellery making
Seeds (veg or flower)
Bookcrossing supplies


Bookcrossing supplies (bought or homemade, it's all great!)
Bookmarks (again, bought or homemade, it's all great!)
Stationary / Postcards / Notecards
Tea / Coffee / Cocoa
Halloween-themed anything
Alice in Wonderland or Nightmare Before Christmas anything
Random surprises (honestly, I love surprises of all kinds!)
A card or letter telling me about anything! Yourself, your pets, your family, your job, your favorite book... I love getting mail that isn't junk. :)


Maybe it is good idea to start this quite early, as nowadays you never know when there's going to be more postal restrictions!

So, here's my wishes:
I am still trying to declutter my house, so it is pretty hard to think about wishes, but here's some:

* my biggest wish is wishlist-book, and also books about food (especially food-related memoirs and such, not so much cookbooks as such) I read both in Finnish and English. Also cozy mysteries are nice!

* CHOCOLATE , especially unusual taste or chocolates with filling (rather than plain) like chocolate with pineapple or Irish cream truffle or Frys Turkish Delight! And I like more milkchocolate than dark, but anything is good!
* I love the combination of sweet and savory, like chocolate covered prezels or something like that.
* I also love to try new food, cookies, drinks, spices etc. I love stuff with wasabi, watermelon or ginger! And I love plain pecans!
* Notebooks, nice good pens and pencils, decorative tapes and stickers for BUJO etc
* woollen or cotton socks, size 40 / 6 uk/8,5 us
* bookplates in English or Finnish
* candles, scented or not, doesn't matter!
* some tiny things for the dollhouse I'm decorating - never had one as a child, so I'm re-living my childhood now :D
* a magazine in English (can be used) about cooking, decorating, generally women/home-kind of themes. Not gossip-, music-,movies- or fashion (they are not my cup of tea).

I am getting excited about this already, going to see some wishlists now!


Good Health for everyone
Wishlist books or any book you think I might like
Scented candles
Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa
Bookcrossing supplies (Homemade is great!)
A Christmas/Seasonal Card from you!
Christmas Tree Ornaments
2021 Scenic Wall Calendar printed in German


World Peace is, of course, what I'm always wanting but here's a few other things that I love and desire down here in New Zealand:

*BC Supplies in English
*Oppem Birthday Group labels to put on my envelopes
*Swiss Chocolate (I miss it so greatly and I no longer have a regular supplier)
*Cherry Ripes
*Reese's Peanut Butter chocolate items (oh dear, I have a chocolate addiction)
*Scented Soy Melts in Lavender, Vanilla, or fruity scents (I can't do anything Rose sorry, it makes me sneeze :-( )
*Scented Soy Candles in the same scents as above
*Purple Stationery
*Piano Sheet music for 'The Way it is' by Bruce Hornsby, or 'Message to My Girl' by Split Enz, or 'Absolute Beginners' by David Bowie
*An Indigo Girls' 'Look Long' CD - see http://www.indigogirls.com for details
*An Indigo Girls' 'One Lost Day' CD - see http://www.indigogirls.com for details
*A 2021 Calendar from where you live
*Wishlist books as listed on my Wishlist
*A PM about a Random Act of Kindness you've just done out there in the world.


• Tea towels
• notebooks
• things to doodle or draw with ( sketch pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers etc. )
• Items related to Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Twilight
• things with fun book sayings
• author goodies
• dark chocolate
• hair accessories
• t-shirts size xlarge
• Wishlist books (of course!)
• YA/Teen books you think I'd like
• anything minecraft, gudetama, or pokemon (for my daughter)
• cloth facemask with bookish theme
• surprises!


-A letter about yourself and where you live
-BC supplies
-"Baking All Year Round" by Rosanna Pansino
-Cookie cutters, Cookie stamps, Icing decorations
-Office supplies(pens, pencils, notepads)
-A coin from where you live
-I know it's weird but I like those rubber bracelets that you get at events. The ones that you put in a drawer and never wear.
-Gift Cards😆(Malco, Smoothie King, Starbucks)


* Chocolate (milk or dark simple without anything into)😊
* Wishlist books
* Anything about Game of Thrones
* Autobiography "Bare" by George Michael or anything about George (I'm a big fan)
* Bookmarks (magnetics or not)
* Stationary
* Surprises.😊


Happy Holidays!
If you can please wrap these things because I have a little tree I’ll be putting them under and opening on Christmas 😊
-A letter talking about you and where you live/want to live
-BC supplies
-Anything tropical
-Anything with Pineapples/anchors
-Gift cards (Barnes and Noble, Starbucks)
-Chocolate 😊
-Sweets from other countries
-Coins from different countries
-A souvenir from where you live
-Money donations for Speed The Light (We raise money for missionaries around the world---you can contact me for a PayPal address)
-Surprises 😊


Thanks elizardbreath for organizing/hosting!
Here's my wish list:

*Donate to your favorite charity or help someone in need (tell me about your favorite charity if you'd like.)
*Wishlist books
*Al centro della propria ragnatela BookCrossing Bookplate #23
*Painted Stones (I love the ones painted to look like ladybugs lately, but honestly I'd love anything - Butterflies, Birds, Mandalas, Halloween or Christmas Scenes, Easter Egg, Silhouette scenes, pretty much anything!)
*Any Halloween, Autumn, Christmas, or Easter decorations
*A Valentine heart wreath or other decoration
*Shelf sitters or little things to put on shelves and windowsills (I'm home so much - need some little decorations to cheer me up!)
*Pocket Calendar
*Organic Spices
*Those little photo brag books that hold about 10-30 4x6 photos
*Any seeds for a Butterfly/Hummingbird Garden
*Decorative envelopes/pouches/boxes for storing things
*Anything to help me keep organized
*Dark Chocolate

Surprises & Secondhand is fine.

Thanks for reading my list. I am looking forward to fulfilling some wishes! Happy Holidays!


Wishlist books
Bc labels
David Bowie stuff
Holiday cards\Xmas cards
Used gift cards
A surprise book
something with my name on it (Devon)
Something random
Cat toys
Dog toys
A surprise
address labels
ferret toys/things
hedgehog things
a letter from you

p.s. my address is on my prolife


I cannot hold out anymore. I have to join. It was a lot of fun sending and receiving gifts the last few years.

My wishlist:

- wish list books
- books you think I might enjoy
- books in French that are not too hard. I am currently really enjoying Harry Potter in French.
- books on the 1001 list (Check the Google Doc link on my profile for books I have and do not need. The books I have read or owned have titles in bold. I cannot put the link here.)
- tea - any kind
- dark chocolate (may contain nuts or other things, as long as they are not too sweet)
- logic puzzles/sudoku books or magazine
- decorative or other items with cats, elephants or owls on them
- interesting bookmarks
- sheet masks
- small cute pots (with holes) for my succulents
- anything handmade
- surprises

Happy holidays!!


elizardbreath 8 mos ago


I was hoping that Elizardbreath would do this again this year! And yes, if there was ever a year that needed this 2020 is it. I'll probably add or subtract some of these as the year goes on.

Books, not just for me, but RABCK someone else or wild release and tell me about it
Beach/Sea glass
Postcards (either old used cards, cards written, stamped and mailed or new ones)
A letter
Holiday cards--any holiday
Donate to your favorite charity or help someone in need (tell me about your favorite charity if you'd like.)
cloth facemask with bookish or snail mail theme
Where’s George dollars
Sugar-free goodies
Anything with a heart on it
Something handmade
Happy holidays to everyone!
Edited to add another wish--children's books that I can release at a little free pantry/library. We started giving them away at Christmas and it was such a hit that we're going to keep doing it. You have to hook them when they're young:)


-Scented things e.g candles, car freshener wax melts berries/chocolate/vanilla/coffee
-wishlist books
-ground coffees
-crafting materials
-sewing materials (I make clothes and other little things 😁)
- Gardening related things
- BC supplies
- Chocolate
- Handmade trinkets/decor
- Doggy/cat treats for the fur balls!


The order of my wishlist is totally random!

Bookcrossing stash (labels, stickers etc) - Preferably English or Norwegian. No childrens' book labels in English, please. I rarely register children books, and I do, they're most likely in Norwegian. Wings wouldn't hurt either:)

Books in my wishlist, or other books you think I'll like. For instance: Novels and non-fiction about animals, history, maritime, astronomy, mythology, ghost stories, fantasy. OR other novels. (I'm not a fan of criminal stories, though.)

Audio books, in CD/ mp3 CD format.

Cooking books (I'm not a vegan/vegetarian, but vegan/vegetarian recipes would be interesting.)

One of your favourite recipes! Cakes, desserts, dinners, lunches etc!

CD/mp3 CD with relaxing nature sounds, especially running water, waves, birdsong, cricket sound, wind chimes. Or with relaxing music.

Instant soups, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, iced tea or other (hot) drinks (preferably not containing other sweeteners than sugar).

Candy and snacks.

Washi tape.

Magnets. I decorate my refrigerator with magnets. But there's still space left! Any nice magnets would be great. But magnets showing the following would make my day: Beautiful views. Animals, included fishes, jelly fishes, corals and insects. I love weird, unusual, ugly or beautiful (sea) creatures, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels, owls, atlantic puffins, dogs, cats and baby animals.

A 2021 wall calendar. Beautiful views and animals would be great, for instance the animals mentioned above.

Postcards, preferably fully written (written to me, please :) I'm not that interested in receiving postcards that has been sent to someone else). But unwritten postcards are fine as well. You can see what kind of postcards I like here: https://www.postcrossing.com/user/Norway_girl. But other postcards are welcome as well.

(Left over) yarn of 100% wool (sheep, goat, (agora) rabbit, alpaca, camel or other warming animals) that I can use when knitting for the project "Ull og omtanke" (meaning "Wool and thoughtfulness"): https://www.facebook.com/ullogomtanke. Not very thick yarn, please, it should approximately fit size 5 mm needles. Thinner yarn can be knitted double, so that's not a problem. (Knitting needle size converter table: http://www.strikkeoppskrift.com/strikkepinner)

Used stamps that I can send to Tubfrim, a charity I support: http://www.tubfrim.no/subdet9.htm.

Donate something to a charity, lend money via Kiva etc, volunteer or help someone you know, and tell me about it. A postcard, card or letter would be great. I love getting mail! But you can send me a PM to tell about it as well.

Tiny/small address labels.


If you need elizardbreath's address, pm me, but I won't respond until next week.


I would enjoy:

- Bookcrossing labels - homemade or from the shop - in german language
- Bookcrossing wings
- a snail mail letter - tell me something about your everyday life, the place where you live or how you will spend the season - in english or german language
- your favourite recipe
- a viewcard with landscape or buildings from where you live
- cloth face mask with any bookish theme (or sheet music or any music related theme or flowers)
- decoration with gooses
- a postcard (or a fridge magnet, a bookmark or a calendar for 2021) with encouraging slogan, quote or bible verse; in german or english, both will be fine
- Donate for children in need or for your favourite charity, and tell me about
-surprice me ;-)

Wish you all a wonderful autumn and Christmas time!


This whole thing is lovely :D

- Wishlist books
- BC labels
- Your fave vegan baking recipe
- Notebooks
- Christmas tree ornaments (I'd love handmade)
- Soaps in citrus, wood or floral scents
- Posters, artwork or fan-art of queer-friendly geek stuff (I love Homestuck, She-Ra, Steven Universe, Night Vale)


Thank you for choosing to surprise me with a parcel. I have created a rather extensive wishlist so that you have many things to choose from. The most important for me is your intention to surprise and send me a bit of festive joy, so it doesn't matter if your gift is big or small, I will be very happy and thankful anyway. I would love to receive a festive card or a letter from you as well, maybe telling a bit about yourself and about the items you're sending, your plans for the festivities, some traditions you like to observe during these special festive times, foods you'll be cooking and eating, your hopes for the season, books you'll be reading...

I love:
- cozy handmade things ( ornaments, bookmarks, earrings, socks ( size 38/ 5.5), etc)
- DMC threads for cross stitching
- beautiful stationery
- coloring pens
- Earl Grey tea
- BC stickers and stationery
- Ex Libris stickers or stamps
- dark chocolate
- your local food specialty
- soy, rapeseed or beeswax candles ( scented, or unscented)
- anything from Muji, Neal's Yard, or Lush stores ( especially Muji black and blue gel pen refills)
- anything British-themed ( I used to live in London!), if you can score some vegan mince pies for me, I'll remember your kindness forever!!
- Country Life magazine ( secondhand or new)
- as well as books from my wishlist, of course!

My fav fandoms are: BBC Sherlock, The Witcher books and series, GoT, JK Rowling's magical world ( I'm a Slytherin), Poldark, Outlander

I am a vegan, so please don't send me anything that contains animal ingredients ( dairy, eggs, leather, gelatine, etc), with the exception of beeswax candles, otherwise I'll have to pass it on to my carni husband ;)


💖 LOVE, JOY, and PEACE for ALL!!!💖
✨ Adopt an Angel, Child, Military or Other Family, Senior, Soldier, Veteran or Someone else in need for the Holiday and tell me about it via PM, or your choice of Snailmail!!!🐌
✨ Alphabetized Address Request Lists for elizardbreath...THANK YOU for hosting!!!💖 Here's a link to a secure free tool to help you do so by clicking "Alphabetize" from the list on the left side of the page after you input your list in the box on the right!!! 😉 https://wordcounter.net/alphabetize
✨ A Donation to the Supply Store
✨ A Gift Certificate from the Supply Store for another Bookcrosser
✨ A Wishlist Book or other book you think I'd enjoy
✨ A Christmas Card from you
✨ Unused Stamps, Postcards, Greeting Cards
✨ Return Address Labels
✨ Bookcrossing Supplies
✨ Wings

💖As always...THANK YOU ALL...for your kindness and generosity!!!💖

SIDENOTE: I've been away from Bookcrossing for several months, so if you're waiting on something from me, please post here https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/570455 ...and THANK YOU for your patience!!!💖

I did update my Bookshelf and Wishlist today.😉 https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/wishlist

The USPS hasn't released its Official 2020 Holiday Shipping/Mailing Dates just yet, but this should help.😉 https://militarybenefits.info/holiday-shipping-mailing-dates

FYI...The USPS did just release an updated International Service Disruptions Alert list today (9/8/2020).




First, thank you for continuing to host! We loved what we received last year, especially the cookbooks. They have been an unexpected blessing during the quarantine and teaching the teenagers to cook!

* Bookcrossing supplies (homemade is great!)
* Tea or hot chocolate
* Local candy / candy from where you live or have potentially traveled
* Your favorite recipe (boys are required to make one dinner a week and help plan meals for one weekend day)
* Surprises! (single mom here & last year's surprises made me cry for everyone's thoughtfulness!)


I like:
- wishlist books, any book from the Tower Hamlets School Library Services Must Read 2020 list https://www.towerhamlets-sls.org.uk/mustread20/ for my teacher friend (I’ll read and journal them before passing on)
- Copies of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness for my teacher friend.
- cloth face masks
- Milk chocolate, and chocolate bars with peanuts, raisins or nuts (no Nestlé please), toffee and caramel and chewy or soft sweets.
- BC supplies (especially envelope reuse labels) and wings extensions,
- Chatty letters, and nice stamps to save for other Bookcrossers.
- Plant a tree (virtually via a charity or in your garden) or some insect friendly plants and tell me about it. Or donate to, or volunteer for, your favourite charity and tell me about it. I have a virtual grove of trees you can donate to here https://treesforlife.org.uk/---/g7999/
- Donkey-themed gifts and I like the Moomins especially Snorkmaiden and Little My.
- Pen refills (Parker compatible ballpoint/Rollerball blue or black ink),
- Postcards and writing paper (I’d love some more MC Escher Sky and Water writing paper/envelopes even if it was just one sheet, I like kikki.K writing paper too)
- Eco-friendly, ethical, plastic-free and fair-trade things too.
- I’d love some Oppem Birthday Group labels to put on my envelopes. And Southernfryed and JosieRivers sent me some wonderful return address labels with my profile photo, BC name and real name and address which I am rapidly using so more would be much appreciated.

I don’t like:
fruit teas, green tea or flavoured black tea
Knick knacks or ornaments
Glitter, confetti, sequins, unless they are biodegradable

If you give me something which I’m not going to use, I will try my best to find it an appreciative home!


Bookcrossing supplies
Bookcrossing labels - older ones
Wish list books
Bookmarks - all kinds
Christmas cards
Milk chocolate
Scented candles
Bath bombs
RAK: tell me what you did
So glad to be back!!!!


hat pins
writing paper
hand soap
postage stamps
pot holders
and of course books! Thank you all and happy HGG!


I don't really need any more stuff, just a post card or Christmas card would be great!


Bookcrossing labels & supplies
Chocolate, any kind
Christmas decorations
Newspaper from the date 31st of March 2020, any country, any language. (My daughter was born on that day)
Cloth face mask
Suomenkielisiä lastenkirjoja (Children's books in Finnish language)


Yay pressies lol!
My favourite colour is pink :O)
Snail mail (my letterbox has been woefully empty the last few weeks)
Letter writing stuff
Anything on my bc wishlist
Plant themed stuff (but not plants unless you're already in Oz, customs doesn't allow plants coming in from overseas)
Wax seals
Book themed stuff
Junk journalling supplies
Ok, pming elizardbreath & going to peruse everyone else's posts!! :O)


wingHI77wing 7 mos ago

I had been debating if I had time to do this but really... I don't think I can resist! ;)
~Tarot / Oracle Cards (I'm way into those right now! ;) )

~Wish List Books (especially Manga! :D )

~Drawings of hands (especially hands doing something!)

-Handmade ornaments! (I adore stuff other people make)

~Short Story that you yourself have written

~Sparkly Earrings (I was clearly a magpie in a previous life ;D )

~Tell me about the funniest personal stories you have

-Chatty letters about anything and everything! Strange ideas you’ve had and random thoughts are welcome here!!

-Old keys! Not like the modern ones that all look alike but those old skeleton keys or the wind up keys for things like clocks. I love those!

-A letter telling me about the craziest idea you’ve ever had. And if you went through with it, what happened and do you regret it? Or relish it?

~Tea! I especially like the David’s Tea (even just small samples or enough to make one pot would be wonderful, just label it so I know which one I’m trying!  )

~Chocolate with nuts (us nuts have to stick together lol )

-If you have any candy that’s unique to your country, I’d love to try it!

~Poetry you've written

-Stationary paper that you’ve MADE into stationary paper! (What I mean is, take blank paper and decorate the edges for me however you want, drawings, stamps, etc: for me to use to write someone!!)

-Of course I could always use BC supplies but I especially favor the ones people make themselves. I love the creativity!! You guys rock!

~A burned cd or maybe a YouTube link to the strangest song you've ever heard

~Art that you've handmade (with a written explanation of what it means to you)

~Anything related to, or from, Japan (because I'm having a not so secret love affair with it right now) he he

~Random surprises! Especially if they’re flat out odd!

Sorry, my list is as odd as me. But if you're up to it, toss me something from it! :D


I moved house this year. Elizardbreath has my new address!

My wishlist:

A donation to your local food bank
Earrings (I have pierced ears)
Something from https://www.goodgifts.org/ or similar
Tea (any flavour, and I can use teabags or loose leaf, whatever)
Sign up to my author newsletter (I only send something when I've got new writing available, and never more than once a month!) https://kathleenjowitt.com/subscribe-email/
If you're a book blogger, and fancy reviewing my new book, drop me a PM. The blurb is here https://kathleenjowitt.com/the-real-world/ if you want to see if it sounds like your kind of thing. It's out at the beginning of November, but I can send ebook copies from now.
Soap, bath bombs, that kind of thing
Dark chocolate
Perfume samples (though it looks like you need to be a bit careful about posting those, so do check first!)
Tell me about a blog you like to read. I'm spending less time on Facebook and Twitter these days, and am looking for things with which to populate my feed reader.
Rubber stamps
Magazine/calendar pages that I can cut up for collage (I use the pictures rather than the words)


Excellent, Thank you! Something fun to do (fulfilling wishes) for the challenging autumn and winter ahead :)

My wishes:

• (used or new) basketball jersey any country, any team, any player, size L/XL
• basketball, library or Jane Austen-themed mug or socks (size EUR 42/ UK 9.5 /US 11.5)
• Miranda (TV series) -related items (I already have the books and dvds though). Please no magazine clippings or such.
• turrón praliné de piña or pineapple flavoured milk or dark chocolate

Happy HGG everyone!


Please remember to put your BC name and mention Bookcrossing on anything you send, so I know where it comes from.

- a book from my BC wishlist or my Amazon wishlist https://www.amazon.com/---/ref=cm_wl_list_o_8 or my Christian wishlist https://www.amazon.com/---/ref=cm_wl_list_o_7
- a postcard calendar
- a Christmas card (postcard or notecard), religious welcome
- BC wings
- cloth (cotton) face mask (bookish theme, music theme, or any design you think I'd like)
- fair trade (or UTZ certified) chocolate (I usually like milk chocolate, plain or filled, the best; you may want to wait until late October or November to send it, the weather is still kind of hot here in late September)
- adopt an Angel Tree person or do something similar to help a child/family/senior in need for the holidays and tell me about it
- declutter something and give it away locally and tell me about it
- a something in very easy Spanish, can be Latin American Spanish (book, story, postcard with a quote…)
- A file template for me to print my own BCID labels
- adhesive for scrapbooking (photo-safe double sided tape, scrapbooking tape, glue dots, those little photo squares that are sticky on both sides, glue stick that’s archival etc.)
- reinforcement stickers for punched holes


☆ any paper and stationary or anything I can use for junk journaling, art journaling or glue booking (scraps and cutouts are great, too) or (parts of)old magazines.
☆ Napkins
☆ tea, coffe (ground or whole beans), candies/ chocolate.
☆ foreign food
☆ gelli plate for gelli printing
☆ stamps and inks, paint and crayons (I don't need the whole set and bottles don't have to be full as long as they are usable).
☆ wings or other bc-supplies (handmade are great!)
☆ seed/plant related things.
☆ stickers and ephemera
☆ postcard or letter from you or unused or old postcards that have been used that I can repurpose.
☆ socks size 39-40 or for my ten year old son ( size 35-37)
☆ cloth face mask
☆ anything handmade
☆ random surprises
☆ anything fun for my ten year old boy that can get him away from the screen ( or ideas for fun activities)
☆ love and peace and happiness for you 💓


I'm glad it's the time of year for HGG so we can spread some joy. Thanks elizardbreath for organising this again.

Here's my list:

- Wishlist books
- Any post-apocalyptic fiction I haven't read yet. Any I have read are registered on Bookcrossing, so it's easy to check by doing an Advanced book search with my member name.
- Bookcrossing release supplies, especially labels
- Soap, shower gel, handwash, shampoo or conditioner
- Tea bags - anything but Earl Grey
- Small Christmas/winter themed stickers or shapes I can use to decorate homemade Christmas gift tags. E.g. someone sent me some lovely cut out green and red star shapes one year, and I've also received some great Christmas stickers.
- Chocolate - anything that doesn't have fruit or nuts in it (I'm not allergic though)

Happy HGG everyone!


Hello again, so happy to join again.

I was really sick for a while so I have had to change my life a bit. No more sugar. Only less carbs. It ´s a very hard diet - but after two weeks my pain has gone and now I feel so much better. So please, no sweets, no candy....

Here´s my wishlist:

***I love tea. My favourite is Twinings strawberry. But any kind is welcome.
***Coffee (whole beans) maybe you can find a little special pack from your hometown
*** a christmas Card from you (religious welcome)
***A Tea towel (with plants, flowers, animals or from your city?)
***Bookcrossing wings, supplies or a wishlist book
***a wall- calendar 2021 (big or small, with space, earth, moon pictures...
*** I love bookmarks with the topic "old fonds" or "family tree" from all countries

Wishing you all a Happy HGG !



I am now in training to become a ornamental plant gardener. I'm looking for everything that suits me.

My wishlist for 2020:

- The end of corona
- a Christmas card from you
- garden gloves (size M) or other garden related stuff
- magazines (used or new) about flowers, gardening ... in english or german
- Michael Jackson / Harry Potter / Dr. Who fan stuff
- Dark chocolate any kind, but must be gluten free, soy free, dairy free
My favourite colour is purple

Happy HGG

We haven´t moved the last 8 years, so who still has the address of Palwasha and me, can use it


1. Hugs
2. Anything dragon related
3. Camping/biking stuff
4. Anything homemade
5. A book from my Wishlist
6. Surprise me!


***NOTICE*** I will be out of town from October 1-12. I will try to get on and update HGG as I can, but will be camping so I'm not sure about internet service.

Enjoy the Autumn Leaves🍂🍁, the Harvest Moon🌕, the Stars⭐⭐⭐...and have a fun time!!!🌲🏕🌲


Sorry for the delay...
Postcards with lots of stamps
Real letters too!
Christmas cards are always welcome!
Flower and veggie seeds for my garden
Wishlist book


To be continued after work....

Wow, you work long hours! :O)




what a year we've all survived : )

as in previous years i have looked through the wishes and see some wishes to grant and
i have sent my address to elizardbreath (just as she went camping!) for anyone who wants to send me a christmas card this year/anytime :)

my wishes :)
* a gift to a charity or volunteer - esp supporting literacy or the environment - tell me about it

* christmas cards (folded ones i like most :) )
* any snail mail - postcards, letters....

* i'm also interested in hearing what your intentions are for 2021 - somewhat like those annual new year's resolutions, what will be your 'theme' / intention for the new year? (see definition/difference below)

* i still have enough books to last many lifetimes, as many of us do - but wishlist books are welcome

i send wishes to all for a holiday season filled with joy and magic


https://psychcentral.com/---/thrive-in-the-new-year-how-to-set-intentions-not-resolutions/ .... gives this definition...
But unlike resolutions, intention-setting focuses less on goals and more on the journey which leads to certain outcomes. Think of it this way: Intentions focus more on internal power and long-term change, whereas resolutions focus more on external—and sometimes, short-lived—rewards.


I love the idea of intentions rather than resolutions. Thank you!


First time in! I've never taken part in these as I couldn't really think of what to put on my list, but I feel like doing something fun now so let's try:

- wishlist book
- interesting travel-related books about unusual trips/destinations
- graphic novel or comics (if you can find one that doesn't cost an arm and leg to send!) These are mainly for my husband's entertainment but I often read them too. ANY language goes with these, we speak a few and love a bit of a challenge even when we don't :)
- chocolate, or some other candy from your country that might not be widely available elsewhere
- wings extension or BC-supplies (bookplates, stickers, release bags)
- some unusual local specialty from where you live, whatever it is
- a pen or a nice keyring is always useful
- donate (money or whatever goods they need) to a farm sanctuary, animal shelter or other animal care organization/group
- treat YOURSELF to something nice, maybe something that you otherwise wouldn't have bought just now, in a small local business that has struggled this year due to you-know-what. Send me a photo if you can, or just tell me about the place and what you purchased there

If you send a postcard: I don't really care about Christmas theme to be honest, so would prefer something else - nature & animals always works!


Hello All!
Here is my list...
-Prayers and Healing for Animals that are suffering in all manner of ways because of Humans .
-Anything bunny or cat related.
-Pagan Jewellery
- Milk or White Chocolate from your country.
- Sweets/ Bon- bons from your country.
- A Wish List Book.
- A Pretty Note Book.
- Something handmade by you!
- Book Crossing Supplies.
- Anything Austrian - I am half Austrian and miss not being able to visit.
- Flower, Veg or Salad Seeds.
- I am easily pleased, so just a cheap and cheerful surprise/trinket.
Thank You for Looking!
Stay Safe!
Kirsty Kat xx


A Christmas card from you, or postcard. I love stationary. Art supplies. Pencils, pens drawing paper, watercolor papers and watercolor paints.
I love herbalism and I collect books on edible wild plants and books on medicinal herbs.
I enjoy fishing and fishing lures as well as gardening. I collect and plant garden seeds and seeds of all kinds.
I also love tea's, and petite tea cups.
Wishing for a hardback copy of Jean M.Auels Clan of the Cave Bear.
I am also interested in completing my collection of books by Walter Farley. Would also love BC labels.


Unfortunately the countries that I am able to send parcels to from Taiwan are still quite limited now due to the ongoing COVID mania, so I won't be able to grant a lot of wishes this year. That being said, I will definitely manage to send a few (browsing through the lists right now)!

Here's my wishlist:

1. Wishlist books, obviously
2. Wings
3. Any kind of chocolate, sweets or cookies that don't melt easily (white chocolate are probably not a good idea, for example), except for licorice flavor
4. Recipes that you've tried and liked (hand-written or printouts are absolutely fine)
5. Baking tools - it can be a piece of baking paper, a baking mat, any kind of cookie molds and baking tins and molds, a piping bag or nozzles, a cake tester, a ramekin -- anything really.
6. Wax seal stamps with elaborate patterns / sealing wax
7. Letter openers
8. Naturally sweet herbal teas
9. Audio books - CDs or mp3s, but no cassettes please since I don't have a player
10. Any Lonely Planet Travel Guide e-books, except for Great Britain and NYC - please PM me for my e-mail, as this is how the e-books are delivered
11. Other books you think I might like - I have stated my preference in the profile
12. Friends or Game of Thrones or LOTR DVDs
13. Address stickers with, of course, my address on them
14. Bath salts or bath bombs

Thank you everyone and happy holidays to you all :)


- a Christmas card from you
- a postcard showing where you live
- Vintage items
- cat related items
- love coffee and Chocolate


Hello everyone! I have always wanted to participate in this, and this year seems like a good time to start. The more cheerful mail we can put out in the world, the better.

Here is my wishlist:
--A letter, a holiday card, or a postcard. I would love just to hear from you.
--A good deed you've done for someone. Please tell me about it.
--Your favourite word. Send me a postcard with your favourite word (and translation if not in English)!
--Unused stationery, notecards, birthday or holiday cards, or postcards. I write to cancer patients, seniors, and others needing happy mail.
--Washi tape
--Paper or other ephemera for collage and junk journalling. Magazine or newspaper pages, bus tickets, used stamps, brochures--anything fun, pretty, quirky, or interesting, or something that shows everyday life where you live.
--Vintage used postcards or old photos
--Scraps of lace, trims, and fabric for small sewing projects
--Embroidery threads
--Anything from the UK, Ireland, or the Netherlands. I fell in love with London while visiting last year, and my family is from Ireland and the Netherlands.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!


This is such a charming bookcrossing tradition! Thank you for keeping this up every year, elizardbreath and thank you all you bookcrossers who lift the holiday spirits up!

My wish list is as follows:
- wish list books
- bookmarks
- year 2020 Christmas tree decoration
- Farscape, complete seasons DVD box (region code 2 for Europe)
- health, safety and happiness for all :)

Have a lovely HGG season, y'all!


Christmas card
Hand cream
Fruut/veg/herb seeds to grow
Any recipe books. I love a good cook book.
A book you love and want to share


wingwhiskeyjanewing 6 mos ago


I put off joining this until we got back from our last caravan trip of the year, as I thought that I might need cheering up! Then I did a wishlist search on something I finished reading, and someone here came up, so it's meant to be!
My wishes are:
Dark chocolate
chatty letter/postcard/christmas card
wishlist book or something you think I'll like (mysteries/autobiography/historical)
Wings/BC supplies
Recipe for low carb/sugar free.
Canadian stuff - our holiday was cancelled due to COVID, but we're looking forward to 2021 with fingers crossed. We first went last year and I'm in love with the place.
Anything to surprise me. I'm easily pleased, and snail mail gets me excited!
Donate to a local foodbank/homeless charity and tell me about it. Money, goods or time.
Enough snow to make a snow lantern for Christmas.
Most important, for everyone to stay safe and healthy this year (and long-term.)


Happy to participate this year and thanks for hosting elizardbreath.

Christmas cards, religious welcomed
Wax seals/ sealing wax
Bc supplies, homemade welcomed
Unused non-touristy postcards
Wishlist book
Tea towels/potholders
Cloth face masks (leopard, bookish, anything cute)
Wings extension
Return address labels
Fandoms- Alice in Wonderland, Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables, Game of Thrones, Beauty and the Beast, Marvel
Any craft you make


1. bookcrossing labels (handmade is fine.)
2. bookcrossing plastic bags for releasing books (It rains a lot in Washington state.)
3. return address labels
4. postcards (blank or send me one with a message on it)
5. Send me a Christmas card
6. ephemera (I have started dabbling with)
7. stickers (I love to decorate postcards with the stickers.)
8. A wishlist book although I have ever so many already to read.
9. matchbox or hot wheels vehicles for my twin grandsons or any small toy that they would like

I love cats and dogs. My dog is the sweetest little dog. I also have four cats that are quite nice but not always to each other. I love vintage and antique collectibles. I hope to get back to scrapbooking. I am learning to do collage with ephemera and stamps. I love chocolate and marzipan. I love handmade things. I also am interesting in family history and genealogy. I am also working on a writing project. I used to like to travel and hope that someday I can travel again. My favorite colors are blue, green and lavender.


An effective and widely available vaccine for COVID-19
Peace on Earth
Postcards (mailed with a message, especially local scenes or tourist sites)
Bookcrossing supplies or wings
Dark chocolate, nuts, or other edible goodies
Tea (green or black or white, plain or flavored - but not herbal)
Wishlist books, or an interesting book that I might enjoy
Help someone in need (in any big or small way) and tell me about it. What did you do? What was the result? How did you feel about it.
A snail mail letter or card telling me an interesting story or experience that you've had
A small, inexpensive toy or trinket that I can put into a geocache

I'm temporarily back in the USA after traveling a lot for the past 10 years. I lost ALL my luggage in March, so I don't have much "stuff" but I was living out of 1 or 2 suitcases anyway so I'm not really a collector of material things. I prefer things that can be consumed or experienced. When it's easier and safer to travel again, I expect to pack up and move, so I don't want to collect things that I'll have to donate / throw out.

Out of my missing things, one of the big ones was a stack of postcards which I used both as a memory book, and as fun illustrations & reading practice for my EFL students. I'd like to collect a new stack.




wingwhiskeyjanewing 6 mos ago


wingCathrineBwing 6 mos ago
...this to page 1.


ADDRESSES RECEIVED: Abi-Gibby, Ametisti, bamaforever, BettyUE, BookLovinMama, BOOKWORMINUSALL, CatherineB,

By the way, you've spelled my username wrong. Just mentioning it to avoid any confusion.



Sorry I flaked on getting addresses out this week, friends! Honestly, I think I've just been election-distracted! Ha! They're all out now. Let me know if you didn't receive a response!


wingwhiskeyjanewing 5 mos ago


Thank you for organizing ths. I've been reluctant to join. I have a few I am going to send but I have been reluctant for my own sake. We have too much stuff. But it is too fun to not take part!

This year all I want is two things:
*Chocolate. Tasty, quality chocolate.
*Thin books in English to make it easier for me to participate in different sweeps here on the forum.

I also have two wishes that are not things:
*Do something nice for someone else.
*Think of the environment, perhaps you can refrain from a purchase you think of doing. Consume less!

Please clearly mark the gift box on the customs forms, and please also write your address on it. If customs think that it is from a company, ie something I bought, I have to pay taxes for it to be delivered.


wingwhiskeyjanewing 5 mos ago


This is my first time trying an online Gift Exchange. Exciting!!

In terms of what I would like -
1. I have a few books on my Wishlist.
2. Any nice notebook/diary to write my notes while reading.
3. I usually read non-fiction only so if you have any books in mind based on my Wishlist that I might like I'm open to that too.

Regardless, I hope you all are staying safe and have good, relaxing holidays!


I love finding wishes I can grant. I want to be a genie! I especially love to find things I have that someone else want. Like used stamps, a postcard, a piece of fabric, a used toy and other things. Today I have managed to find some time to grant wishes. Thank you for putting up wish lists with wishes I can fulfill!


Here's my wishlist. I hope I'm not too late for this. Second hand is ok for me.

A Christmas card
A Christmas tree ornament
A good book (don't bother looking at my wishlist, it is old and mostly outdated). I read all kinds of books, so anything goes. Maybe send a book you would like to recommend?
Anything related to knitting, hiking, nature, geocaching, books, libraries and librarians
A keychain to replace my old and worn out
Candy, tea or other local food
Something you did yourself
A handwritten letter from you
Stickers, washi tape
A puzzle (can be sent without the box, as long as it has a picture with it)
Wings, bc stuff
Something surprising




... trying to decide if I would be able to fulfill wishes & not wanting to sign up if I felt I couldn't. But things are better here these days, so I'll be going through the list, looking for wishes I'm able to fulfill. Here are my wishes:

a Christmas card
BC supplies
a book from my wishlist
wings extension
used stamps

Health & Happiness to you all!


Joining a bit later than usual this year. I have seen a few wishes I can grant on here so should be able to get posting quite soon. Here is my wishlist, pretty much the same as last year! -

Wishlist books
BC labels or stickers )homemade or from the supply store)
Donate to a charity or support a good cause and tell me about it
Christmas cards
Postcards - either ones you have written a note to me on or for me to write and send to other people. I like to include them when I send rabcks.
Tea - will try any flavour except rooibos.
Chocolate - please don't send any with walnuts (yick!) or any Nestle choc
4ply sock yarn - I love to knit socks!
Honey or citrus scented soap - I'm trying to use bars of soap rather than liquid soap to cut down on my plastic consumption
Do a random act of kindness and tell me about it
World peace


If someone in the last day or two messaged me about Elizardbreath's address, please message me again. My Fat Fingers accidentally deleted my email. I should know better than try to do read email on my phone. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Hi friends!

I wanted to let everyone know I'm extending HGG through February. Every stinkin' thing is being canceled this year so I'm going to exercise my authoritative power to EXTEND something instead! hahaha!

Usually I stop giving out addresses on Jan. 1 but this year you may request addresses through the end of February. We'll keep HGG going just a little longer this year and give everyone more time to spread some kindness and good cheer!

Happy HGG everyone!


Woohoooooooo!!! :O)


I'm so excited to hear this!


So pleased this has been extended! Our circumstances have changed and I can't afford to send out a load of things over Christmas now but I can space it out a bit and ease the load.
So for now I'm wishing everyone happy holidays and hopefully some of you will be getting parcels from me over the next couple of months!


this is a wonderful idea!


This is fantastic news!
I will write a HGG letter tomorrow x


Best idea EVER. :-)


Hi friends!

I wanted to let everyone know I'm extending HGG through February. Every stinkin' thing is being canceled this year so I'm going to exercise my authoritative power to EXTEND something instead! hahaha!

Usually I stop giving out addresses on Jan. 1 but this year you may request addresses through the end of February. We'll keep HGG going just a little longer this year and give everyone more time to spread some kindness and good cheer!

Happy HGG everyone!


What a great idea!


I didn't think you'd mind! ;) ;)


Good idea! I think we all need some more goodness and acts of kindness during this time!


I'm so happy to hear, elixardbreath.
"Jumping around with joy" right now:D


So glad to hear this. I am a little behind. Sending out cards, thanks, and gifts personally to everyone who has sent to me. And Valentine's Day would be FUN!! WOO-HOO!!


Hooray! I have been busier than expected in recent weeks, so I'm so happy to hear I'll have more time to send mail. Thank you!


I love the handwritten letters I've received in past HGGs, and I hope to get some *humorous* letters this year. Please write to me and include a joke, or tell me about something hilarious that happened to you in the past. I like almost all kinds of humor - I'm dating myself, but I enjoy The Far Side, Mike Myers, The Three Stooges, and even Richard Pryor.


This is my first time joining! I recently won the Stationery Sweeps so I have lots of paper/notes/etc. burning to be sent out!

>A lot of people are going hungry, even more so with coronavirus running amok, so a donation of money, time, food, or other to a food bank or other charity/organization that is feeding people (or animals) in your local area. I'd love to hear about it (snail mail or PM work for me)!
>Write a letter to someone that may be lonely right now. This could be someone isolating due to COVID, seniors, someone serving/living away from home, patients who cannot be home, or anyone else you can think of that could use some cheer and a little hello to let them know someone is thinking of them. I'd love to hear about it (snail mail or PM work for me)!
>Letter - a chatty letter is great, especially if you have something, positive, fun, comical, or bizarre you'd like to share.
>BC supplies or wings
>Wishlist books
>Graphic novel or manga in English (or if not too complex to read, French or Turkish (I really need to brush up on my Turkish so even a simple children's book in Turkish))
>Peace and cheer!

** Please no trinkets, food, teas, or strong scents **





my next payday, in January. So good this goes on!


my next payday, in January. So good this goes on!

Me also !!😉


I can dodge work and look at wishes to fulfill instead.


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