[CLOSED] ���� Australia / ���� New Zealand Secret Santa 2019 ��

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will be sending out addresses later today



Complete Thread
in memory of our special santa helper mysscyn, i open this australasian group for 2019
copying / modifyinginstructions from poodlesister/j4shaw/others

Post here then send me a PM titled "AU/NZ Secret Santa 2019"
I will use the individual PMs to Copy & Paste your details to send to your recipient

Please list in this order
1. Bookcrossing SCREEN NAME❗️
4. If you have a preference for AU or NZ only, i'll try to accommodate your preference, but there is no guarantee (we want this to be a secret!)

Include a non-book wishlist or post one on your profile please and make sure your book wishlist is up to date.

Names will be assigned around November 22
You won't receive from the person you send to.
Please mail by December 8. Or by a way for it to arrive by the December 24.
Send what you'd like. Books, of course, are always appreciated.

Please post on this thread when you have sent your parcel and when you have received yours.

When you’ve opened your parcel please post your thanks on the generic Secret Santa thread. https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/564002

Please be specific about what you have received so we can all enjoy vicariously.

Happy Secret Santa plotting.... ho ho ho

Santa's Helpers

billbooks - au
jeniwren - au
kiwiinengland - nz
ladyindigo - au
mattandmandy75 - au
tigergirlnz - nz


tigergirlnz reporting for Secret Santa duty. PM sent :D


i am travelling interstate from 26 october til 16 nov and tied up with some local activities from 18-21 nov, so i have adjusted the closing date - i'm unsure what internet access i'll have whilst away, so if you have queries i might take a few days to respond - i think we'll have enough time to get ourselves sorted on santa's behalf......



Sounds like fun, please count me in. Msg sent.


wingtigergirlnzwing 1 yr ago
for the ANZACs and Christmas!


wingjeniwrenwing 1 yr ago
I am in
I will join :)


santa is looking for more au-nz helpers - where is everyone?
are you all hiding from the silly season ... or pretending it is not happening this year???

come and join our intimate 2019 group
you are all most welcome



Bill Freeman
4 Moama Rd.
Malvern East 3145
Victoria Australia

Sorry for being late trying to catch up with so many things Greg's dementia is slowly but surely eating away at him. Just not the same person I meet 30 years it's all those past memories that I try and treasure because now it's like living with a stranger. Had a much better year reading though getting back to my form but there are still some bleak times where I just can't pick up at book but saying that have read 27 so far this year so I'm happy with that. It's a shame more people haven't joined perhaps we could do a Christmas in July and i'll try and whip up some more support Cheers Bill(books)


Nice to meet you Bill(books) - that's a hard thing you're having to do there and I know what you mean about those bleak times and books. I've found going on to the BookCrossing website helps in those times of loneliness - there's always someone posting up something somewhere in the world eh? Love the picture by the way - he's a very majestic tiger. Not sure why I haven't got a tiger pic, I guess I just chose the only one I had on my computer at the time, which is taken of a wall-hanging in my hallway...And I like that Winter Christmas in July idea everyone, how about you?


will be sending out addresses later today



apologies for the delay

we had the most spectacular thunderstorm on sunday night as i got ready to send addresses - we lost power, phone and internet - and got maybe 25 drops of rain, not even enough to smell the drops landing on the dry parched ground

phone and internet remained off on monday morning and when i got home later last night, another thunderstorm arrived, this time with a little rain

and today it is blowing a gale outside - smoke from the bushfires near the blue mountains (east) and dust from further out west making for a most interesting / unusual sky colouring

anyhow thanks everyone for being a secret helper this year
have fun getting your secret mailings together



Ho Ho Ho enjoy!


My parcel is on its way to my secret recipient :)


Was waiting for something to add to the parcel to arrive so it's in today's post.. :)


I received a lovely bag of assorted little gifts, some gorgeous smelling soap, hand cream & candles, a foldable shopping bag, washi tape, donut post-it's, sleep time tea & a thriller title... (my favourite genre) .. Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton.

Thank you to my Secret Santa for 2019


I don't know if mine has arrived and I can sadly tell my secret santa that I haven't received my gift from whomever you are :-(
I'm hoping it was sent late and is not missing...
As for what I sent - it, and about 6 other HGG/Christmas pieces of mail haven't been recorded as received by anyone. I'm hoping its just people away or busy, but I'm wondering what the heck is going on with the mail! I waited by my letterbox all day today in great hope but alas, nothing. Our mail now won't resume until Saturday. I'll cross my fingers x


I've just seen a message from LadyIndigo explaining some delays :-)


I haven’t received mine as yet but did receive a note via LadyIndigo with apologies. Mail is being affected here in Australia due to fires so expect delays with mail deliveries


I haven’t received mine as yet but did receive a note via LadyIndigo with apologies. Mail is being affected here in Australia due to fires so expect delays with mail deliveries

Its kinda weird if its holding up NZ deliveries though (still haven't received mine, and haven't heard anything from my giftee). I'm expecting a huge amount of mail from all over the world and had none arrive (Christmas cards, calendars etc). Then funnily enough a wishlist tag book has arrived from the US, sent way after the other mail. I can't help getting suspicious, especially as our country seems to be plagued with letterbox thieves according to the media :(
Fingers crossed we'll all get our gifts in the end x


For the Wishlist book and cheeky Christmas card.

I hope you have a relaxing Christmas, and you both have a relaxing 2020


My (Not so) Secret Santa gift arrived from you today and included: a bag of lavender (oh I LOVE lavender!), some glittery angel decorations, an Australian pencil (I'll forgive you HEHE ;P), a Uniball Eye Purple inked pen (see, forgiven ALREADY :D), a foldable shopper shopping bag (wow, this thing is a seriously good folded up size), a BC lapel pin - yay, I've really got one now!, some lovely Patchouli incense, Nutrimetics Sweet Almond Hand cream (Oh I REALLY need that at the moment), And a Louise Hay 'I Can Do It' 2020 Calendar - 366 Daily Affirmations - which has found the perfect home in this house, I can tell you.
So thank you very much - lovely receiving your package now - I know it is after Christmas and New Year but there's nothing like a gift you actually want, especially after the anxiety of Christmas is over ;D

As to my giftee - not sure if you've got your package or not? It was sent before Xmas post deadlines and I had some helpers send you other things as well (so three parcels in total). I hope you are ok amongst this horrific time firewise - please let us know you received your gifts and that you are ok?
Brightest Blessings xxx


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