[CLOSED] Chocolate and chicklit sweeps - Round 1 of 2019

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I was a lucky winner of the previous round, so now it's my turn to host this very tasty sweepstake! Please read the rules below and comment if you'd like to join.

1. Post in this thread to enter.

2. PM me with your name and address details. If you want to be a send-only, that's fine too - you don't need to PM me. This is an international sweepstakes, so you must commit to sending anywhere in the world.

3. I'll draw two names, a winner and a decoy.

4. I'll then PM the winner's details to everyone except the winner. The winner will, of course, receive the decoy's details.

5. You will then send a chick lit book and some sort of chocolate to the person whose name you've received. This sweeps is international.

6. Don't give the secret of the winner's identity away in this forum - it's much more fun to wait until the winner ends up with a huge pile of post on their doormat!

7. If you ARE the winner, please journal books promptly. It's also fun for the other participants if you post in this thread, though that's not strictly mandatory. What IS mandatory is hosting the next edition of this sweep - but that shouldn't be too much of a hardship, not with all that chocolate to keep you sweet and all those books to keep you entertained ;-)

Closing: February 14th



Send only:



wingLamillawing 4 mos ago
send only




wingFemke85wing 4 mos ago
Anyone else interested?


to whom all of us who is send only will send the books and yummy chocolate!


and hope for the chance to receive all the yummy chocolate, and good books, of course.

I very much prefer any kind of dark chocolate. 8)


Let’s get some actual competition here for mcsar, otherwise it will be a very boring sweeps ;)


Let’s get some actual competition here for mcsar, otherwise it will be a very boring sweeps ;)

I'll join in too xx


Cfreckle 4 mos ago
I'll join on a later one if that's okay :)

I don't have any chicklit books light enough at the moment to be able to afford to post :(


Tattoolady 4 mos ago
Please add me. Do you need me to resend me my address or have you still got it?


wingFemke85wing 4 mos ago
RE: Me
It’s best to send it again :) It makes it easier for me to keep track


It’s best to send it again :) It makes it easier for me to keep track

Okay will do it now xx


lexbarbie 4 mos ago
I’m in! On a chicklit binge at the moment so this is perfect :)


wingFemke85wing 4 mos ago
Please join :) it’s more fun when we have more people!


wingFemke85wing 4 mos ago
Any more?


I'm in!


wingFemke85wing 3 mos ago


I will draw the winner and decoy next week on Thursday.



I already picked a book and bought lots of chocolate to send to the winner!


wingFemke85wing 3 mos ago
PM´s sent


Will get this out ASAP :)






lexbarbie 3 mos ago
Sent :)
Enjoy, lovely winner!


...a decoy from the winner: it was a lovely surprise, so thank you very much! :)

I was so excited I did a little squeal.


Sorry it has taken me almost a whole month to post.


That's okay and thank you.


I know at least some of the books got journaled, but it would be nice to get an update on the forum :)


I was just doing that, been ill for the past week :)


Let's meet on platform 8-mcsar.

The Canterbury sisters - Adia415

A summer at sea-lamilla

The secret dream world of a shopaholic-lexbarbie

The other side of the story-bjorg

Beyond the blonde-femke85

Thank you all xx


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