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Inspired by the fun I've had taking part in the favourites roundabout over the past few years, I organised a sweepstake along the same lines last year. Time for round 2, I think.

The idea is that you send the winner a copy of the book you enjoyed the most in 2018. It doesn't have to have been published in 2018, just read by you in that year. Of course, if your favourite is inconvenient to send (if, say, it's a 900-page hardback, or not available in English) you can always send your second- or third-favourite. It's great fun receiving books you might never have picked up yourself, but you know someone has really enjoyed a lot.
(If you're a participant in this year's favourites roundabout, you might want to send a different book out for the sweepstake.)

Here are some rules (shamelessly copied from another sweepstake):

1. Post here in this thread to enter AND PM me with your mailing details. Please put 'Favourites Sweepstakes' in the subject line of your PM. If you are "send only", a PM is not necessary, of course.

2. I will draw 2 names (one winner and one decoy) on or just after 31 January. I’ll PM everyone with the name and address of the winner (the winner will obviously be PM’ed with the name and address of the decoy).

3. Send the winner your favourite 2018 read. Please remember that this is an international sweepstake, so you will be expected to send INTERNATIONALLY.

4. Please don’t let the winner know they have won, either by posting here or by PM, it’s much more fun if the packages start arriving out of the blue!

5. As the packages start to arrive, the winner must journal the books in a timely fashion and also post here what they have received and from whom, as it’s fun for everyone who’s entered to see what the winner has got.

6. The winner doesn't have to host a new round. I'll host one next year.

So, who's in?

1. Harobed82 - France
2. Abi-Gibby - UK
3. Femke85 - Sweden
4. mcsar - Canada
5. kirjakko - Finland
6. Tattoolady - UK

Send only:
1. Fifna - the Netherlands
2. Lamilla - Belarus


wingLamillawing 1 mo ago
Send only



both added. Thanks for joining!



Thanks, I've added you!


Sounds fun :)


mcsar 1 mo ago
Me, too!


Added you both


wingFifnawing 1 mo ago


wingkirjakkowing 1 mo ago
I'm in
Will PM.



You're both in!


Harobed82 1 mo ago



Harobed82 3 wks ago




Still some weekend left 😊.


wingFifnawing 2 wks ago
PMs sent
I've drawn a winner and a decoy. Everyone should have received a PM now - let me know if you haven't!


Will hopefully get into the post on Monday


The book I selected has already been read by the winner, so I’m sending an alternative :)



And won't be able to post until Friday 8th February


directly from BetterWorldBooks. Congratulations and I hope you like my pick.


wingLamillawing 2 wks ago
sent mine
via amazon


Managed to get posted today. I hope the winner likes my choice of book


So I must be the winner! It will be interesting to see what people have chosen.
Femke85 sent Welcome to Nowhere, a book about Syrian refugees
and Harobed82 sent That Girl from Nowhere, about an adopted girl.
Thank you for these two fat books (and what a lovely chow-label Harobed had!), which are not related, even if both came from Nowhere 😉. Will try to read these soonish (I have some promised tags to read first).


I originally wanted to send you “mr penumbra’s 24hr bookstore” or “never let me go” by Ishiguru. But you had already read those books :) so I hope you’ll like this choice.


A special delivery lorry brought Lamilla's XL-brick of a book, merely 721 pages.
The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan. This was probably the only book Lamilla had time to read in 2018. We are already in February, I won't promise to finish this year...




Your bloody book about a triple murder in the Scottish Highlands in 1869 arrived. "His Bloody Project" by Graeme Macrae Burnet to be precise.
Do I dare to read this...?


It's not that gory to be honest, but if you feel uncomfortable reading it feel free to wild release it. I also wasn't aware of what happend to your friend so sorry if it made you feel some what uncomfortable


Don't worry, I see how it goes. You do not think that anything like that actually happens to real people or at least not to somebody you know. It still feels unreal and it happened already 2,5 years ago.


I'll try and remember in future when sending a book your way


It was journalled yesterday.


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