[CLOSED] International greeting card sweepstake - round 5

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Hello everybody!

I was the last lucky winner of the Greeting Card Sweepstakes and received lots of great cards from all around the globe, and am now hosting Round 5.

This is an International Sweepstakes----so you must agree to post your cards worldwide.

Most of what follows has been copied from another thread:

If you would like to enter:
1. First you post here by December 3rd 2018 to enter.

2. Then you PM me with your mailing details (even if you think I already have it!) and please put "Greeting cards sweepstakes" in the subject line of your PM. You can also choose to enter as 'send only', then you don't have to send a PM.

3. I will draw names on December 4th, 2018 ( and pick one winner and one decoy).
I'll PM everyone with the name and address of the winner (the winner will be PM'ed with the name and address of the decoy).

4. Each participant agrees to send 3 new greeting cards (or more if you like, but let's say no less than 3) to the winner or decoy.
It could be any subject: birthday cards, Christmas cards, congratulations for an exam, a birth....
It can be in any language, but if not in English, please let the person know what it is about, so he/she knows in which occasion to send it! ;-)

5. Please don't let the winner know they have won, either by posting here or by PM. It's much more fun if the envelopes start arriving out of the blue!

6. As the envelopes start to arrive, the winner must let us know what they have received, as it's fun for everyone who's entered to know what the winner has got.

7. The winner will host the next competition within a few months.

Let's have some end of year fun.


Send only


PM on the way!


wingmcsarwing 6 mos ago
I'll join too.



Harobed82 6 mos ago


Hope more people will join! :)


I' ll join with great pleasure!!!!


Harobed82 5 mos ago


pm on the way---thanks for hosting.


wingmcsarwing 5 mos ago
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just curious


just curious

Yes, sending out PM's now. I left it open for a few extra days to see if more people wanted to join.


random number generator (in the form of a die) has determined the winner and a decoy.

Thanks for taking part.


thanks for hosting.



for the lovely Christmas cards----they arrived just in time for Christmas.
Not sure if I am the winner or the decoy ??? Time will tell.

Merry Christmas everyone.


for three different greetings cards with the envelopes. Happy holidays to you too!


Your lovely envelope of cards and postcards arrived today.
I Love the big orange cat postcard.
A nice surprise on a cold snowy day :)


Your beautiful cards arrived today.
Thank you too for explaining what each card is all about.


Your nice envelope of cards arrived today. What a wonderful selection from New Zealand. I also love the black Unicorn card--it took me a minute to realize what it said :) And the pop up card is lovely.


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