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I received an envelope with postcards and stamps from Whiskeyjane today (thank you very much!), and thought it might was for this sweepstake. But I don't see her in the participant list....


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I recently learned that a lot of Bookcrossers also collect postal stamps. And now that it’s (nearly) Holiday season, I’m guessing a lot of Bookcrossers might be recieving cards, letters and packages that have a stamp. So I thought maybe it’s a good idea to organise a stamps sweepstakes so all those used stamps find a better home.

If you’re not a stamp collector (like myself) you could participate by collecting the stamps that end up in your mailbox between now and the sweepstakes ending date (February 1st). Or you can pick a nice postcard and stick a stamp on it.

If you are a stamp collector, you can perhaps become the lucky winner and recieve stamps & postcards from all over the world. Or if your name isn’t drawn, you can send some of your double stamps to make someone else happy.

(copied and edited from the sweets sweeps)

1. Post here in this thread to enter. If you want to send only, please specify this in your post.

2. Then PM me with your mailing details and please put ”Stamps Sweeps” in the subject line of your PM. If you wish to enter as SEND ONLY, then you do not need to send your mailing info, just post in the thread.

3. I'll let my 3 year old son draw two names out of the ”hat” One winner and one decoy. I'll PM everyone with the name and address of the winner (the winner will be PM'ed with the name and address of the decoy).

4. You are expected to send some stamps and/or a postcard (with a stamp ;) ) to the lucky winner. Please remember that this is an international sweepstakes, so you will be expected to send INTERNATIONALLY. But since stamps weigh less than a book, I hope postage costs won’t be too much of an issue.

5. Please don't let the winner know they have won, either by posting here or by PM, it's much more fun if the cards and stamps start arriving out of the blue!

6. To give everyone the time to collect stamps from their own mail and to avoid the holiday mail madness, I will draw the names on JANUARY 31st

Wilena - WINNER
CathrineB -> Aigliz
Book-a-neer - WINNER
Aigliz - WINNER
Estelle1806 -> Wilena

Femke85 -> Aigliz / Wilena / Book-a-neer
Sedna5213 -> Book-a-neer
Poodlesister -> Book-a-neer
Mcsar -> Book-a-neer
Into-the-blue -> Booka-neer
Alia_Rus -> Aigliz / Wilena /Book-a-neer
Spatial -> Aigliz / Wilena / Book-a-neer
Kirjakko -> Book-a-neer
Diane-Fraser -> Aigliz
J4shaw -> Aigliz
Zazoetje -> Aigliz
Keeta1 -> Wilena
Elisfromsweden -> Wilena


What a good idea ! I PM you my address !


I don’t think I got a PM from you :)


A great idea!


I have some nice stamps to use.


I thought you collected stamps for charity? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

*nevermind* I just checked J4shaw’s thread: https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/519865

It’s Bookfrogster (and others) who collects for charity :)


I thought you collected stamps for charity? Or am I confusing you with someone else?

I collect them for Bookcrossers who collect them!


I’ve been saving stamps for this Sweeps for about two weeks now. So obviously I don’t have that many. But since I like to buy things from a Swedish kind of craigslist, I often receive small parcels with 1 or 2 stamps and I put those in my special Bookcrossing stamps envelop that will go to the sweeps winner.

Well, today this arrived:


I don’t even know why there are so many stamps on the enveloppe! The parcel was even less than 50gr. But it’s a nice coincidence and good news for whoever will recieve my stamps enveloppe. It also makes me wonder if the person that sent me this, knew I was saving the stamps.


So, on the topic of my mystery envelope with lots of stamps...

I wondered why someone would send me something like that, and I think I figured it out.

This person probably collected stamps. On the swedish stamp collector website it says most Swedish stamps are only worth 50% of their marked value. So in stead of selling them, it’s best to use them for postage. Even if they are old. Now most of the stamps on the envelope are fairly old and they are all marked between 0,05$ and 0,5$. The parcel needed around 3,5$ worth of stamps, so the collector had to put a lot of old stamps on the envelope :)

Just out of curiosity I placed another bid on one of his craiglist items. I want to see if he will send it with as many stamps again.


Sending PM.


I'll send you a PM.

Thanks for setting this up. :)


Can’t say no to stamps.

Thank you.


Me please!Thank you My address in P.M. is following


Maybe you got a few secret santa or HGG parcels covered with stamps? Or perhaps a bunch of cards came in your mail with special christmas stamps? So why not put those stamps in an envelope and save them for this sweeps!

If we get a few more (send only or other) participants, I might decide to draw several winners when this sweeps ends.


CathrineB 1 yr ago
No one else that want to give their unwanted stamps a good home?
No one that want a chance to get envelopes with stamps from all over the world?


I stopped collecting stamps years ago but still haven't given all away. So I can send an envelope to the winner :-)


Same here. Send only for me too.


Some Christmas stamps in the mail?


I have a lot of stamps and postcards.


I’ve been saving stamps for the past year so have a small stash to give away!

(Will this be an annual sweeps? If so I’ll make sure to save some for next year too.)


Yes! I think I will organise it again. I was thinking of doing it twice a year, maybe after the summer and after the christmas holidays.

And I’ll probably draw more than one winner in this round since there are quite a few people willing to send stamps.


wingFemke85wing 1 yr ago
Anyone else interested in winning or giving away stamps? I’ve already decided there will be two winners, so if you are a stamp collector you have pretty good odds when you participate!


If you want to quickly start collecting some stamps for this sweeps, you have three weeks left before I draw the winner(s).


If you want to quickly start collecting some stamps for this sweeps, you have three weeks left before I draw the winner(s).


I have sorted out a small bundle to send to the winner :-)


wingkirjakkowing 1 yr ago
Send only
I keep getting new ones and finding old ones...


Send only please


You never know, I might add a third winner. Or maybe not ;) but still, the more the merrier


If there will be more than 1 winner could I get addresses of both? It seems that I have collected too much stamps (for now it is more than 200 and it will be too much for one to receive :) )


Yes of course! I also have two envelopes ready :)


Only used stamps or new stamps are ok?


both are fine, but used stamps probably make most sense from a sender point of view ;)


Send only please


I have some cute stamps saved up.


Thanks. PM follows.




I would like to enter

I like postcards and only collect stamps for charity

Will send pm soon


If you put down as a PARTICIPANTS or

Send only

What does that mean sorry just a bit confused


Send only means you are not interested in winning but will just send to the winner.

Participant means you will send to the winner, but you would like to win yourself and be put into the draw( raffle)


Ok thank you please just put me down as a participant

Thank you to everyone for answering my questions


Please put me down as a PARTICIPANT

I like postcards but only collect stamps for charity so would like to enter

I think I sent a pm but please let me know


Yes, I got your pm. thanks for joining :)


Please, put me up as send only.


CathrineB 12 mos ago
Someone else that wants to send/receive stamps?


wingFemke85wing 12 mos ago
PM’s sent!
I think I have PM’d everyone and I hope I didn’t make any mistakes. Please let me know if you didn’t recieve a PM, so I can have a look.

More than one winner was chosen, because there were so many participants, which was really great! I didn’t expect this sweeps to be so popular.

I will organise this sweeps again, either just after the summer or in January. I haven’t decided yet. But no worries, there will be a second round!


The envelopes are ready to start the journey. I will post them to the winners tommorow morning.


Sending mine today. Congrats to the winner!


Hope the winner(s) enjoy


CathrineB 11 mos ago
My envelope has been sent today. I hope it arrives fast, even though I had to write the address quite small due to the stamps I used on the envelope...


My envelope has been sent today. I hope it arrives fast, even though I had to write the address quite small due to the stamps I used on the envelope...

Don't worry and your beautiful red envelope arived this morning despite the very very small letters The postmen were really good in their job.


My envelope with stamps inside and out, was posted today.


04 Feb. Enjoy!



sent mine today


Mailed yesterday!
Congrats to the winners!


And I received 2 letters !

Thanks a lot Alia_Rus for the nice stamps and the postcards, I am really happy ! The will complete my collection usefully.

Thanks Femke85 for the book from my wishlist, the old postcard and the nice stamps on the mail :))))


I feel very happy dear Fremke85 as I' ve receiceved your old postcard in front of the Store Mellby station as awell as the stamps an amount of them and the envelope covered by stamps You have really made my day and I feel that I 'm someone special.


What a beautiful suprise was your special red enveloppe covered by special stamp a tribute
to the Red Cross of friendship Somalia Norway.You have included so many other stamps,,,,,
but also the card with this extraordinary phenomeno ofNothern Lights which I saw so many years ago when I visited your beautiful country.Thank you my dear CathrineB so much much much!!!


Beautiful your card and your stamps even more impressive!!!!!Thank you very much I m gratefull to have these beautiful things from your partI feel myself lucky to have won this sweepstake due to all of you


Many thanks to Estelle for the very nice stamps and the book "Let it bleed"

Many thanks to Keeta for the nice postcards and the wonderful stamps !

I am very happy ! :-)


arrived today from Poodlesister.

Thank you so much for the stamps and BC labels. My 8yo was particularly interested in the Obi wan Kenobi stamp.

Thanks too for the nice chatty letter.

PS I wonder how many winners there are?


PS I wonder how many winners there are?

Well, I know the answer to that one ;) but I’ll wait a few more days to give the answer, just to see if more winners turn up.


That way I could send more stamps than would fit on a postcard. :D

(There's a postcard in there too, just for fun.)


Your nice enveloppe arrived today with a bunch of nice stamps (I didn't have them yet!), a great postcard and bc labels !

Thanks a lot ! :-))))


I received an envelope with postcards and stamps from Whiskeyjane today (thank you very much!), and thought it might was for this sweepstake. But I don't see her in the participant list....


Don’t think it was part of this sweeps.


Don’t think it was part of this sweeps.

Figured out that myself as well, when looking through some old messages I'd got.


A nice surprised arrived today in my mailbox ,from the part of Alia_Rus , an envelope with thtree cards and a bunch of stamp ,I've never knew , as they are from the new-old coutries
that consisted once the Soviet Union and now they have their independent presence.


Another todays surprise from the part of Diana -Fraser from a town I used to live many years ago.Thank you for your stamps and your card with the Cathedral of Rouan painted by the great painter of impressioniste Thank you also for the bookcrossing labels .Iuse to put exactly the same labels when I want to make travel a book.Hi!!Hi!!


Thank you Spatial!!Your envelope arrived to its destination including a bunch of stamps.a beautiful spring card with almond tree flower!!!And and and three very peculiar labels to share our books. I really like them and as they were humoursly i laughted with them.Really impressive


Thanks a lot J4shaw fot the beautiful, really beautiful post cards ,very special ones and the
adhesive labels of bookcrossing some of them really interesting
Thanks a lot for the bunch of stamps also. I feel very lucky.


sedna5213 - stamps and flower card
Do you know what the flowers are called? They look like hydrangeas which I really really like.

Spatial - stamps, flower card and labels
Love the flower card as well.

alia_rus - stamps, flower card, postcard
Loved the sunny sunflower card.

mcsar - stamps (both mint and used) and stamp-themed card
Where ever did you find that card? Very fitting for the occassion.

kirjakko - stamps and postcard
The dog on the card looks very cute.

Thank you so much everyone. I'll be kept busy with all the stamps you've sent me. And thank you too for using pretty stamps on the envelope.


mcsar - stamps (both mint and used) and stamp-themed card
Where ever did you find that card? Very fitting for the occassion.

I know, right. I think it was the perfect card for this sweeps. Kiwiinengland sent me the card for the greeting card sweeps and I received it around the time this sweeps was closed. The timing could not have been better.

Congratulations and enjoy the stamps.


If I remember correctly those flowers were lilacs.


Ah I see. My favourite hydrangeas are the same colour though sadly I find them hard to grow.


I don't *think* they were for this sweeps, but they made my mother very happy.



thanks a lot book-a-neer as you sent me a bunch of stamps and a Philatelic card from the time of the first fleet departure..I liked a lot the Philatelic cardand I thank you especially for this..


Oops sorry I forgot. That’s me.


Glad you like it.


Femke85 - for the vintage postcard and lots of lovely stamps both inside and outside

Into-the-blue - lots of stamps and cute meerkat notecard and Peanuts stamp on the cover

Wilena - heaps of stamps and 2 postcards

Thank you very much to you all. You've all sent me really nice things.


Hi all. Life's been really hectic lately, with some unfortunate events (mostly sickness)regarding the family. So posting the stamps has not worked out yet, but I will in the (hopefully near) future!


I love the bunch of stamps, the old postcard and the book !


Many thanks for the stamps, the nice card and the french unused stamps ! 😀


I think I sent you a postcard with a stamp of it but I can’t remember so please can you check for me

As for stamps I am saving some for you but I am going to be a bit late with that


Αfter my accident and my absence for two months I try to put in order my post. So I have an envelope from New Zealand without any indication and I have no idea who might send it.I dont't know who to thank but inside there were beautiful cards with butterflies and etiquets for the bookct!!!!!!


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